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    who else has purchased skylounge stickers and where did you end up sticking them? for me it's my PC and my guitar
  3. I know as far as a plane models they are the same. However with the release of the new a320 from FS labs it has significantly stepped up the extra eye candy and internal flight model. That being said is it worth it? I love my aerosoft Airbus and have had countless hours of enjoyment. If only I could get those sound and ambiance that FS labs is producing I would be a little richer. Any suggestions on how to improve my existing aerosoft Airbus? Thanks in advance.
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    New update for FSLabs A320 is available in your download section, addresses some VAS issues. I got the A320 yesterday and i love it!!! bit pricey but worth it. (my opinion :-) ) weejohnj
  5. Amazing powerful reverse thrust during rainy weather at London Heathrow airport ! Flight from Dubai. Landing on Runway 27R Plus bonus video A380 British Airways Landing on Runway 09L Check out "Airbus A380" Powerful Reverse thrust Spray at Gatwick Airport __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please visit my Facebook page Copyright of TopFelya © WARNING All illegal re uploads will be removedSOURCE
  6. Not easy to catch a domestic passenger 707 flight inside Germany in 2006, but possible: NATO Boeing 707 TCA aircraft flying Geilenkirchen-Rostock in late that year. Based at the NATO airbase at Geilenkirchen in northwest Germany, they flew the unique Boeing 707 combi’s, which were typically configured to carry 6 or 7 pallets and a variable number of passengers dependent on pallet numbers. These aircraft were first in, last out whenever the NATO E3A’s and the RAF E3D’s deployed either on operations or exercises. In the early days the aircraft were used extensively to train aircrews converting to the E3A, circuits and AAR being a large commitment for the TCA Flight Engineers. The Boeing 707 is a mid-sized, long-range, narrow-body, four-engine jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes from 1958 to 1979. Its name is commonly pronounced as "seven oh seven". Versions of the aircraft have a capacity from 140 to 219 passengers and a range of 2,500 to 5,750 nautical miles (4,630 to 10,650 km). Developed as Boeing's first jet airliner, the 707 is a swept-wing design with podded engines. Although it was not the first jetliner in service, the 707 was the first to be commercially successful. Dominating passenger air transport in the 1960s and remaining common through the 1970s, the 707 is generally credited with ushering in the Jet Age.[5][6] It established Boeing as one of the largest manufacturers of passenger aircraft, and led to the later series of airliners with "7x7" designations. The later 720, 727, 737, and 757 share elements of the 707's fuselage design. The 707 was developed from the Boeing 367-80, a prototype jet first flown in 1954. A larger fuselage cross-section and other modifications resulted in the initial-production 707-120, powered by Pratt & Whitney JT3C turbojet engines, which first flew on December 20, 1957. Pan American World Airways began regular 707 service on October 26, 1958. Later derivatives included the shortened long-range 707-138 and the stretched 707-320, both of which entered service in 1959. A smaller short-range variant, the 720, was introduced in 1960. The 707-420, a version of the stretched 707 with Rolls-Royce Conway turbofans, debuted in 1960, while Pratt & Whitney JT3D turbofans debuted on the 707-120B and 707-320B models in 1961 and 1962, respectively. The 707 has been used on domestic, transcontinental, and transatlantic flights, and for cargo and military applications. A convertible passenger-freighter model, the 707-320C, entered service in 1963, and passenger 707s have been modified to freighter configurations. Military derivatives include the E-3 Sentry airborne reconnaissance aircraft and the C-137 Stratoliner VIP transports. Boeing produced and delivered 1,011 airliners including the smaller 720 series; over 800 military versions were also produced. Ten Boeing 707s were in commercial service in July 2013.SOURCE
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    Awesome man, love to see people connecting!
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    @OMGEDSON I talked to awicker18 on twitch lol
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    A nicer freeware scenery for one of our next stops:
  11. X-Plane forums have been offline...convenient timing?
  12. Our friend Rush posted a hilarious update over at the Reddit forums, have a peek below and BUYERS BEWARE!
  13. Posted Today, 01:07 AM POPULAR Captains, As promised in my update from 18JAN17, I wanted to swing through tonight and give you some additional information on the upcoming release of the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II. Lets go through WHAT we are giving you: The following aircraft will be included in the initial release: 747-400 -- 3 engine types 747-400BCF -- 3 engine types 747-400D -- 1 engine type 747-400M -- 2 engine types 747-400F -- 3 engine types 747-400ER -- 1 engine type 747-400ERF -- 2 engine types Each aircraft/engine combination has it's own unique, accurate performance data, engine model and flight characteristics where that applies. (The F flies slightly differently than the standard 400, did you know that?) In addition to the Rolls Royce engine, you will be able to choose between two different GE versions (where it applies to the airframe) and two different PW engines where it applies. (4056 and 4062...) Yes... All of that in the base package... As a single purchase. The 747-8/8F will come to you as an expansion for this base package a bit later! In addition- we will include an SDK at release time, similar to the SDK included in the 777 and NGX. This SDK is not for casual users, but is targeted toward hardware and application developers who wish to interface with the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for their product interfaces or extensions. Livery painters will not be forgotten, and we expect to have the paint kits or all of the above body types available to interested painters on release day. WHAT PLATFORMS?: Okay- so next- we will be selling licenses for the PMDG 747 base package across two simulation platforms: FSX/FSX-Steam Edition will both be covered through purchase of an FSX based license. Lockheed Martin Prepar3D will be covered through purchase of a P3D based license. Both platforms will be available on release day. The licenses for FSX/P3D are not interchangeable or exchangeable. For Prepar3D users, we are still planning to protect P3D v3 users if/when Lockheed Martin elects to convert v3 to x64bit. (it is assumed this will be called v4, but nobody really knows and Lockheed Martin has made NO commitments or announcements in this regard. As of today, an x64 P3D is not in development that we are aware of any any conjecture of imminent release of same is largely hyperbole...) COMPATIBILITY WARNING: Currently the PMDG 747-40 Queen of the Skies II is not compatible with versions of Prepar3D earlier than 3.2. We are evaluating if it is possible to make it compatible with v2.x but as of this writing, it does not appear that this will be possible. WHEN WE WILL BE RELEASING?: I'm going to narrow down the release timeline, based on our expectations as they stand right now: We are within two weeks of release. NOTE: If anything comes up late in testing that we feel is a show stopper- we will slide the release date as far as it need to slide in order to cure the problem. Please bear that in mind before you send your wives and kids off to Bolivia for vacation, take that leave of absence from work, or just outright quite your job. WHAT ELSE? II am in the process of compiling a list of "okay, THIS is cool" details to show off some of the really interesting details and features that are packed into the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II. We have a number of simulation experiences ready for you that will be entirely new to simming- and we expect them to add an entirely new level of realism and authenticity to your simming experience! Additionally we have a few things buried in this build that we will unveil at a later date... that will truly blow your mind. Stay tuned for more details on those! GRATUITOUS GLAMOR SHOT: I can't possible leave you without a gratuitous glamor shot of our Queen doing what she does best! Here is a quick screen grab of Jason returning to CYVR from a short visit to CYYZ a bit earlier this week. How beautiful is this model? (CLICK ON IT! Get the full sized image to see just how gorgeous this girl is!) VAS USE: We are putting together a little chart of VAS use to give you some real data on actual VAS use. Overall, my experience has been that the 747-400 has better performance overall than the 777. Frame rates are more fluid, and VAS use is more easily managed. We will put together some real-time comparisons for you so that you can see where she weighs in! PRICING: We are planning a 50% off sale for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for 22JAN17. For a mere $125,000,000 you can be an early adopter- and we will even charter a 747-400 to bring your copy to you. Don't wait- inventory is limited! Seriously though: We will release pricing information when we tell you the actual release day... You can expect it to be in line with the 777, roughly- which we think makes this package a pretty darn good value because you get the entire 747-400 product line to work with for a single purchase! Alright- that is the basic information rundown for tonight... It has been a long day of flying today and my brain is mush- so it is time for some sleep so that i can get back to the debugging cycle to wrap up some remaining open items in the morning! We hope you all have a great weekend!
  14. Last thursday I filmed four rare Boeing 747 Freighters at Frankfurt - Hahn. Sun and snow - perfect weather conditions for an interesting video. Although Atlas Air is known for its cargo operations the Atlas Air B747-400 in this video is a passengar aircraft. Atlas operates three pax B747` s for US Military charters. They often refuel at Hahn on their way from the US to the middle east. The second Boeing 747 is Air Cargo Global, a slovakian B747 operator which is based in Brussels, Belgium. Usually they operate cargo flights to Africa. The third exotic 747 is a former World aircraft, ex N743WA. The new operator is Aero Trans Cargo. Air Atlanta Icelandic only operates a singe Boeing 747 in full colours and it` s based in Hahn. Air Atlanta operates two weekly flights to the USA for BMW. Featured planes: 1.) Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 2.) Air Cargo Global Boeing 747-400 3.) Aero Trans Cargo Boeing 747-400 4.) Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400 New videos every saturday at 02:00pm CET (01:00pm utc) Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it and don` t forget to rate. Letzten Donnerstag war der Traffic am eigentlich eher ruhigen Airport Frankfurt Hahn recht interessant, was Grund genug war, um mich durch den dichten Verkehr auf den Autobahnen rund um Köln nach Hahn zu kämpfen. Schnee haben wir im Westen Deutschlands ja nicht so häufig, daher musste ich jetzt mal nach Hahn fahren, um ein bisschen landschaftliche Diversität in meine Videos zu bringen. El último jueves filmé cuatro raros Boeing 747 Freighters en Frankfurt - Hahn. Sol y nieve: condiciones meteorológicas perfectas para un interesante video. Aunque Atlas Air es conocido por sus operaciones de carga, el Atlas Air B747-400 en este video es un avión pasajero. Atlas opera tres pax B747 `s para las cartas militares de los EEUU. Reabastecen a menudo en Hahn en su manera de los EEUU al Oriente Medio. El segundo Boeing 747 es Air Cargo Global, un operador eslovaco B747 con sede en Bruselas, Bélgica. Por lo general, operan vuelos de carga a África. El tercer exótico 747 es un ex avión del mundo, ex N743WA. El nuevo operador es Aero Trans Cargo. Air Atlanta Islandés sólo opera un sencillo Boeing 747 en colores y está basado en Hahn. Air Atlanta opera dos vuelos semanales a Estados Unidos para BMW. В прошлый четверг я снимал четыре редких Boeing 747 во Франкфурте - Hahn. Солнце и снег - идеальные погодные условия для интересного видео. Хотя Atlas Air известен своими грузовыми операциями Атлас Air B747-400 в этом видео является passengar самолет. Атлас управляет тремя чел B747` сек для американских военных уставов. Они часто заправляться на Ханом на пути из США в страны Ближнего Востока. Второй Boeing 747 Air Cargo Global, словацкий оператор B747, который базируется в Брюсселе, Бельгия. Обычно они выполняют грузовые рейсы в Африку. Третий экзотический 747 является бывший Мировой самолет, бывший N743WA. Новый оператор Aero Trans Cargo. Air Atlanta Icelandic только управляет опалить Boeing 747 в полном цвете и на основе ы Оно деталь A. `в Hahn. Air Atlanta работает два раза в неделю полеты в США для BMW. Dernier jeudi, j'ai filmé quatre rares Boeing 747 Freighters à Francfort - Hahn. Soleil et neige - des conditions météorologiques parfaites pour une vidéo intéressante. Bien que Atlas Air est connu pour ses opérations de fret l'Atlas Air B747-400 dans cette vidéo est un avion passengar. Atlas exploite trois pax B747 pour les chartes militaires américaines. Ils se ravitaillent souvent à Hahn sur leur chemin des États-Unis au Moyen-Orient. Le second Boeing 747 est Air Cargo Global, un opérateur slovaque B747 basé à Bruxelles, en Belgique. Habituellement, ils opèrent des vols cargo en Afrique. Le troisième exotique 747 est un ancien avion du monde, ex N743WA. Le nouvel opérateur est Aero Trans Cargo. Air Atlanta Icelandic ne fait fonctionner un seul Boeing 747 en couleurs et il est basé à Hahn. Air Atlanta exploite deux vols hebdomadaires aux États-Unis pour BMW. 最後の木曜日、フランクフルトで4人の珍しいボーイング747貨物船を撮影しました。 太陽と雪 - 興味深いビデオのための完全な気象条件。 Atlas Airは貨物運送で知られていますが、このビデオのAtlas Air B747-400は乗客用航空機です。 アトラスは米国軍のチャーターのために3台のpax B747を運営しています。 彼らはしばしば、米国から中東に向かう途中でハーンに燃料を補給します。 2番目のボーイング747は、ベルギーのブリュッセルを本拠地とするスロバキアのB747オペレーターであるAir Cargo Globalです。 通常、アフリカへの貨物便を運航しています。 3番目のエキゾチックな747は元世界の航空機で、N743WAだった。 新しいオペレータはAero Trans Cargoです。 エア・アトランタ・アイスランドは、ボーイング747をフルカラーで運営しているだけで、ハーンに拠点を置いています。 エアアトランタは、BMWのための米国への2回の毎日のフライトを運営しています。 See you next week.SOURCE
  15. It only happens when weather conditions are right, Wide body aircrafts creates great condensation and vortices during landings. Beautiful effects on the engines at high power reverse thrust. Airplanes and airlines in this video are Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines opening the video ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 777 0:41 Kuwait Airways Boeing 777 NEW Livery 01:14 Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner 01:57 United B777 02:21 British Airways Boeing 747 racing with the car at 02:54 American B777 03:13 Srilankan Airbus A330 03:31 BA Dreamliner 03:51 Turkish Airlines A330 04:21 Boeing 747 racing with motorbike 04:46 Japan Airlines Boeing 777 Heavy Condensation 05:11 Avianca Dreamliner 05:46 China Southern B787 06:20 Emirates A380 07:54 BA Super Jumbo and lorry 08:27 Gulf Air A330 09:03 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also please visit my Facebook page This video is copyright by TopFelya © All illegal re uploads will be removedSOURCE
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  17. Azerbaijan Airlines (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Hava Yolları), also known as AZAL, is the flag carrier of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest airline. Based in Baku, adjacent to Heydar Aliyev International Airport, the carrier operates a fleet of 30 aircraft to 57 destinations across Asia, the CIS, Europe and the USA. Azerbaijan Airlines is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The 767-300ER, the extended-range version of the 767-300, entered service with American Airlines in 1988. The type's increased range is made possible by greater fuel tankage and a higher MTOW of 407,000 pounds (185,000 kg). Design improvements allowed the available MTOW to increase to 412,000 pounds (187,000 kg) by 1993. Power is provided by Pratt & Whitney PW4000, General Electric CF6, or Rolls-Royce RB211 engines. Typical routes for the type include Los Angeles to Frankfurt. The combination of increased capacity and range offered by the 767-300ER has been particularly attractive to both new and existing 767 operators, allowing it to become the most successful version of the aircraft. Airlines have placed more orders for the type than all other variants combined. As of March 2015, 767-300ER deliveries stand at 583 with no unfilled orders. Airlines had 495 examples in service as of July 2014. The type's main competitor is the Airbus A330-200.SOURCE
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    Hi... thanks for sharing. I'd like to know if the TCAS will also work with onl;ine traffic like the one in IVAO opr VATSIM.... If it does it would be brilliant!
  19. A.T.S. MD-80 is planned to include both the MD-82 and the MD-83 versions of this historical plane built by McDonnell Douglas in the early '80s. This development has requested almost 4 years and has been done with the cooperation of three real and active MD-82 pilots. Flight model based on real charts and pilots suggestions, it will be kept under constantly review in order to improve it more and more. MD82 is part of the package now. MD-83 version will be released as free update, through our automatic update system, as soon as it will be ready. Systems are fully customized Engines (JT8D-217C for MD-82 and -219 for MD-83) Fuel (manual changes are disabled) Auxiliary fuel tanks and AFB system available for MD-83 only Pneumatic Electrical (nine different electrical bus implemented with all instruments tied to their specific bus, battery charge and discharge times will vary depending on the actual load) APU standard and emergency startup/shutdown (while at ground or in flight) with RAM door management Flight controls Anti-ice with rain and wipers effects Dual fully independent EFIS and navigation management Dual fully independent MCDU management (each one does have its own 2d panel available) IRS alignment system with dual fully independent IRU modules, alignment time will vary depending on the latitude Gears (with custom brake temperature and available pressure management) Fire - Hydraulic Communications (three COM radios and two ADF radios) Center of gravity automatically managed during the flight (manual changes are disabled) Lights (all custom and only available with HDR on) Custom sounds with 3d effect Custom EGPWS terrain radar with tilt management Custom TCAS with TA/RA advisories, checked with both offline (AI) and online (Vatsim and Ivao) planes (PilotEdge should work too using latest version of their plugin) Data cards 2d popup with take-off and landing speeds, dynamically updated as the flight goes further Flight Management System Custom autopilot system SID/STAR management INIT REF, DIR INTC, RTE, LEGS, CLB, CRZ, DES, FIX, DEP ARR, HOLD and PROG pages available LNAV management (Navdata required) VNAV with basic functionalities, under further improvements Holding management (up to three for each flight) Flight plans can be imported using .fms and .flp (PFPX compatible) formats Fully compatible with Aerosoft navigation data (Navdata folder required) 3D modeling 3D cockpit, cabin and exterior highly detailed and fully optimized Landing gear components fully animated Wings, rudder and horizontal stabilizer flight surfaces animated Forward and aft pax doors and stairs fully animated Animated RAM door Extensible landing lights fully animated Texturing Cockpit, cabin and exterior HD texturing with variable resolution from 300 to 400 px/mt (90 to 120 px/ft) Dual color cockpit (chosen from the configuration panel) Dual format .dds and .png for exterior parts, in order to obtain the best frame rate Ground objects: GPU and fuel truck Menu A hidden, popup menu is provided in order to recall configuration, pax, cargo, fuel and views management panels Custom commands Custom commands are available to use some functions not available through standard manipulators and/or for an easier cockpit utilization Custom plugins Scroll wheel management Product update management for automatic product check and update process (manual downloads greatly reduced) Liveries A.T.S. default one plus ten other liveries: Alaska, Alitalia, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, Finnair, Laser, Meridiana, SAS and Spanair Additional liveries (over 70 planned and all based on real Airlines, not fictional ones), as well as further documentation, will be available for registered customers into their reserved area here as soon as additional contents will be released (those who have signed up for the newsletter will be notified about the availability of new contents). More pictures here Features not available in first release: FMS 1) OFFSET data management (hard to implement but willing to add it). OFFSET data path thus not displayed on EFIS displays 2) DESCENT FORECAST page (like OFFSET hard to implement but willing to add it) 3) FMS OVRD management (will be added later) 4) ENG OUT page (will be added later) 5) ABEAM data (not yet fully understood how it works so it will be added later, if possible) 6) Custom waypoints (manually specified points such LAT/LON, PBD or course intersection are not actual possible) 7) EXEC key must be pressed in the same page where changes has been done (willing to fix this in later upgrades) 8) Holdings are limited to three for a single flight plan and there is no wind correction 9) VNAV implemented at a basic level, some situations could not be considered or erroneously managed (due unplanned situations or implementation issues) 10) For unknown reasons some flight plans sections could suddenly disappear from EFIS when in MAP mode, setting the range to an higher value make them visible again 11) PROGRESS page 2 (not satisfied about actual displayed data accuracy so I have disabled it, will be restored as soon as I will fix it) 12) not yet implemented a function to save a manually inserted flight plan 3d internal/external graphic 1) Cargo/service pax/pressure valve doors not animated (actually they are only drawn, we'll wait for user feedback) 2) Wingflex (will be included later) 3) Tabs on elevator, rudder and ailerons (operational but not yet animated by script, will be fixed later) 4) Animated cockpit windows (not actual planned, maybe later and depending by user feedback) 5) Animated oxygen masks (not actual planned) 6) Circuit Breakers: there're a very large number of them so after an evaluation about cost-benefit ratio we decided not to plan this feature right now, in the future we could possibly think at some of them (we are open to receive suggestions from users about that feature) 7) dynamic/static reflections on instruments (not possible on XP10 for our own technical reasons, probably implemented on XP11) 8) fog/ice effects on windows (will be included later) Miscellaneous 1) reversers volume control manageable but not yet operative Plugins 1) Smartcopilot: configuration file originally planned but not created due time constraints, we'll prepare it later (custom configuration files not supported as we'll not provide the list of needed custom datarefs given the overall complexity of the systems) 2) Xsaitekpanels: this plugin is actually incompatible and causes problems to the plane thus is not supported, we'll provide a configuration file only if we'll be satisfied with our own tests (like for Smartcopilot we'll not provide the list of needed datarefs) 3) DataRefTool: plugin not fully compatible, we saw some problems on the plane caused by it so it's not supported. 4) XPrealWX: for unknown reasons it isn't compatible with our UpdateManager plugin so if you have XPrealWX installed, there's an update available and you choose to accept it the UpdateManager will crash during the update process and you have very good chances that the simulator will crash too: the only solution is to close XP, physically remove XPrealWX (disabling it through the plugin menu is not enough) and then go with the update process. SOURCE:
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