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  1. I was going to get the GTN 750 for the comanche but I'm not sure. I understand the charge but it's not exactly a cheap product anyway so I am not sure if I'm taking the plunge.
  2. Give a date and time and whoever can make it then so be it. I'm hoping to be able to make it as it will be fun!
  3. Well here is my winnings and I would like to thank A2A and The Sky Lounge for the prize and also raising money for a great cause! So once again, thanks and I will see you on stream some time...
  4. I'd love to try and make this obe also - weekends are best for me anytime after 1800z Do we know when we may be receiving the A2A addons we won because it would be cool to use the winnings in the flight If not then my trusty comanche will have to come out of the hangar. Cheers guys n' gals