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  1. We came across a issue when you have both V3 and V4 installed. Somehow V4 is finding airports in V3 and inject files from them into V4, the result was overlapping textures and autogen. If you come across this issue the fix is simply to uninstall V3 and anything related to it and only run V4.
  2. Have come across a issue even when applying the quickfixes for FlyTampas sceneries. When flying in or out of OMDB and LOWW the sim will eventually crash even when the quickfixes has been added. Have removed both sceneries and tested and the sim no longer crash to desktop. Also, EKCH with the quickfix gives me a tremendous stuttering as soon as nightfall starts to arrive and lights come on and it has big problems loading in autogen and lights. If you experience the same, the fix is to simply uninstall them and wait for a proper release.
  3. It will still optimize textures so yes. but insted of going 1024 you can now optimize 2048 or even go 4096. When optimizing higher than 1024 you will not get the question to resize images, so dont expect to see that popup, just enable backup.
  4. prepar3d / fsx PMDG 777-200 Released!

    PMDG 777-200 is released for Prepar3dV4, Get it now!
  5. prepar3d / fsx PTAv4 Preset. (Work in Progress)

    lmao, yes all are with the preset just different hours of the day. yes bloom is 1.65. just to get that last little nice touch on the nightlighting
  6. My preset for PTAv4 UPDATED! Download it here -> PTApreset Important info! I use cloud shadows, shadows are also cast on vegetation, simobjects/buildings. Brightness = 0.80 Bloom = 0.75 Saturation = 0.95
  7. prepar3d / fsx RELEASED: PTAv4

    Will sit down with it now
  8. prepar3d / fsx RELEASED: PTAv4

    PTAv4 has been released! Get it here - https://simtweaks.com
  9. prepar3d / fsx AI Ships, additional ship packs available

    This pack is simply amazing.
  10. All i know is that before running optimizer i would run out of VAS and crash on approach on every long haul, after running optimizer im stable at 1,3 -1,4GB available at all times.
  11. Well, it is more about VAS. A more low end pc is as you say gonna get a slight fps boost, however it will greatly reduce the chance of running out of VAS.
  12. A short and easy guide on how to properly use Optimizer textures. [UPDATED 05.15.2017] Get ORDENADOR: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/download/1000204608/? Add your scenerys one by one and press start as shown on Picture. DO NOT ADD ANY ORBX PRODUCT OR THE DEFAULT P3D SCENERY!!!! If you have PMDG planes you can add those aswell for better performance! PMDG TWEAK Navigate to you're main P3D folder D:\Games\P3D\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR\panel Open the Panel.cfg and scroll down until you get to: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// VIRTUAL COCKPIT /////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // VC SECTION 1 // Annunciators /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// From here and all the way down until the VC section ends, you want to change every pixel_size=1024, 1024 to pixel_size=512, 512 You will also find one that says "pixel_size=1024, 512" change this to pixel_size=512, 256 When you have done this you can do the same to SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX All the other 777 models share the same panel.cfg and same with the 737, so it is enough that you change the main as shown. Save file and enjoy!