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topfelya Truly impressive F-16 slow flying at RIAT 2017 airshow fantastic piloting skills

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Belgian AF F16 Fighting Falcon flying at very high angle of attack and low altitude RIAT Royal International Air Tattoo 2017. This kind of manoeuvre works very well for very slow moving target like boats and several prop driven antisubmarine warfare aircraftsA For example Cessna’s average speed is around 104 knots. Theoretically, with the proper training and procedures, an expert pilot can fly an F-16 at a comparable speed.

However, it would be a difficult thing to so. As far as I know, the takeoff speed of an F-16 is around 150 knots. If the F-16 wants to escort the Cessna, then it can attempt to fly at such a low speed or make several passes at high speed.

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