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  1. Looks great thanks @PilotPete
  2. Milviz showing of all the planes that are in progress. LINK TO SOURCE:
  3. Learjet at KTEX

  4. Learjet at KTEX

  5. ORbx posted this on their forums: During the open beta, ObjectFlow 2 will be distributed via Fastlane. Fastlane allows you to opt-in to receive potentially unstable updates before they are released to everyone. Once you have opted-in to Fastlane, you will receive a beta update to FTX Central that includes ObjectFlow 2. This update will also allow you to view your airports in FTX Central for Prepar3D v4. Things to note: ObjectFlow 2 is an open BETA. This means it may cause instabilities in your simulator (crashes, display anomalies, etc). You do not need to download any additional programs to access Fastlane. Just opt-in from the Fastlane page on the website. Any open beta updates will be delivered via FTX Central v3. FTX Central updates will be more frequent, so you'll get new features faster. However, you may also experience more bugs. ObjectFlow 2 is only used in Prepar3D v4. FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv1-3 will continue to use ObjectFlow 1. If you find an issue with ObjectFlow 2, please post it in the ObjectFlow 2 Open Beta forum. Additionally, please use this issue template as it will help speed up the troubleshooting process. How to opt-in to Fastlane and receive the open beta: Log in to your OrbxDirect account. Go to the Fastlane page: https://orbxdirect.com/account/fastlane Click "opt-in to Fastlane" Start FTX Central. You will be prompted to update to FTX Central version 3.2.2. You should now see all of your airports for Prepar3D v4 in FTX Central. When starting the simulator, click "yes" when it asks if you want to run ObjectFlow 2. How to opt-out of Fastlane and restore to the latest stable version: Log in to your OrbxDirect account. Go to the Fastlane page: https://orbxdirect.com/account/fastlane Click "opt-out of Fastlane" Delete the %localappdata%\Orbx\FTXCentral directory. Re-install FTX Central from https://orbxdirect.com/ftxcentral You are now running the latest stable version of FTX Central. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/
  6. Turbulent Design KIDA Idaho Falls released and the detail looks amazing. Available at https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/ LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/product-category/products/
  7. Learjet 25

  8. B733

  9. The same goes for flags on the RH side of aircraft. Disregard jus read the title of the topic
  10. version 1.2.4 released now payware? Compatible with 1.2.3. Payware version. One-off payment of £15 for a lifetime product key.
  11. First batch is updated for V4. Here are the first batch of updated aircraft for make them usable in P3D version 4. PA31T CHEYENNE II FSX/P3D PA46 500TP MALIBU MERIDIAN G1000 HD SERIES FSX/P3D DO228 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER HD SERIES FSX/P3D PC12 HD SERIES FSX/P3D E50P PHENOM 100 HD SERIES FSX/P3D Serial numbers originally delivered with the purchase are still usable. Customers should download the package again from the link provided. Resellers already have them, please allow them one or two days to get them up in their sites. You should uninstall the aircraft before installing this new version. Source:
  12. Be careful with this tool it can really screw things up. Things to note: It is an early version and advanced protections are not yet available. Because of changes to Prepar3D v4 configuration files, it is possible that some addons will corrupt them during installation. Please report them on the forum to help us identify extent of the problem. Last, but certainly not least: please do make a regular backup of your PC. Forcing old software onto Prepar3D v4 comes with an elevated risk of data corruption, which can be effortlessly mitigated with backups. There are a lot of tools for easy backup and recovery. For example, those who have Western Digital hard drives can use the excellent Acronis True Image for free.
  13. Finally Carenado has released a statement about V4 upgrades and it's good news! Official Carenado Statement about the recently released Prepar3D version 4 June 9th, 2017 With the recently released version 4 of P3D, all our aircraft have been grounded. All of them were developed for 32-bit, and don´t work with the new 64-bit platform, causing internal logic incompatibilities (no problem with the model and textures). The solution is not too complicated, but requires work. We know how to make them compatible, and we will start working on them soon. The process will take time because we will have to update more than 80 aircraft. We hope to accomplish this task in the next months and start re-releasing a fair amount of updated aircraft each month. For now, customers could be confident about their investment because all of the upgrades will be free of charge. source