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  1. It is no longer payware, now free.
  2. Hello Patrons! Once again THANK YOU for your Patronage, TSL is a growing entity and every little bit helps to get us to the next level. You have a million choices on Twitch, but chose us and for that i'm eternally grateful. This preset is my very special and personal way of extending that THANK YOU! Day is meticulously tuned, Night is beautifully tuned, and the Inside views should feel very immersive with the bright sky out the windscreen. While my daily and personal PTA Preset is very cinematic, I always had this one in the toolbox for the more realistic scenarios like product photoshoots. It's finely tuned to mimic the most realistic balance of color and contrast, like a photograph fresh out of a camera in RAW format. This is set as a milestone for all Patron tiers, when ready to fulfill it will show up on your dashboard. If you have issues accessing it, please comment below. -Edson *If you ARE a Patron, please make sure you have access to the TSL Patron Forum: http://www.theskylounge.tv/forum/19-patron-forum/ **If you AREN'T a Patron but are interested, thank you: https://gamewisp.com/theskylounge
  3. real-world Website Patron Access Question

    Hi @Dirtysouth009. Thank you for your Patronage! I'll update your account here shortly and you'll have instant access to liveries, Cub Club info, and more. PTA access will be granted by Gamewisp automatically when you reach that time based milestone. Details available in your gamewisp.
  4. Awesome post thank you for sharing! LOL your avatar is amazing =))
  5. orbx OLC SA SAAR Argentina.

    Argentina looking amazing!
  6. orbx Open LC South America - Andes Mountains - P3Dv4

    Sweet baby Jesus. Take me home!
  7. prepar3d / fsx P3D SCENERY LIBRARY

    @ssimmons1958 this is SUPER helpful. What's the source!?
  8. Please lets not congest the list with "NEW RELEASES" simply Updates. As per recent announcements by some of our top developers, you can expect MANY future products to be v4, if not v4 only.