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The Air Corps - A new way to experience military flying. Whether you like flying low and slow in a P-8A, hunting ships, or high and fast in an F-15 on QRA against an aggressor, this is the club for you. The group is predominantly geared towards fun, but there will be an element of learning involved as well.

The initial plan is to host bi-weekly events, to both teach and utilise military-focused procedures in a variety of types. The majority of sorties will not be exclusive to one airframe, but instead will have a recommendation, as no-one really wants a fighter appearing on an ASW mission!

All Air Corps nights will feature a theme, with some nights utilising programs like Tacpack and FSX@War to provide weapons and targets, although neither will ever be essential.

Remember, the whole idea is to HAVE FUN!


ACTIVE PATRONAGE REQUIRED: http://www.gamewisp.com/TheSkyLounge