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  1. hardware Ultimate Flightsim Computer Build

    I laughed so much I almost puked
  2. Even better : I am aroused !!
  3. Already used by all my french XP11 flying friends as soon as it was out It is a great utility, it is found simplier to use than PlanG, with more functionnalities... Great work !!
  4. Well, I'm a bit too late to bring you this second DLC news for FSW ! Nice move Tarpoon I want a V-tail now...
  5. Well, unless i suddenly find 1000 bucks hidden in my mattress somehow, I will still have to imagine it in VR yes
  6. Update ! Aimé Leclercq has apparently finished his port of TEP to FSW ! More informations on his FB page
  7. Iris Simulation has been working on the 1st know to public DLC plane for Flight Sim World. Their Facebook page show some pictures of a pretty nice Pilatus PC-9 ! It is still a WIP, and there is no ETA yet, but can I pinpoint that it would be the 1st turboprop in FSW... Looking good LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/irissimulations/
  8. Since it's been out for its Early Access, Flight Sim World has been the target of modding, as its core base has some ESP affinities. This time, it's the turn os a known modder, as he is the father of Terra Emergence Project. His Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ALeclercqCreations/ Enjoy the video LINK TO SOURCE: