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  1. A321 over Socal

  2. sunset cruisin

    sunset en route to Catalina
  3. @AviatorMoser thanks for your help, it looks a lot better now. What i did was double my maximum surface visibility and maximum upper visibility.
  4. @AviatorMoser i am on build 5919, i don't have a multiple visibility layer option
  5. @AviatorMoser Visibility options minimum surface visibility 0 maximum surface visibility 50 maximum upper visibility 70 auto adjust upper visibility is checked
  6. title says it basically active sky creates a layer that totally rids of my sunset/ sunrise. I paused the sim, took a snap of my sky with ASN running, then another with ASN not running, i mean there were hardly any clouds in the sky and it completely got rid of the sunset. Are you guys experiencing this as well? If not how do I get around this? I am running ASN SP4.1
  7. PC12 over LAX

    en route on a Surfair flight from Santa Ana to Santa Barbra CA
  8. ILS in the Phenom 300

  9. prepar3d / fsx PC 12 install help

    Okay so i got it working now, the problem was i only had the SimObjects folder in my P3D, so i just copied and pasted all of these into P3D and it works now.
  10. prepar3d / fsx PC 12 install help

    I have re-installed a few times now. The installer doesn't have v3 as an option so i choose v2.5 and put the installation path to my v3 folder. It was fine when i had p3d on my c drive, now that i re-installed it to my d drive this plane is the only one im having a problem with.
  11. Im In need of assistance on how exactly to update P3D. I'm currently on v3.0
  12. prepar3d / fsx Bought a used SSD

    @Tailhook @tdubl26 Thanks guys i appreciate the responses, iv'e decided i'm not even going to fool with it after all.