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  1. FSFXPackages has just released their freeware addon "Make Thunderstorms Great Again" Head over to the link and get yours today! LINK TO SOURCE: https://fsfxpackages.com/en/free/
  2. New and Improved! I have fixed and updated my previous PTA preset and it is now as close to perfection as i can get it and feel it is ready for the public. Follow the link to the download section, check out the screenshots and decide if it is a preset for you! - Superthrive LINK TO SOURCE:
  3. Whaat!? Great news
  4. I have rebooked my flight and will now be leaving thursday oct 12 from gatwick @3pm
  5. Alright, aiming to go live after sparks tonight so it will be a late one
  6. Im flying in to gatwick later tonight
  7. flugsnug You must drive on the left in the UK

    This is actually very common. Reduces runway brakelenght.
  8. I think i just came in my pants..
  9. Travel Update Flights 06 okt 2017 06:35 Harstad/Narvik 08:20 Oslo-Gardermoen 06 okt 2017 09:15 Oslo-Gardermoen 10:35 London-Gatwick Hotels London - Superthrive & Slick Wick FRIDAY.OCT.6th Premier Inn London Wimbledon South Birmingham - Superthrive, Edson, Sparky & Slick WIck SATURDAY.OCT.7th - Checkin at 3pm Staycity Aparthotels Newhall Square
  10. Arriving oct 6th 9.35am Uk time at Gatwick Have not booked return flight yet.
  11. Sure, would be interesting to see some more about it.
  12. We came across a issue when you have both V3 and V4 installed. Somehow V4 is finding airports in V3 and inject files from them into V4, the result was overlapping textures and autogen. If you come across this issue the fix is simply to uninstall V3 and anything related to it and only run V4.