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  1. Well, the problem I will have with this airport : the snow look amazing there, but what about all th rest of the world where it is (in FSX/ P3D) all flat and has no volume/ physics ?? Anyway, I want the same snow EVERYWHERE 😛
  2. One sim dies, another is about to born... It is the circle of life !
  3. Better with the actual link, isn't it ? https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/kgpi-glacier-park-international-airport-now-beta/
  4. When it is available, it will be the 1st "official freeware plane" for Flight Sim World ! Gibbage has been working for some months on this STOL bush plane that we could describe as "a trike Eurofox-like". Kevin Miller, also known as Gibbageart, was involved in the Icon A5, Boeing Stirman and Maule M7 from Ms Flight, We certainly expect a high level of quality on his final product Textures are still WIP. Here is a video of the maiden dev flight. Flight model and sounds are still WIP. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.facebook.com/Gibbageart-1253240048091646/
  5. Important to know is that the former versions of the Quest kodiak by Thranda already had a G1000 build in, that is the Carenado one. And it is eating frames !!! Besides, the Laminar Research G1000 is very FPS friendly. I also find that it's clearer to read. Both GPS doesn't have exactly the same level of functionnalities, but the LR one is growing with every update, and is almost in par with the Carenado one already. It's why Thranda decided to remove the G1000 Carenado support. This choice is making the Kodiak one of the best PT6 engine I know of on X-Plane 11, with a high degree of realism and a really great plane to be in and fly...
  6. SimHeaven, famous site for X-Plane users offering a lot of free libraries/ autogens/ landmarks etc for your hand made orthosceneries, has almost finished a staggering autogen for Europe ! LINK TO SOURCE : http://simheaven.com/x-europe-on-final-approach/
  7. According to Rush from ASDG, there has been some misunderstanding between the x-Plane .org store, and the plane is now on that store. And has got right now (and NOT FOR LONG !) a surprise sale for a short time. There is some action and debate around that move, Rush has a stream just about it right now : https://www.twitch.tv/aerosimgaming Anyway, you will not see that price for that plane again !!! LINK TO SOURCE : http://store.x-plane.org/ASDG-Super-Cub-_p_737.html
  8. Time to look back a last time, and talk about the future Oh and those floats were for the SuperCub LINK TO SOURCE : https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/2017-in-review-stephen-hood.2895/
  9. Dovetail Games has just released their 1st SDK iteration for FSW, and the 1st "not GA" plane (from BlueSKY FS) with the P40 Warhawk. Stephen Hood posted on their blog to get us informed of the studio's future, and as a conclusion mention that : LINK TO SOURCE : https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/flight-sim-world/articles/article/sdk-p-40f-warhawk-available-now
  10. If you are a (lucky) Reality XP's GTN 650 and 750 user in X-Plane, you may be a bt frustrated that there are so few compatible planes. A friend of mine, Bourrinopathe, has been creating mods for this particular stuff.He already made some mods for the edfalut (REP enhanced) C172, for the Cirrus jet, for the Supercub, some Carenados, and more GA planes. You can write his work in the Avsim forum LINK TO SOURCE : https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/772-rxp-gtn-750650-touch/
  11. FSElite is doing a nice end-of-the-year raffle, opened to everyone ! you could win all that : SimMarket €50.00 Gift Card | FlightBeam KMSP | Immersive Audio Dash 8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Pack | FlythemaddogX MD80 | Virtual Flight Experience (Fully modelled 737 Sim) 30 Minute Flight (UK ONLY) | FSElite Mug, Pen and Mouse Mat Collection | MK Studios FUE | Vidan Designs Billund X | ImagineSim Airport Selection | TOGA Projects ENVTEX / ENVSHADE LINK TO SOURCE : https://fselite.net/originals/introducing-elite-christmas-raffle-2017-block-2/
  12. Dreadmetis

    xplane AlpilotX HD Mesh v4 is out !

    Some pictures to compare the older V3 mesh to the new V4 one : https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOtvwziJubBQ6GnH5MAc3Jnl5g8aQvvplJaEOiBs779C_i2zSnN7udbC8t_boY-GA?key=djVjdkl1RGJZZVdMTnlJXzdIRkYtazRkdGFkS3N3 Be aware that Papua New Guinea, some parts of Indonesia and some other regions are still not HD in V4.
  13. It's Christmas already Yesterday Aerobask made its Lancair Legacy FG (former payware) free, so let's stay in the free zone ! If you want crispier mountains, higher fidelity terrain elevations, if you are using orthophotos, or just if you want a little bit of real life fidelity to your sim, you will need a good base mesh. This is the v4 of the ever free (but you can donate !) HD Mesh from AlpilotX (which brought us extraordinary sceneries like NZ !). TL;DR : Do not think, just download it for your X-Plane 11 ! LINK TO SOURCE : http://www.alpilotx.net/downloads/x-plane-11-hd-mesh-scenery-v4/
  14. Dreadmetis

    sales Great Carenado sale on simMarket

    Just so you all know : SAME SALE on any shop that does Carenado stuff You can compare prices, even on the official Carenado site ! Some planes are cheaper at official site than from resellers, and the contrary also.
  15. Dreadmetis

    sales iBlueYonder one day sales december 7th

    Awwww, I shoot and I miss https://iblueyonder.com/ OMGEdson, I think there may be something wrong : if I try to edit my 1st post here, the "$ Sales" tag disappear, so this topic will loose its tag.