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  1. i always pronounce it as the group as drez-wehkie, not drz-wieekie
  2. you should trust these guys they have made so many amazing products, and are up there with things like pmdg and stuff
  3. im sure it will be mentioned on on approach, next week
  4. More of a "general" post than anything. If you have seen this week "on approach " web series you might have noticed a very prominent thought Edson had about what simulation is to him and just simulation in total. I can't remember exactly but it is something someone whos into simulator should have on their wall. it goes like this "Simulation for me is exploring the entire world and it's not only the entire world but all its beautiful scenarios"-Edson You couldn't have said it better!!! . in one nopte id have to say sims would have to be computer based because ones that are on ios and portable device lack of effort, except for maybe Infinite flight and Xplane and stuff. to pint this out I had a small sim on my ios device and it was just flying around new york and other cities were unlockable but pay for or in-game pay stuff and anyways all you were doing was flying from one, airport to the next but it got boring and the aircraft models were really odd looking and anyways I got ri of it becuse just to get to fkly on my own there wast anything that edson said, I think having a world to go around in is amazing and has been very much part of simming history since the 1990s.. So what does simming mean to you
  5. real-world Flightsim Expo 2018

    I'm sure you guys will have fun there...
  6. real-world So Long Dear Jumbolino

    yes, avro rj and or bae 146 https://tnimage.taiwannews.com.tw/photos/shares/AP/20161201/b8ed6164a04345e7a1b973c49457207c.jpg
  7. real-world So Long Dear Jumbolino

    nice video noodle
  8. flugsnug Rainbow Contrails

    Photoshopped though???
  9. Just today aeroplane heaven releases a Stinson L5 sentinel for fsx and p3d but no word on what p3d version LINK TO SOURCE:https://www.justflight.com/product/stinson-l5-sentinel
  10. LINK TO SOURCE: A guy make an entrance to the airport that's half closed
  11. Really feel sad for the houstonites
  12. You can finally do the Mckenzie valley run with the right aircraft
  13. Can't wait to see this happening...I've hated it so far... Like 20 plus years