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cargospotter FIRST Lufthansa AIRBUS 350 LANDING at Düsseldorf - 4K

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All Lufthansa Airbus 350s are based at Munich and that` s why we don` t see the most modern plane of the Lufthansa fleegt at Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Cologne. This Airbus 350 showed up at Düsseldorf for a christening event. It received the name of a nearby city (my hometown) and left the airport again about three hours later.

Currently Lufthansa operates five Airbus 350s and they were bought as an Airbus 340-600 replacement which is known to be very uneconomic.

Thanks for watching and don` t forget to subsribe :)


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 Thanks for this post. It features several A350s from various airlines including a go around, landing, takeoff and engine start up. 

It strikes me how similar this bird is to the B787. This reminds me of the vote recently added to TSL to decide between 787 or the 350. This video helps me get to know the 350 better!

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