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  2. Great flyby video by MUC_Spotter -- found it on AVSIM
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    Really good article, can't believe I read that much but I DID, you have our support all the way bro!
  4. Purchased today, I'll finally get to see that bulb in action @awicker18. Thanks again for the kick-off!
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    Thanks tdubl26! I appreciate that!
  7. In this video we'll touch on the very basics of VOR Navigation, what it actually does, and a short example of how to navigate with it. You can check out our other VOR videos for a much more detailed explanation of what you will need to know for the written exam, as well as how to use a VOR in the airplane when flying. Your Support Makes our Videos possible! Thank You! Support us at: Check out our site at The Free Online Ground School for Sport and Private Pilots is available to everyone as a means to make flying more affordable and increase learning for everyone. We are funded with the help of our viewers and subscribers to our website: and our Patreon page: Every dollar helps us to grow our project into a comprehensive online ground school for Sport, Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilots. We greatly appreciate all of your support and hope you will share us with your friends and family in aviation. FLY SAFE! -JonSOURCE
  8. I hate it when stuff like this happens. It's even more troubling that he is a veteran. I'm glad that someone local at least spoke up and addressed him. They couldn't know that he would react that way but, it was still the right thing to do. I try to call people out on their bigotry and racism any time I'm around it, especially my family and friends. I've even called my wife out a couple of times. Most of the time this stuff is born out of ignorance and miseducation and more commonly a lack of knowledge to begin with. The fact that this guy can't even distinguish between Indian and Middle Eastern speaks volumes. As if an observation is even accurate or differentiable. As a Veteran I'll share this bit of information that I often bring up in situations like this because many people are not aware of it. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people serving in our Armed Forces right now that are not US citizens. I have two personal friends that served 20 years and retired and are still not US citizens. Is this not their country also? Do they not deserve to be honored and thanked for their service because they carry a different passport? Do their families, who may also live in America and be foreign citizens, deserve less respect and honor for their sons and daughters sacrifice in service? One of my LCPO's I served under and was a great mentor to me in helping with my professional development was Muslim... and an Egyptian citizen. Be careful of what you know you know.
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    Good interview and explanation. I feel like I actually understand what you were talking about. Nice to get recognized for your hardwork. Thanks.
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    Hi guys, FreeMeshX (my baby) was featured in an interview by the nice fellas at Even threw in a plug for the Sky Lounge near the end.
  11. I agree with dirtysouth, let's keep the politics out of the lounge please. The only people to blame are those that committed the act. A terrible event directed at two innocent people in our industry, I'll be making a donation to the gofund me later today.
  12. This is absolutely a horrible act. It's unfortunate that this still happens (even way before the campaign). I love America and living in it. I just wish people would stop blaming others while the true culprit are those that conduct these horrible acts. My prayers also go out to his family.
  13. I think this is a direct result of Donald Thump and all the racial crap he has manage to bring up during his campaign, I know what your thinking , but it dose not take much... This is so sad my prayers go out to the family .
  14. What airport is this?
  15. Directly after the arrival of an Air Berlin Airbus A330 a small Dash 8 of Air Berlin entered the runway in front of a Lufthansa Airbus A340-600. The Dash 8 was waiting at another intersection and tried to avoid the wake turbulences of the departing Airbus 340-600. This was one of the last A346 departures at Düsseldorf. Soon they will replace the A346 with a smaller A330-300. The size difference between the Dash8 and the A340-600 is impressive and the Bombardie Dash 8 kinda looks like a toy plane in front of the long Airbus 340-600 Featured planes: 1.) Air Berlin Airbus A330-200 2.) Air Berlin Dash-8 3.) Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 Vorgestern wollte ich am Flughafen Düsseldorf eine der letzten Starts des Airbus A340-600 der Lufthansa filmen, da er bald durch einen etwas kleineren Airbus A330-300 ersetzt wird. Der Größenunterschied zwischen der Dash8 und dem Lufthansa A340 ist immens und dadurch wirkt die kleine Dash 8 ein bisschen wie ein Spielzeugflugzeug. Directamente después de la llegada de un Airbus A330 de Air Berlin, un pequeño Dash 8 de Air Berlin entró en la pista frente a un Airbus A340-600 de Lufthansa. El Dash 8 estaba esperando en otro cruce y trató de evitar las turbulencias de estela del Airbus saliendo 340-600. Esta fue una de las últimas salidas A346 en Düsseldorf. Pronto reemplazarán el A346 con un A330-300 más pequeño. La diferencia de tamaño entre el Dash8 y el A340-600 es impresionante y el Bombardie Dash 8 parece un avión de juguete en frente del largo Airbus 340-600 Directement après l'arrivée d'un Airbus A330 d'Air Berlin, un petit Dash 8 d'Air Berlin est entré dans la piste devant un Airbus A340-600 de Lufthansa. Le Dash 8 attendait à une autre intersection et a essayé d'éviter les turbulences de sillage de l'Airbus partant 340-600. C'était l'un des derniers départs de l'A346 à Düsseldorf. Bientôt ils remplaceront l'A346 par un A330-300 plus petit. La différence de taille entre le Dash8 et l'A340-600 est impressionnante et le Bombardie Dash 8 ressemble un peu à un avion jouet devant le long Airbus 340-600 Logo após a chegada de um Air Berlin Airbus A330 um pequeno Dash 8 da Air Berlin entrou na pista em frente a um Lufthansa Airbus A340-600. O Dash 8 estava esperando em outro cruzamento e tentou evitar as turbulências de vigília do Airbus partindo 340-600. Esta foi uma das últimas partidas A346 em Düsseldorf. Em breve eles vão substituir o A346 com um A330-300 menor. A diferença de tamanho entre o Dash8 e o A340-600 é impressionante eo Bombardie Dash 8 parece um avião de brinquedo na frente do Long Airbus 340-600 Thanks for watchingSOURCE
  16. Indian American Engineer Fatally Shot in Kansas in Alleged Hate Crime India-West Staff Reporter 10 hrs ago 0 Srinivas Kuchibhotla was fatally shot Feb. 22 at a bar in Olathe, Kan. Police arrested 51-year-old Adam Purinton in connection with the shooting that also injured two others, including Kuchibhotla’s friend, Alok Madasani. (GoFundMe photo) A man is behind bars after fatally shooting an Indian American engineer and injuring two others at a bar in Olathe, Kan., Feb. 22, in an alleged hate crime. Adam Purinton, a 51-year-old Navy veteran, allegedly shot and killed Srinivas Kuchibhotla, and injured Alok Madasani and Ian Grillot. Following the shooting, at roughly 7:15 p.m., Purinton fled the scene and was arrested some 80 miles away at an Applebee’s in Clinton, Mo., in the early hours of Feb. 23, according to a Kansas City Star report. According to the report citing witnesses at Austin’s Bar and Grill in Olathe, Purinton had been drinking hard, and continually exclaimed racial slurs. When a bar regular told him to stop, the man yelled “get out of my country” before he started shooting, the Star reported. At the Applebee’s in Missouri, Purinton allegedly told a bartender he had killed two men whom he referred to as “Middle Eastern,” it added. Kuchibhotla was an aviation engineer at Olathe-based technology company Garmin. Originally from Hyderabad, he graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University with a bachelor of technology degree in electrical and electronics engineering in 2005. He later earned his master’s degree in the same field from the University of Texas El Paso. SOURCE:
  17. For those who like to enjoy the same: Seats 22A or 22F. This particular airplane VH-YQW (Qantas Link in Tasmania special colours, ex-Midwest, ex-Mexicana Click) was only 10 years old at the time of this flight and was already built without eyebrow cockpit windows. QantasLink is a regional brand of Australian airline Qantas and is an affiliate member of the Oneworld airline alliance. It is a major competitor to Regional Express Airlines and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines. As of September 2010 QantasLink provides 1900 flights each week to 54 domestic and international locations. Prior to 2002, Qantas' various subsidiaries operated under separate brands. In 2002 a common brand was created, encompassing AirLink (a franchise, operated at the time by National Jet), Sunstate Airlines, Eastern Australia Airlines, and Southern Australia Airlines. For a short while, QantasLink took over some of Qantas' non-trunk routes, such as Sydney - Sunshine Coast, using Boeing 717s that were inherited after Qantas acquired Impulse Airlines. QantasLink ceased operating some of these routes after Qantas formed low-cost subsidiary Jetstar Airways, transferring the Boeing 717 aircraft and routes to the new airline. In 2005/06, eight of the 717s were returned to QantasLink following Jetstar's acquisition of Airbus A320 aircraft, to be operated in Western Australia, Northern Territory and far north Queensland by National Jet (now Cobham Aviation Services Australia). On 31 July 2015 Network Aviation was rebranded to Qantas Link. This was announced by Qantas with the unveiling of a Fokker 100 in QantasLink colours. The Boeing 717 is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner, developed for the 100-seat market. The airliner was designed and originally marketed by McDonnell Douglas as the MD-95, a derivative of the DC-9 family. Capable of seating up to 134 passengers, the 717 has a design range of 2,060 nautical miles (3,815 km). It is powered by two Rolls-Royce BR715 turbofan engines mounted at the rear of the fuselage. The first order was placed in October 1995 by ValuJet Airlines (later AirTran Airways); McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merged in 1997 prior to production. The airliner entered service in 1999 as the Boeing 717. Production ceased in May 2006 after 156 were built. The MD-95 traces its history back to 1983 when McDonnell Douglas outlined a study named the DC-9-90. During the early 1980s, as production of the DC-9 family moved away from the smaller Series 30 towards the larger Super 80 (later redesignated MD-80) variants, Douglas proposed a smaller version of the DC-9 to fill the gap left by the DC-9-30. Dubbed the DC-9-90, it was revealed in February 1983 and was to be some 25 ft 4 in (7.72 m) shorter than the DC-9-81, giving it an overall length of 122 ft 6 in (37.34 m). The aircraft was proposed with a 17,000 lbf (76 kN) thrust version of the JT8D-200 series engine, although the CFM56-3 was also considered. Sized to seat up to 117 passengers, the DC-9-90 was to be equipped with the DC-9's wing with 2 ft (0.61 m) tip extensions, rather than the more heavily modified increased area of the MD-80. The aircraft had a design range of around 1,500 nmi (2,800 km), with an option to increase to 2,000 nmi (3,700 km), and a gross weight of 112,000 lb (51,000 kg). The DC-9-90 was designed to meet the needs of the newly deregulated American airline industry. However, its development was postponed due to the recession of the early 1980s. When McDonnell Douglas did develop a smaller version of the MD-80, it simply shrunk the aircraft to create the MD-87, rather than offer a lower thrust, lighter aircraft that was more comparable to the DC-9-30. With its relatively high MTOW and powerful engines, the MD-87 essentially became a special mission aircraft and could not compete with the all new 100-seaters then being developed. Although an excellent aircraft for specialized roles, the MD-87 often was not sold on its own, tending to rely on its commonality factor, generally limited sales to existing MD-80 operators. After McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing in August 1997, most industry observers expected that Boeing would cancel development of the MD-95. However, Boeing decided to go forward with the design under a new name, Boeing 717. Some believed Boeing had skipped the 717 model designation when the 720 and the 727 followed the 707. The 717 name was the company's model number for the KC-135 Stratotanker. 717 had also been used to promote an early design of the 720 to airlines before it was modified to meet market demands. A Boeing historian notes that the Air Force tanker aircraft had the designation "717-100" and the commercial airliner had the designation "717-200". The lack of a widespread use of the 717 name left it available for rebranding the MD-95.SOURCE
  18. Mega Airport Rome (FSX - P3D) has been updated to 1.03 Changelog: -Reexported native P3D ground polygons and buildings, -Added rain effect, -Added asphalt reflection, -Fixed lamps effect, -Fixed autogen exclusion near airport. -reworked docking systems SOURCE
  19. Ole girl you've been good to me, to all our viewers, but there is a new build taking your place as BlackBetty. You'll become my daily personal machine now, converting me officially from MacOS over to the dark side. Enjoy your new role, after a clean up and some light upgrades, you shall return as "Black Pearl" or Pearl for short. You'll accompany me as I return to photography, video editing, sorting music, and even the boring stuff like handling all the admin work for TSL. -Edson PS: Am I the only one that feels a bond with a machine is special?
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    Cool. The more stuff X-plane gets, the more it becomes a viable alternative, the more they compete with LM, the more we benefit on features and prices.
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    Great points @Noodle! The processor wars of the 90's are pretty much over now. The Hardware revolutions are also nearing a close. I feel like both companies are operating off of the old ways when there was a significant difference between chips every year. Chip performance has basically stagnated the past 4 years compared to the 90's when performance was up 50% or more every year. Then it was impossible for software to keep up and your hardware was perpetually underutilized. We have basically been between 3-4 ghz clock speeds for about 7 or 8 years now and they're still trying to convince us that Kaby Lake vs Haswell vs Sandy Bridge is holding back your fps and gaming performance. As you pointed out @Noodle the software can't even effectively use what we have now. There is no reason for Intel to drop a whole family of i7 processors every year. All it does is guarantee the hardware's potential will never be fully realized. I'm with you there's no need to upgrade. I'm running a 7 year old $1200 (when I built it) i7 980 rig that I can overclock to 4.2Ghz from 3.3 if I need to, on an X58 board and a GTX 970. I can play Battlefield 1, Witcher 3, For Honor and every other AAA title out there at 1080P 60fps, while streaming (cause 6 cores ). Explain to me why I need to upgrade and furthermore why there are 1,2,3,4....5 FRIGGIN' GENERATIONS OF I7's AFTER MINE?(not chips, geneerrrrraaaatiiiioonnss of chips, I gave up counting chips) How is the average non-technical gamer/consumer supposed to navigate all of that? It's literally a full time job keeping up with this stuff for insiders and enthusiasts. It's more about business these days than it is about the technology and the science . We get new processors because we need a new product to sell and not because the technological advancements compel us to move forward.
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    Its very true...if anyone here who reads what I have said AND have been involved watching the trends since the 90's this is just another AMD move to shift the market in their favor. The things they are doing SHOULD have been in place ages ago. If they would have been doing these things all along the war between the two would be neck and neck. I'm not sure what the pie charts would show but I would put my guess that Intel has 70 to 78% of the pie. They are looking to be a smaller cost which is nice but...not good enough
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    I read every word and just about spit out my coke at...
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