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Today a Boeing 747 of ACT Airlines (Saudi Cargo) visited DÜsseldorf airport and it was a very foggy day. The weather was very bad and I almost didn` t go to the airport cause I was afraight the fog could cause a senseless Airport trip. After arriving at the planespotting position I noticed that the weather cleared up a little and I tried to film the Boeing 747.

At first you were only able to see the landing lights and a few seconds later the shape of a Boeing 747 broke through a thick layer of clouds. Have a look at this impressive smoothin landing.

The shown aircraft is a Boeing 747-400 which is slowly being replaced by a more modern Boeing 747-8F. I haven` t seen a Boeing 747-200 classic for over a year and I think the Boeing 747-400 will be the new "classic" soon cause the B747-200 is almost extinct.

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