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    AVAILABLE NOW – all new on P3D v4! Following the FSX and P3D v3 releases of the highly acclaimed A320-X, we are very pleased to present to you the A320 commercial jet airliner, now for Prepar3D v4. The A320 is the first part of FSLabs’ “A3xx Master Series” line of products for desktop flight simulators. The FSLabs A320 includes an entirely custom animated external model, a complete 2D panel set and a fully immersive 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the flight simulator pilot an in-depth experience of this very popular aircraft. Additional features for the FSLabs A320 include a robust Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS) with proper SID/STAR tracking; lateral and vertical flight management which follows the ARINC 424-19 specification in full detail; the entire range of aircraft systems; and the complete custom Fly-By-Wire implementation featured in the actual aircraft. The FSLabs A320 is the pinnacle of simulation fidelity in add-on aircraft for desktop simulators and reaches a broad market ranging from the beginner in glass cockpit airliners to the simulation expert who wishes to enjoy a virtual environment that is unparalleled in the desktop simulation world. For more information, visit our FSLabs A320-X forum here. System requirements: PC hardware (Apple Macs not supported). Windows 7 SP1 or above (64 bit recommended). Minimum 16GB RAM. CPU: Minimum: 6500, Recommended 8000 Passmark CPU Mark Score Graphics Card: Minimum 3500, Recommended 5000 Passmark GPU Mark Score. FSX SP2/XPack/Steam, P3D v3, P3D v4 NOTE: Minimum settings allow the aircraft to load and operate but you’ll need to make compromises in scenery settings to get adequate performance. Awards AVSIM published a very nice review of our A320-X for FSX, which received the Gold Star Award for Excellence! To read the review, click this link. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/a3xx-master-series-a320-3/
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    Hi, There is a reason I like Steam. Every single purchase is listed in the library of the application. This is not the case with Flight Sim downloads. Every single download got a standalone installer, and if you do not organize them, they tend to get lost on your drive. And who haven't searched through your email account to find that key for the plane or scenery you remember you bought a while ago? And that add-on tool, what was it again? Did I buy it? I would very much like to get some ideas on how you are organizing your content. What kind of structure are you using? Do you use programs or do you use maps? Are you using gmail as the organizer? Let us hear how you are doing it. Myself, and I guess many others would really like to get some advice and tips on the topic! Everything on the desktop is an option, but not very recommended.
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    Guys, PTA v2.60 is released for P3D v4.1, access is through Simtweaks site and account. LINK TO SOURCE: https://simtweaks.com/
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    69.95 USD / 57.34 GBP available now, Note!! This is for FSX Only!!! This was showcased on the skylounge stream this morning...x2 LINK TO SOURCE:
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    Aerosim Development Group (ASDG) has released the Super Cub... the dev team's first release. Led by Rush AKA Aerosimgaming (www.aerosimgaming.com), the team has produced an accurate rendition of the Super Cub for X-Plane, multiple versions, and included multiple liveries. They worked with Titan on engine specifications and simcoders to include a REP package by default. Thanks TSL! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.aerosimulations.com/
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    Graham Eccleston has updated the popular Australia & NZ AI Traffic for P3Dv4 and is now available for you. All included aircraft have been individually compiled for this new flight sim platform and have been specifically coded to fully utilise Dynamic Lighting and the new LUA coding system. https://orbxdirect.com/product/aitraffic-aunz-p3dv4 LINK TO SOURCE: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/143258-ai-traffic-australia-and-new-zealand-p3dv4-freeware-released/
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    Keep upto date with the latest Products and expected release dates for REX, click the link below. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45098-prepar3d-v4-–-rex-products-status-update/&page=9&tab=comments#comment-293286
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    A friend on our Discord sent me this today, she's looking good. You can see the different shape of the the B2's delta wing. I wonder if they will also include the original B1variant as well, no one has ever modelled that for in the sim before? B1's less efficient straight leading edge.
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    FSFX Packages release Immersion pack for Quality Wings 787 LINK TO SOURCE: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/787Immersion/
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    LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/category/milviz-military-visualizations?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MilViz Sale - 30 off for three days&utm_content=MilViz Sale - 30 off for three days+CID_7b1d9bac89da9d23f64bb82c0b50dcf0&utm_source=cm&utm_term=MilViz Sale - 30 OFF
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    This is the CPU for the next build... A new review of a Core i7 8700K has leaked onto the web, in Asia it is EXPreview who posted some benchmarks of the 8700K versus the 7700K and 7800X. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/intel-i7-8700k-cpu-review-leaks-onto-the-web.html
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    Hello Tarpoon , nice topic! Since P3D V4 came out, i have a folder where i put every file that is specific for this version, divided in Airports and Aircraft. Also have a text file where i keep all the serial keys stored. On the email i have a folder created for all Flight Simming emails, be it product updates, releases, etc! It's by no means perfect and i consider it my own little organised "chaos" , i know where to look if i need to find something. And i always keep a backup external disk in place and updated.
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    @smurf_john, So @OMGEDSON was riding Freddie Mercury last night?!
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    Hi All, Little Navmap stable release 1.6.6 - adds airspaces to X-Plane and more. Announcement is here. This update includes several bugfixes, small GUI improvements, a revised manual and support for the OpenAir airspace format for X-Plane. Alex
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    For all you guys that missed it from this weekend. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180373195
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    I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremly dangerous and extraordinary. At first it looked like a pretty normal crosswind approach but after touchdown the pilots tried to align with the runway which almost ended in a runway excursion. I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown. You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out. Watching an Airbus 380 is always interesting and a pleasure to watch but for a few seconds I was convinced that this breathtaking landing would end up in the grass. I would realy like to know what the passengars thought during the Arrival today at Düsseldorf. E-Mail: cargospotter@gmail.com Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it.SOURCE
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    I will say hello to you guys at Cosford. Weather could be a little cool so bring a jacket,
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    William Langewiesche explores how a series of small errors turned a state-of-the-art cockpit into a death trap. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/business/2014/10/air-france-flight-447-crash
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    The Guys at Turbulent Designs have now stated that they are looking into developing for X-Plane 11, possible Terraflora be the first project? So hope this pans out, Love their work for P3D. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/forums/topic/major-announcement-future-platform-support/
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    JustFlight have started another project with the team behind Arrow, Warrior and Tornado. No one seems to have guessed it yet, can you? With the quality JF is putting out these days it's always interesting to see what they have in their pipeline.
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    Another gem; Link to source: https://www.facebook.com/orbxsystems/posts/859730727516242
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    My life would be complete if it was the Avro Vulcan, the Iris served us well but we are so overdue a new tin triangle.
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    Sorry I am a little late posting this but A2A Simulations have some jobs up; LINK TO SOURCE: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=61303
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    Aerosoft Heathrow has just been released 5.25 euro if you purchased it previous or 28 euro for new purchase.
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    Been using this for a few weeks now looks great. Works with UT Live. AI Lights Reborn Free Edition The perfect solution to bring your night sky back to live under prepar3D V4 Version 3.2.2 This free add-on the irritating missing AI traffic navigation lights under Prepard3D V4 (AI Lights strobe lights invisible at long distances, navigation lights orbs, ugly lights, etc.), it also improves the simulator immersive experience and realism by enabling special effects for all your currently installed AI Traffic. Product features: AI Strobes Lights are visible from longer distances, they have also dynamic lights that illuminates the tarmac and plane structures, they have also been improved with new textures and effects.. AI Green and Red Navigation Lights are dimmed after 6-8 nautical miles, they have also been improved with new textures and effects. AI White Navigation Lights have new textures applied with special effects re-adjusted to avoid any further visual orbs at long distance. AI Beacon Lights have been improved with new textures and effects adjusted so they are not visible until short final. The bottom beacon light will generate reflections against the tarmac and the lower part of the airplane. Please note this effect is very subtle in order to keep the simulation experience as immersive as possible. Lights and effects work with 4K and normal resolution screens. All the AI Lights are adjusted to react accordingly to daylight time, for example strobe lights are less reflective during daytime than during night time. Customizable installation folder. Software Requirements: Your system should be able to run Prepar3D V4 with minimum recommended settings indicated by Lockheed Martin. Recommended Settings: Dynamic lighting enabled, if you don't the lights will still work but you will not see lighting effects illumination and reflections. Special effects details set to maximum. Special effects distance set to maximum. Recommend view zoom values from inside the cabin is 0.40 or higher. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.fsreborn.com/
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    Have a 4 terabyte external drive with all my payware installers and keys and keeper freeware stored and 95 percent of it has options set with the point of purchase for email notifications for upgrades, other 5 percent list in text file and manually check then delete and store the new versions, have 7 primary directories, p3dv4, p3dv3, fsx, fs9, xplane11,xplane10, fsw. those have 6 subdirectories, payware aircraft, payware scenery, payware utilities, freeware aircraft, freeware scenery, freeware utilities. and this works for me, always up to date. There's an old saying "IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT"...LOL
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    Interesting question and one that I've always pondered over as well. Initially, I only used SimMarket so all my purchases are neatly aligned on their website itself but the one major drawback of that was 'lack of information'. Information in terms of what version is currently sitting in my account? Did I download that specific version? Has there been a new one since then? etc. so then I started keeping a local file on my system instead which was the right thing to do as my purchase vendors increased from just SimMarket to double digits. My OCD prohibits me to just dump all installers in some part of the drive and forget about it. Instead, I have a dedicated drive to store all my FS related add ons. The main categories are what you'd see in online stores like Aircraft, Airport, Misc and so on. Sub categories (folders) inside each of them would be the developer name. So, for example, Aircraft (Parent folder) - PMDG (Child folder) - PMDG NGX vXX.YY.ZZ (Sub folder). Same goes for the airports category and pretty much every other folder except the 'Misc' folder as that usually houses add ons that are made by several developers (FSUIPC, PTA, etc). These folders are married to a main Excel spreadsheet where I have different tabs for different categories which also house all sorts of information from the name of the developer and version number of the product to the associated activation information, limits, etc and the file is sitting in my Dropbox so it is available for me on pretty much every device. This spreadsheet also includes user login information for almost all FS related websites just for redundancy since my main go-to program for login information is LastPass (coupled into the browser as an extension so no hassle for me). The installers themselves, while stored on a local drive and linked directly to the Excel file, are also uploaded to a personal server using FileZilla so if ever my drive stops functioning or corrupts an installer, I can simply download another copy of it without visiting the developer website or exhausting the official download limit that most developers have now introduced to lower hosting costs on their end. It took a while to shift to this process (previously it was just a text file inside each folder with pertinent information) but now I find it so easy to keep track and update all my purchases in a single file. In fact, it's been so well received by my friends that they have started doing the same. This ideology is replicated inside my P3D as well. Any installer that allows a custom install location goes into an external folder called 'P3D Addons' or 'P3D Third Party Scenery', etc. and is then added manually while using LorbiSi's Addon Organizer for P3D. Sure it takes a few minutes longer than letting the installer just throw files inside the native sim folder but letting the installer do its thing makes updating the sim (point builds) a right pain in the arse. With my manual method, I can install/uninstall/activate/deactivate any product without having to worry about ruining/corrupting/deleting any native sim files. Still, I'd be interested in reading what others do and maybe I can learn on managing some of the things far better than my current methods.
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    PMDG Update on 747-8 and General Items https://fselite.net/news/pmdg-update-747-8-general-items/
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    I wrote to the dev and he replied: "RFSB will not do animated jetways". Another guy also asked a while ago and got the reply: "This is a flight simulator, not a jetway simulator." LOL But i have some italian sceneries of them, not too bad but still a bit a lazy dev...
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    Will Rogers World Airport (IATA: OKC, ICAO: KOKC, FAA LID: OKC), a.k.a. Will Rogers Airport or simply Will Rogers, is an American passenger airport in Oklahoma City (USA)located about 6 miles (8 km) Southwest of downtown. Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County,[9] the city ranks 27th among United States cities in population. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?currency=EUR&products_id=4270
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    Unfortunately still no animated Jetways and the older sceneries of this Developer arent still not v4 ready. I`ll pass....
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    --------------------------- SIMstarter NG Release Notes --------------------------- --- 09.10.2017 - v1.6.0 [FEATURE] PREPAR3D v4.1 - Support for PREPAR3D v4.1 added [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - A new SwitchSet will be auto saved before switching files [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - If a .bgl and .offBySIMstarterNG file exists the file has been shown as green (not the case because there is a .bgl left) --- 04.10.2017 - v1.5.2 [FEATURE] Profile - (P3Dv4) Position Freeze added [BUGFIX] General - Setting added to store each SIMstarter NG window position [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South changed [BUGFIX] Startposition - CTD if no start position has been selected and click on okay [BUGFIX] General - Platformdialog does not work correctly --- 22.09.2017 - v1.5.1 [FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Complete new Backup system for SIMstarter NG. Users can create different BackupSets and assign them to a Backup plan [FEATURE] Startposition - Filter start position based on airline code (based on the AFCAD of the scenery) [FEATURE] General - (P3Dv4) refreshing airport list creates a file 'scenery.cfg.SIMstarterNG.withAddOnXml' that includes all scenery items from add-on.xml files [FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Ask if SODE\xml or SODE\SimObjects files and folders should be copy to the SODE folder in ProgramData [FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3/v4) Moon and Sun Size can be adjusted in 'Tweaks' Tab (suneffect.cfg) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South added [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presetlist will be sorted now [CHANGED] General - SIMstarter NG is showing an info dialog if SIMstarter NG is not started with Administrator Rights [CHANGED] FSUIPC - Using FSUIPCclient 32/64 bit. Therefore SIMstarter NG is a 64 bit application from now. [CHANGED] Settings - Path to FTXcentral.exe removed from 3rd party settings (not needed any more) [CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Files won't be automatically corrected with each start. (doesn't affect someone) [CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Using "Categories from directory" will the parent directory name for "scenery" as preset [CHANGED] SimObjects MGR - Asks if selected SimObject should be removed [CHANGED] Profiles - "<< FSUIPC NOT FOUND >>" will be displayed in "Flightplan" Dropdown if FSUIPC can't be found [CHANGED] Fileswitcher - "Hide Presets" CheckBox setting will be saved [CHANGED] Startposition - SIMstarter NG can be minimized during MAKERWYS process [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Moving Scenery items from add-on.xml that have no title <Name>SceneryName</Name> crashed SIMstarter NG [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - CTD if scenery.cfg contains wrong value for "ACTIVE=" (e.g. ture accept true) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Sorting of scenery fixed [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - (P3Dv4) SIMstarter NG is showing ActiveSky XML error. [BUGFIX] Profiles - "Use FSUIPC Checkbox" is disabled if FSUIPC is not installed [BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) wrong numbering of [ENTRY.] if add-on.xml files are active [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Fixed issue that Changes dialog shows items that have not been changed by user --- 27.07.2017 - v1.5.0 Important: From this version SIMstarter NG will not longer support ORBX Region Switch. (This does not affect FTXcentral v3) [FEATURE] P3Dv4 - General compatibility with PREPAR3D v4 (works with FSUIPC5) [FEATURE] AS P3Dv4 - Compatible with Active Sky 2016 for PREPAR3D v4 [FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) New Add-On.xml Manager to add, modify or delete Add-On.Xml files [FEATURE] Add-On CfgSets - (P3Dv4) ConfigSets for Add-On.xml files are available to assign to each profile [FEATURE] Scenery MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files. Layers can be changed via GUI. [FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files [FEATURE] ConfigSets - ConfigSets can be automatically sorted (check Program Settings) [FEATURE] MakeRwys - Includes v4.7.0.0 (ready for P3Dv4) [FEATURE] SceneryMGR - HTML Export highlights ScenerySpacer for better overview [FEATURE] SceneryMGR - Import multiple Scenery items from one source path (searching for scenery/texture folders) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - SwitchSets can be switched ON and OFF by clicking "Switch files" [FEATURE] Startposition - Helipads added [CHANGED] Livery MGR - Livery Import remembers the last selected import path [CHANGED] Scenery MGR - ScenerySpacer will be stored in SIMstarter NG userprofiles directory (not AddOn Scenery) [CHANGED] Startposition - Renew AddOn Airport list works together with "Refresh Airports" button [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth not installed dialog comes up every time SIMstarter NG starts [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Tooltip missing in some cases [BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (FSX/FSX-SE) Dialog crashes if path contains bad character (") --- 30.03.2017 - v1.4.7 [FEATURE] Profile - Integration of Autogen Configuration Merger by Arno Gerretsen. No restart required any more and popup won't show up. :O) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Preset for Aerosoft Maderia Evolution and FTX Vector to avoid Mesh problems [FEATURE] CumulusX - SIMstarter NG will automatically import the values for CumulusX into the Master ConfigSet [CHANGED] Logging - Improved logging for external programs that are used by SIMstarter NG [BUGFIX] Startposition - (FSX) Dialog crashes if ä,ö,ü are included in Scenery name [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Cloud Shadow Cast / Terrain Shadow Cast settings fixed [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION had wrong SECTION [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.x) HDR_BRIGHTNESS, HDR_BLOOM_MAGNITUDE, HDR_SATURATION some values missing [BUGFIX] SimConfig - FSUIPC values won't be saved if option is disabled [BUGFIX] AS 2016 - MinimumVisibilitySM, MaximumVisibilitySM, MaximumUpperVisibilitySM set from max 100 to 200 --- 03.03.2017 - v1.4.6 [FEATURE] AffinityCalc - Affinity Calculator added in Tools and SimConfig Sets [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Black Out Desktop was not implemented correctly [BUGFIX] General - Several program errors and malfunctions if keyboard layout is turkish [BUGFIX] License - License error in some special cases after upgrading to 1.4.5 --- 19.02.2017 - v1.4.5 [FEATURE] General - Compatible with FlyInside (Virtual reality software) [FEATURE] Profile - Start Scenery Manager at Profilestart for last changes on scenery.cfg file [FEATURE] SimConfig - FSUIPC - Added WideServer Control [FEATURE] AS 2016 - "Simulator Depiction Options" settings added [FEATURE] Programsettings - Path to sim.exe is customizable. This allows using of programs like for example FlyInsideP3D.exe [FEATURE] Manuals - Manuals DE/EN updated to revision 10 [FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4 > HF2 only) MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION has been added in Tweaks Tab [CHANGED] Startposition - Set aircraft on the runway if you select a runway as starting point (HDG is correct then) [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export dialog optimized [CHANGED] Programsettings - Filevalidation for platform specific files can be disabled (Advanced Users Only) [CHANGED] DebugPack - Stores last selected target folder for ZIP-file creation [BUGFIX] ConfigEditor - CTD in special case (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/119713-editing-simulator-configuration-manager/) [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - ConfigSet name will be overwritten in some special cases [BUGFIX] Startposition - German language issue fixed (Aktualisiere Flughafenliste anstelle von Luftfahrzeugliste) [BUGFIX] Logging - Translation issues [BUGFIX] Profile - Hover text of profile label fixed [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Renaming a ConfigSet does not automaticly all the save changes dialog [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Export Settings dialog shows on wrong position [BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Aircrafts not found error with turkish language setting (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/120060-critical-error-no-aircrafts-found-simstarter-ng-terminates/) --- 10.01.2017 - v1.4.4 [CHANGED] Logging - Notification if more then 500 MB of archived Logfiles are found in .\log\ [CHANGED] LiveryMGR - List of aircrafts will be refreshed in a loop because of korean language. Switched to UNIX timestamp. [CHANGED] General - Enhanced logging [BUGFIX] Profile - Simulator ConfigSet shows "<nothing>" items [BUGFIX] Languages - In some cases user are getting a language error but the language file still exists [BUGFIX] Logging - Log rotation includes other ZIP files which makes no sense [BUGFIX] FSUIPC - Avoid writing [SIMSTARTERNG-SETTINGS] to FSUIPC4.INI [BUGFIX] FSUIPC - ConfigSet is showing the wrong values [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Deleting *_FSUIPCINI.cfg too if a SimConfigSet will be deleted --- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.3 [FEATURE] FSUIPC - Some settings of FSUIPC (Traffic Limiter) are available within the Simulator ConfigSets (FSUIPC >= v4.9.5.9 must be installed) [FEATURE] SimConfig - Export SimConfig Sets into an HTML file [FEATURE] ActiveSky - Export ActiveSky Config Sets into an HTML file [FEATURE] Shortcuts - Open GoogleEarth Export files without creating new ones [FEATURE] Profiles - Can be sorted alphabeticly (Programsettings > Automatic sort profiles) [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Exclusion folders for FTX Norway, England and Scotland added [CHANGED] SceneryMGR - HTML Export improved [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Indicates if entries have wrong file extention [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Creating Backups before writing the file [BUGFIX] XML-Manager - Using wrong XML-File location if you switch between DLL.XML and EXE.XML [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Wrong file count when selecting a Preset [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Values are not shown correctly (moved v1.4.2 to v1.4.3) --- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.2 Version replaced by 1.4.3 --- 20.12.2016 - v1.4.1 [FEATURE] Profiles - Select controler configuration file via Dropdown (Extended Profile Settings > Other Options) [FEATURE] Tools - "Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes" function implemented to delete %ProgData%\%SIM%\Facilities and .\SceneryIndexes [CHANGED] SceneryMGR - Dialog stores the last selected scenery path for easier adding multiple parts of a scenery [BUGFIX] DLL/EXE.XML - Malformated XML Files does not crash SIMstarter NG at program startup [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude Path/ICAO are reset to default (not saving custom settings) [BUGFIX] DebugPack - ProgData\DLL.XML and EXE.XML are included [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Export path settings can't be set to a different location then default [BUGFIX] Program - In some cases SIMstarter NG does not load settings template in the right way --- 01.12.2016 - v1.4.0 [FEATURE] Startposition - Option to show Addon Airports only [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Switching files on/off. Especial for .BGL files. Fast and easy renaming of the file extention. Including Presets of FTX GEN Germany, Simmershome, e.g. [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - (P3D only) Handling of both files (in ProgData and AppData) is possible now [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - AddOn Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red. [FEATURE] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Settings can be reset to defaults. New reset button implemented. [FEATURE] Profiles - Path of the Flightplans can be changed in Program settings now [FEATURE] RunManager - Single RunItems can be disabled by Checkbox. They won't be started then. [FEATURE] RunManager - Added <copy DIR> in Fileoperation. Possible to copy all files/subdirectories to a target folder [FEATURE] RunManager - Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red [FEATURE] RunManager - "Test" function for selected RunList Item [FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - Path will be validated now. Missing folders will be marked red [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export Settings will be stored platform specific. They won't be overwritten with the next NG update any more. [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Clicking of Path Textbox opens file Dialog (much easier) [CHANGED] MakeRwys - Water runways are showed as well [CHANGED] ORBX - FTX Central V3 will be detected. ORBX Options of SIMstarter NG will be deactived in this case. [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) wrong steps for MSAA setting (0,2,4,8 instead of 0,2,6,8) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) "BlackOut Desktop" hat wrong values [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Remove a scenery shows wrong dialig (Yes, No is missing) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (FSX-SE) Path error if a native DLC Scenery has been installed [BUGFIX] Profiles - UTC checkbox loses checked state after reloading a profile [BUGFIX] Profiles - System Time checkbox did not work properly [BUGFIX] RunManager - Changes are saved at the wrong cfgSet Title [BUGFIX] RunManager - Save ConfigSet show a dialog [BUGFIX] Startposition - Shows more Runways then available for the selected airport --- 27.09.2016 - v1.3.0 [FEATURE] PREPAR3D v3.4 - Support of PREPAR3D v3.4 [FEATURE] ActiveSky 16 - Integration of Active Sky 2016 [FEATURE] ActiveSky - Kill program automaticly if AutoRun has been selected [FEATURE] Profiles - Load newest Flightplan. Searches for the newest saved .pln file and loads it to the simulator [FEATURE] Profiles - Select System time or UTC time [FEATURE] SimConfig - Added "Enable Controllers" from Controls tab [FEATURE] AES - (FSX/FSX-SE only) Support AutoResync of Airport Enhancement Services (AES) [FEATURE] RefreshAirports - New menu item to force the Airport Synchronisation (makeRwys.exe) [FEATURE] Metar/TAF - URL is now customizable (in program settings) [FEATURE] Updater - Improved Updater (makes further platform updates much easier) [CHANGE] Programsettings - Structure of the program settings has been changed [CHANGE] DebugPack - Display a information banner that the debug pack will be created [CHANGE] General - Saves "blank line" to seperate sections [BUGFIX] DesktopShortcut - Remove bad characters from profile name before creating the shortcut [BUGFIX] SimConfig - P3Dv3.3 language error "EnableGesture" for GERMAN users :O) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - "UseGlobalTerrainView" had wrong Section [SCENERY] instead of [TERRAIN] (for P3Dv2.4 - P3Dv3.3 users) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Add scenery causes NG to crash if AREA is without TITLE (very special case) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Value 4012 instead of 4096 [BUGFIX] Metar/TAF - Wrong ICAO causes dialog to crash --- 14.06.2016 - v1.2.0 [CHANGE] ORBX - Compatible with v2.1 of FTXcentral. Region switch will be disabled automaticly. Autodetection of migrated regions. [FEATURE] P3Dv3 - Compatible with v3.3 of PREPAR3D [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Clicking "Save" at "SceneryManager" Tab causes NG to crash [CHANGE] SceneryMGR - Duplicate titles will be found to ensure NG is working correct --- 30.05.2016 - v1.1.1 [FEATURE] LiveryManager - Shows ATC_ID below the Livery Thumbnail [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Save MasterConfig Set crashes in some special cases (Using // and var=value) [BUGFIX] General - "Scheme error" at program start [BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - Adding new sceneries does not cause NG to detect them as "new" --- 08.05.2016 - v1.1.0 [FEATURE] CleanDesk - Start and Stop Scripts implemented [BUGFIX] RunManager - Fileoperation <delete DIR> did not allowed to select a directory. [BUGFIX] Profiles - Using External scenery.cfg caused the GUI to crash. [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Using // at the ConfigSets cause the Program to crash. [BUGFIX] LiveryManager - Show maximum 30 Liveries per aircraft [BUGFIX] CleanDesk - Window resizing [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - ASLAT wrong default value (only if you reset to default) [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Autotrim" setting reversed [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Enable Automixture" setting reversed [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Pro Version not found [BUGFIX] Fileoperation - Modify file operations did not work [BUGFIX] General - SIMstarter NG CTD on startup [BUGFIX] Profiles - Startposition does not show if saved flight is selected (caused strange starting position) [BUGFIX] Profiles - ORBX New Zealand Region not found [BUGFIX] ASN Settings - Configuration is saving "---" and empty values which can cause strange ASN behavior [BUGFIX] Startposition - Bad characters causing dialog to crash [BUGFIX] DiffManager - Does not assign to every selected ConfigSet [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Click "Cancel" save dialog cause it to crash [BUGFIX] Profiles - UseSystemeTime reset if saved flight selected [BUGFIX] ActiveSkyNext - Path settings for ASN-SE mismatch. ASN options are disabled in this case. (Only if you bought ASN inside Steam) --- 14.04.2016 - v1.0.3 [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - In some cases clicking "Description" and "Required" caused the Manager to crash after reopen. [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude path settings for GoogleEarth Export did not work properly. [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Clicking the Description tab header and saving changes will cause a strange Area priority. [BUGFIX] Platformdialog - In some cases the simulator path was not automaticly detected. [BUGFIX] P3Dv3 FXML - Some saved flights caused "Malformated XML file" if you are using different situation settings. [BUGFIX] ASN Manager - Spelling mistakes [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Spelling mistakes (german language) [BUGFIX] Startposition - Program crashes if runways.xml is faulty. Crash behavior changed. [BUGFIX] Update - Don't check for internet connection if "Check for updates" is disabled. [CHANGED] DebugPack - Archived logfiles --- 08.04.2016 - v1.0.2 [BUGFIX] MigrationTool - The migration tool copied all files to .\data\userprofiles\P3Dv3.1 correct path is ..\P3Dv3 --- 07.04.2016 - v1.0.1 [BUGFIX] General - Some users had problems with the software activation which is solved now --- 06.04.2016 - v1.0.0 [ADDED] General - Initial Version of SIMstarter NG SOURCE
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    Quality Wings have released Hotfix 1 for FSX and FSX Steam edition (both 9mb file size). Those whom purchased the FSX version can upgrade to p3d version when released with 50% off the cost, BUT!!! offer only valid up to 2 months after P3D version is Released. P3Dv4.1 cost will be same as FSX version cost, $69.95. http://www.qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_Hotfix1_FSX.exe http://www.qualitywingssim.com/files/ultimate_787_collection/service_packs/QW787_Hotfix1_FSX-SE.exe Thanks to our friends at FSElite for the latest info. LINK TO SOURCE: https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-ultimate-787-p3dv4-pricing-confirmed-hotfix-1-released/
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    Product information "Airport Svolvaer XP" Svolvær Airport Helle (SVJ, ENSH) is a small regional airport located in the Lofoten area in northern Norway. Its scenic location surrounded by both fjords and towering mountains makes this airport a beautiful destination, but due to its harsh winter it will also challenge your skills as a pilot. The scenery features a highly detailed recreation of Svolvær airport (and it s surroundings including sloped runway and custom terrain model of the airport. Features: Realistic recreation of Svolvær Airport Helle (ENSH) Fully compatible with XPlane 11 and X-Plane 10 Includes all airport buildings in high detail Highly realistic night time effects Terminal interior included Highly detailed ground textures Accurate runway slope Photo real ground textures covering the surrounding area and the town of Svolvær Custom windsock and flag animations Custom Aircraft marshaller (Autogate plug-in required) Seasonal Textures included (seasons plug-in required) Custom PLASI, Approach and runway light system Custom Aurora Borealis effect System requirements: XPlane 11 or X-Plane 10 Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Linux or Mac OS X 10.10 Processor: Dual Core with min. 3GHz 8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended) 3D video card DirectX11 with min. 1 GB (recommended DirectX12 with min. 4 GB) Download-Size: 540 MB SOURCE
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    Here's a short video on RAF Duxford and it's famous warbirds airshow. This is where the SkyLounge guys will be spending the day tomorrow visiting their amazing aircraft museum. @sparks_smudge @OMGEDSON
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    Hi TomcatUK, Discord is a Patron Perk so to access the Voice and most Text channels you need to be a Patron, not sure if you are or not? you can access our the Terminal which is a guest access text channel. https://discord.gg/0YbQspCG2YjFwmO7 Gamewisp if you are a Patron you need to link your gamewisp to our Discord have a read at the instructions here. Hope that helps Smurf_John
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    L35 Big Bear City Airport is now available on steam for Flight Sim World! Price is €24. "We completely rebuilt Big Bear from the ground up to take advantage of Flight Sim World's Physically-Based Rendering." LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/630917/Flight_Sim_World_Big_Bear_City_Airport_AddOn/
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    Anybody knows anything about this one? LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.deadsticksimulator.com
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    no worries, if your (pending how quick you get through airport to train station ) I can give you my cell phone number and if your changing at new street I can meet you, otherwise it be at Cosford gates open at 0930 so plenty of time
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    I'll be there, arriving into Birmingham on Thursday at 11 AM. Flying out Monday from Birmingham at 1PM.
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    I'll be there too, planning on arriving for 0930. Will need to be away by 1400 though, hopefully enough time to get around everything and meet a few of you.
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    Watched this live stream from 20th Sept using the Maddog, it's looking and sounding mighty fine.
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    FORT WORTH, Texas—Lockheed Martin is ramping up development of hypersonic system technology as observers report the first sightings of a demonstrator vehicle believed to be linked to the Skunk Works’ planned SR-72 high-speed aircraft LINK TO SOURCE: http://aviationweek.com/defense/amid-sr-72-rumors-skunk-works-ramps-hypersonics
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    Departing Glasgow Bus Station 22:45 6 October Bus No 336 Arrive Birmingham Coach station 06:40 7 October Depart Birmingham Coach Station 13:45 8 October Bus No 539 Arrive Glasgow Bus Station 20:10 8 October National Express coach ARGHHHHHH
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    I figured you would beat me to this. Great deals!
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    So many grammar errors, that's enough for me not wanting to give them my credit card info :-) 'Nuff said.
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    I concentrated so much on testing buggy sceneries that I overlooked some misbehavior of the program if the sceneries have *no* errors: A dialog is shown that that says "Found 0 errors in 1 scenery entries when loading the scenery database". You can ignore the 0 errors safely. The error log is also empty if there are 0 errors. Alex
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