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    I came across this plane today. Maybe someone can at it to their hanger. Link: Milviz Ju 87 Stuka
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    http://iblueyonder.com/portfolio/the-herons-nest/ The Heron’s Nest Your Own Private Island For FSX, FSX:Steam Edition & Prepar3D v.3 Free – Get it Now You know you’ve always wanted this. It’s your own island, jutting out into the wild Atlantic, far away from the crowds. There’s just enough space for you, your cabin, and your trusty bush plane. This is no patch of smooth asphalt. No sir, you’ll need fat tires to land on the undulating dirt strip that bisects the island. Then again, if you wanted the easy life, you wouldn’t have picked a spot in the icy reaches of Maine, would you? And just to spice things up, there’s a float base down the hill from the cabin. It’s not fancy, but there’s covered parking and a dock if you decide to have some friends tie up. The fishing is pretty good, too. If all this sounds good to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the price for this little bit of paradise is surprisingly affordable. To get your free download, use the link above. < > Previous Next COPYRIGHT © 2017 IBLUEYONDER – DALLAS, TEXAS USA | CONTACT US
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    http://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/58/847?user=Canuckshaw&passw=%242y%2410%24Esb4OHvcjRl72vBHIK5nFOqVA2eAynEAKyI8c4xQUACF3CREC2n2q High Definition Environment v2.1 FSX & P3D NEW Author Original author Pablo Diaz, FSX update by Danny Glover and Erik BENDER (Rikoooo) Size 20.4 MB Downloads 441 Created 17-04-2017 14:09:20 Changed 18-04-2017 01:54:23 License Freeware Auto-install : Installer version 10 Add-on compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 New ! HDE v2.1 (high definition environment) photo-realistic HD texture package that will improve the appearance of your clouds (cumulus, stratus, cirrus), sky color and ground details. Automatic installation / uninstall with backup and restore of your original textures. Compatible with all flight simulators based on FSX (Prepar3D and Steam Edition). Version 2.0 to 2.1 by Rikoooo. Never the sky of your flight simulator has been as realistic, observe the clouds in high resolution, improved ground details (herbs)
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    About this project Gaming companies have become obsessed with gimmicks and lost focus of the two most important features of any premium keyboard: performance & comfort. To remedy that, we set out to engineer a premium mechanical keyboard that would offer the same features & specs as other top-of-the-line keyboards, but in a versatile split form-factor. And after 12 months of extensive research & testing with gamers, we're finally ready to build the all-new Freestyle Edge. If you don't know us, Kinesis has been building ergonomic keyboards here in Seattle, WA for over 25 years. We're a small company dedicated to providing best-in-class products and service. You can find our loyal customers online at r/MechanicalKeyboards, Geekhack, and Deskthority, and at keyboard meet-ups around the world. This isn't our first rodeo, but it is our first time looking to Kickstarter to help us launch a new product. So please keep reading... SOURCE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/294674098/freestyle-edge-the-ultimate-split-gaming-keyboard/description
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    The aftermath of busting the flap speed limit... Sparks busted flaps 40 speed by 3 knots on his final turn just 1 mile out of the airport, witch led to catastrophic failure to the flaps on the right wing, witch then sent the plane into a hard right roll, to low and to slow to do anything than pray. unfortually no virtual people survived this incident as the plane disintegrated into a plume of black smoke taking out cars and 4 houses on its way.
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    Little bit of editing with this one, all the better because of it!
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    A very simple non complex way of rating your landings and a drive for personal improvement. https://client.lrmlive.com/ https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/469334-landing-rate-plugin-for-fsuipc-improve-your-landings-fsxp3d/ I know there are many more complex programs out there. I like to stay simple. Requires FSUIPC
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    Excellent sale at Orbx for the whole of May! Note: Sale excludes products released after January 1st 2017.
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    http://worldwarwings.com/first-ever-13-replica-of-b17-you-can-fly-inside-of/ Now this I would try!
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    https://www.justflight.com/product/dh104-dove-and-devon?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - April 2017&utm_content=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - April 2017+CID_2725fec9541064e471201041d9c81b0a&utm_source=cm&utm_term=DH104 Dove Devon APRIL OFFERS - 50% OFF DH.104 DOVE & DEVON! Newsletter subscribers can get half price deals this month on a popular classic airliner. DH.104 Dove & Devon for FSX and P3D features the Dove short haul airliner and also the Devon military variant of de Havilland's highly successful post-war aircraft - "a package that has much more than first meets the eye, with the level of detail and variation that will keep flyers of period aircraft very satisfied" was the PC Pilot verdict! Save yourself 50% on the usual Download price of this Dove & Devon collection when you use the discount code APRFLIGHT in the Shopping Cart - you'll pay only £9.99 / €12.45 / $14.99 instead of the usual £19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99. Offer ends on Sunday 21 May.
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    Great read...having worked with former Sled drivers who transferred over to the Dragonlady (U-2) they were some of the coolest albeit most humble guys I worked with whose office was well above FL400.
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    My goto Flightplanner/Electronic Flightbag. Try it out for free now, soon to be released. http://efass.net/
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    http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/133874-ftx-australia-410-patch/ Update for Australia is now available FTXC3, featuring the city night lighting enhancements that has been featured in other products. Also features replacement textures for P3Dv2/3 to overcome the compatibility issue with the seasonal inland water bodies.
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    I ran across this freeware airport pack for the country of Jordan looking farther into other airports for Mr. Sparks World Tour Starting from a link given to me by Mr. Sparks that he downloaded and did not want to use. For freeware I have to say its very, very good and I figured I would share it with everyone to try for themselves so here's the Link to the site. Go to it and scroll down and look for a downloads tab, click it and will give you Links for a p3d version and a fsx version. https://vatame.org/vacc/OJAC
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    Yes. The Ant's airplanes freeware ultralight float variant would be perfect. www.antsairplanes.com/downloads/AntsDrifterV110DEMO.exe Did i mention it is FREE!!!
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    Pre-order now before we say OOOPS and keep it in further development
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    Hmmmm, all i have to say. Shot across Aerosofts bow.
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    Carenado Yesterday at 8:09am · Official Carenado Statement about the recently released X-Plane 11 Many people have been asking about the compatibility between our X-Plane 10 (XP10) fleet and the new X-Plane 11 (XP11). After many weeks of research, we have realized that the new X-Plane platform has many changes compared to the old one, the new visual engine is very powerful and it was developed using cutting edge technology. Therefore, in order to take advantage of this new platform we will create native aircraft for X-Plane 11, meaning we will add all the necessary elements to our aircraft to reach a new level of products. Because of that, all the following aircraft released in the past 6 months will be freely updated to XP11, assuring the investments done by our customers since the new XP11 was announced: • PA34 Seneca V • 500S Shrike Aero commander From now on, and until the end of 2017 we will provide dual version products (XP10 and XP11) with any new release, as we did it with the Phenom 100. All the rest of our fleet will be redone for X-Plane 11 and will be sold as a new product. Please note: while our currently XP10 fleet will work in X-Plane 11, they do not take full advantage of X-plane 11-specific features and systems.
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    Ps. May I add that my xplane 10 aircraft work like doo doo in 11. I have no idea what they are talking about. Yes they load but that's about it.
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    Pipistrel Panthera
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    Although I'm not able to attend as i'll be at Oshkosh later in the year working I wonder if any of the lounge gang will be at Flightsimcon 2017 coming up in June? http://flightsimcon.com/ If anyone is I know A2A Simulations Scott will be present but not exhibiting this year, as will Lockheed guys and others, not to mention the long list of exhibitors. Might be good idea to try and get some questions answered hehe.
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    You want this...plain and simple. The details and amount of information is everything you need and then some.
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    thanks chaps, i'm looking over the links in pers thread now (should be public forum really its so damn good). Was worried about it being mostly listed for XP10 and what with XP11 being PBR and lots of other larger changes not sure what mods would work or could cause issues, and use old technology rather than make use of the new fun in XP11
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    http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/133293-ksan-san-diego-105-update/ New update for KSAN is available via FTXC3. Main changes are a new AFCAD for gate assignments, extra boats in and Control Panel changes. Matteo will continue on other enhancements but felt it important to get the AFCAD changes out quickly.
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    Flysimware's Easter Sale starts today - all aircraft are HALF PRICE until midnight (UK time) on Wednesday 19 April! All aircraft are compatible with FSX, FSX: Steam Edition & P3D v1/v2/v3 I don't know much about their planes, but I have heard that the Learjet 35A is very good.
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    Was it 2016's Microsoft Flight? What does it say about Dovetail's confidence towards the platform? After delaying their new Flight Simulator, do you think Dovetail underestimated the needs of community and/or the platform?
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    http://www.simgazine.com/aerosoft-game-plan-of-2017/ Thank you to rlambert93 for the heads up. While everyone is still waiting for the release of the Aerosoft A330X, Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft today told us more about their A330X, as well as their coming projects: “Gents, let me make a statement on the release schedule of the A330X. The statement is, I simply do not know. The main reason for that is that the platforms are in flux at this moment. NDA’s prevent us from making a more detailed statement but it will surprise nobody when I say that a lot of the work we are doing right now is not aimed at 32 bit platforms. It is my personal belief (not shared by everybody in Aerosoft btw) that 32 bit sims will die very soon when we get 64 bit platforms to work with. X-Plane showed that without a doubt. Will we release our Airbusses and CRJ for FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM and P3d V3? Sure. No doubt about that, they will be as good as we can make them. Am I in a hurry to get them out while not not knowing what the dominant platform will be in 12 months time? Mwahhh…. of course I want these products to start selling as soon as feasible, but we need to explore these new platforms as fast as possible to be able to get products that you will buy in 2018. And these explorations need to be done by our most experienced staff, the people now working on these aircraft. What we will NOT do however is rush something to market because the platform might fall out from under us. Aerosoft is a ‘big’ company. These aircraft projects are important to use but they are just a small part of all the software we release. We do not need the money from them to stay afloat as is most certainly the case for some of our colleague publishers. Every bit of the work that we do on the busses is aimed at creating a code base that we can build on. A code base that will make it easy for us to create a line of high quality Airbus add-ons that we can sell for a reasonable price. We very much follow the idea of Airbus Industries here, create the base and them make big and small aircraft all using the same code. That’s why Airbus calls it a family, something Boeing tries to do but never gets right. Of course I got a release date in mind for the A330, A320/A321 and A318/A319 projects. But that date changes day by day and I am calling myself damned lucky to work with a team and a CEO that (most of the time) understands that. What I can tell you is that things look great, not only for our products, but for the hobby as a whole. ” More interesting is the fact that Aerosoft is working on getting their aircraft ready for a 64bit sim which we all know is most likely to be P3D V4!
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    New version of Orbxlibs is now available for updating via FTXC3. The manual zip can be download from here for manual install with FTXC3. Updates: new default.xml for 3rd party compatibility changes to config files that will resolve "trees on airports" fixes to FSX PeopleFlow models to resolve "giant headset/hairpiece" reports FTX Central v2 users will be able to use the standalone installer from the bottom of this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125638-updates-from-old-website-support-page/
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    https://www.justflight.com/category/milviz-military-visualizations?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MilViz Spring Sale - 35 off ALL add-ons&utm_content=MilViz Spring Sale - 35 off ALL add-ons+CID_411e89d2651f983f53e0bf3e224eece2&utm_source=cm MILVIZ SPRING SALE - 35% OFF ALL ADD-ONS! Order online 24/7 from justflight.com 35% OFF ALL MILVIZ ADD-ONS! Get 35% OFF the usual Download prices of all MilViz add-ons in the MilViz Spring Sale, including the recent releases listed below. Check out the full range on the Just Flight website! Sale ends at midnight (UK time) on Monday 3 April.
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    A very good comparison of ORBX and LatinVFR KSAN
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    ORBX KSAN released at a price of $39 Australian. Get it while its hot. KSAN San Diego International Airport The next destination for FTX Southern California is KSAN San Diego International Airport. This busy single-runway airport is situated in San Diego County adjacent to the Mexican border. The airport sits in San Diego harbour, right next to the bay and is located close to central business district. San Diego International Airport, founded in 1928, used to be known as Lindbergh Field, named after Charles Lindbergh who flight tested the Spirit of St. Louis. The first jet scheduled flight at San Diego International Airport was in 1960 using the Boeing720. KSAN also became the first commercial airport in the United States to place restrictions on late night and early morning departures. San Diego has a rich history behind it, and that has most certainly helped it become the busiest single-runway airport in the United States. Key Features Huge photoreal that covers entire San Diego Metropolitan area Improved airport textures and groundpoly. Hundreds of POIs Helipads on Skyscrapers and Hospital. Highly rendered reconstruction of San Diego Airport with animated jetways Optimised for good performance Compatible with FTX openLC NA and FTX Southern California By Matteo Veneziani Purchase$39.95 AUD Add to Cart Screenshots SOURCE: https://orbxdirect.com/product/ksan
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    X-Plane 11 update this morning takes this amazing simulator to release candidate version 1. Notification of update will appear as you launch X Plane. Enjoy!
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    Ultra light float tour of the Minnesota lakes M69 0MN3 83MN 5MN6 4MN6 4M6 9MN2 11MN 2MN5 57MN 09I
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    I agree with @OMGEDSON. The general consensus among streamers is that the elgato HD60 and OBS combo is the way to go. Stay away from anything USB 2.0 it will bottleneck and your stream will lag. Ideally you want a dedicated streaming computer but, that is not feasible for a lot of people so compromises can be made. You may be able to get away with streaming on your laptop but, it will be EXTREMELY taxing on your processor. Your rig will spit massive amounts of heat. I have 4 exhaust fans and a 240mm radiator with an additional two fans on my tower and I still have to open the window in the winter (in Michigan) when I'm streaming for a couple of hours. This is on a 6 core i7 @4.2Ghz. Ideally if you are looking at a single CPU setup you want a 6, 8 or 10 core processor. Compromises can be made and I'll happily pass on any knowledge I've gained on OBS settings and optimizing stream quality vs CPU usage.
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