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    Hello everyone! My name is Ethan but most people call me Salty! I am a proud member of The Sky Lounge and have been around for some years now! I am not only an aviation enthusiast I am also a Certified Flight Instructor/Commercial Pilot! My plan in life is to become an Airline pilot, hoping to be there before November of 2018! I am either flying those IRL skies or the virtual skies! Feel free to say hello or if you have any questions about anything aviation related I would love to talk with you!
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  1. Finally! I have been waiting for so long! Go and pick it up yourself! http://www.flightbeam.net/kmsp.html/
  2. While browsing around the SimMarket today, I discovered some HD textures. Not just any HD textures... CAPTAIN SIM 767 HD CARGO TEXTURES!! This texture pack includes 4 different types of cargo liveries. The liveries consist of UPS, DHL, Lan Cargo and finally after looking for so long there is a NICE FedEx livery that doesnt look like a 5 year old got a hold of the paint kit for the CS767 ( Edson knows which one I am talking about...). I dont know about you but I have been looking for a good Fedex 767 livery for a long time and quite frankly it was right in front of my eyes! Any who you can pick this up for a nice price! EUR 13.00 and $14.20 on the SimMarket. Go on over and check it out! From AZI STUDIOS: High definition repaints for Captain-Sim 767-300 freighter model. These textures are eight times as detailed as the liveries made by Captain Sim. This package provide 4 High Definition textures for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and LAN cargo. The comparison shots will show you the big difference between the default CS paint-kit and our one. What we did is bring the default Captain-Sim Paint-kit and upscale it 8 times bigger. Then we start to redo everything from scratch. It is a hard work but the results always positive. With the new Bump, diffuse and specular mapping we think we were able to make a realistic look to this beautiful bird than before. http://secure.simmarket.com/azi-studios-captain-sim-b767f-uhd-textures-1.phtml
  3. For any of those who frequently fly the Captain Sim 767, here is a download link for some HD Cockpit Textures if you do not have them yet! http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxacrp&DLID=195214 I have not downloaded it yet but will do so here in the near future!
  4. Today I decided that I was going to dedicate my time to flying around in a 737 with a southwest livery. First Leg: KAUS-KSAN Second Leg: KSAN-KLAS Third Leg: KLAS-KDEN Fourth Leg: KDEN-KMCI Aircraft: PMDG 737 Airports: Imaginesim KAUS, Latin VFR KSAN, FSDT KLAS, Flightbeam KDEN, Tropicalsim KMCI
  5. Saltycrakaa

    skyblog KMEM-KFSD

    Thought I would do a little easy cargo run, turns out it wasn't so easy... Route: KMEM-KFSD Addons: QW757, Active Sky Next
  6. Saltycrakaa

    skyblog Cuba-D.C.

    Special Delivery for the President: CUBAN CIGARS First Leg: MUVR DCT TADPO G448 MTH STAR KMIA Second Leg: KMIA SID HEDLY J53 CRG J121 CHS J165 RIC STAR KDCA Great flight with great people! A BIG Thanks to Edson, Noodle and Flyboy for making it a good one! P.S. What can Brown do for you?
  7. Ever wonder what it would be like to work at JFK's control tower? The today show got up and close to see what those controllers go through! http://www.today.com/money/matt-lauer-interns-jfk-s-air-traffic-control-tower-t77201
  8. "It was supposed to be a routine refueling stop in Zimbabwe by an American-owned cargo plane, traveling to South Africa from Germany. Then airport officials noticed blood spattered on the fuselage and found a corpse and a small fortune in South African cash inside. The discovery on Sunday led the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe to impound the aircraft, an unmarked chartered MD11 freighter owned by Western Global Airlines, a well-established international cargo carrier based in Estero, Fla. As of Monday, the aircraft remained on the tarmac at the airport in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, and officials said they were still investigating. The identity of the corpse was not clear. Western Global Airlines, which confirmed on Monday that it owned the plane, said in a statement that the corpse was suspected to have been a stowaway “who may have entered the airplane during a previous stop.” The airline said the plane had been leased to Network Airline Management, a longtime customer based in Britain that uses Western Global Airlines aircraft and crews for several flights a week from Europe to Africa. Western Global said the cash was a shipment for the South African Reserve Bank. Officials at Network Airline Management, whose headquarters are at Gatwick Airport, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Herald, Zimbabwe’s leading newspaper, which was among the first to report the episode, said the plane had been “stashed with millions of rands.” One million rand is equivalent to about $62,500. The newspaper also said South Africa’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Vusi Mavimbela, confirmed the episode but could not give further details. News agency accounts said the crew members — two Americans, a South African and a Pakistani — had not been aware of the corpse. The accounts speculated that the person found dead, who had apparently sneaked into the landing gear opening, was crushed when the gear retracted after takeoff. Western Global Airlines, which is privately owned, advertises itself as one of the world’s fastest-growing low-cost air cargo companies, with clients around the world. It flew dozens of humanitarian missions to West Africa during the height of the Ebola crisis." link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/16/world/africa/us-owned-plane-carrying-corpse-and-cash-is-impounded-in-zimbabwe.html?_r=0
  9. @OMGEDSON I've had some pretty nasty approaches before that is for sure lol.. What if I told you that was me flying that plane?