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  1. I had this instructor when i was training, when she left, she demanded to have the firetruck hose her down. i wasnt there, but.. apparently it was the funniest thing ever. as soon as the water hit her, she was rolling.
  2. SO for a long while now I've wanted to add realism to my sim, sure making it pretty helped (thanks ORBX) and adding the realism of A2A's aircraft helped a lot as well. but, there has always been something else missing. For example, in a real plane, you don't have a space bar to hold and a mouse to move, so you can see and pull the carb-heat, and how often have you moved your view back to find somehow you are in a max rate turn, at 100ft agl. And sure you can zoom out to 0.25 FOV and see everything but.. just... no! it takes away from the realism.. SO.. my friend and I have been working on making it real. So far we are only at the very early stages of prototyping and designing different ways of doing things. The first panel we are look at is the Ignition and Accessory panel (Masters / Lights / Avionics), and while we are waiting for the parts to arrive, we have started designing our Throttle and Mixture + panel. One of the key things we are working on is the design of our mixture control. we want that little bit extra. we are working on a design that allows the control to be turned for fine tuning like IRL. a lot of the designs i have seen out there dont have this feature. they simply push in and pull out. so we though this would be a neat little feature to have. While we are finding and designing different methods to make some of these features work, and work well, one of the key points we are focusing on, is cost, we want the designs to be cost effective and easy to build. We don't have a engineering workshop, with lathes and CNC's and 3d printers (yet) and all the tools that make this sort of thing easy. We have sandpaper, a hacksaw, a cordless drill and some misc hand tools. We want to keep it simple, so others can make it with the tools they have in their shed. or their friends shed. 😉 For example (attached photo), the ignition key switch, we could buy a 5 position key-switch with auto return on position 5, at near on $230 or.. a 5 position rotary switch combined with a key lock, a spring and a bolt for $15.00 (ish). (my original design for this was very close but, didn't have the key barrel as part of the design. so i cant take credit for the ignition control design, but its simple, its cheap, and its effective.) So where to from here, as progress continues, we will keep you updated. If you have any ideas or thoughts feel free to reply to this post. For now, i have to go find a spring i dropped. -= SirGr3mlin =- SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. NICE! i dont have XP11 but i told my mate about it... might have forgotten to mention the helipad.
  4. SirGr3mlin

    prepar3d / fsx Help me decide 737 or 767

    i might me reading the room wrong, but i think everyone is saying go with the Abacus 787? ;-)
  5. I need help guys, i want to get something new for the hanger. ive been flying the freeware 757, and find myself missing the technical side of flying. So im want to really feel like i am in the cockpit, having to follow procedures and stuff. and program the FMC. I hear the Level-D 767 is still an amazing addition even though it is getting old now. But the PMDG 737 also looks like a nice. I find i tend to like the Boeing's over the Airbus' as well. What do ya'll think? LINK TO SOURCE:
  6. thats awesome that they are willing to say.. oops. sorry. our bad. respect +1, caution also +1. lol.
  7. Sweet as, @CaptainDixos can have my copy! happy flying!
  8. nah mate give it to someone! ;-) i have it already and ive used it more than 2 hours. thanks though! :-)
  9. when you get that email that says "sirgr3mlin you have been tagged in a post by OMGEDSON"... i must have missed something! what did i do wrong this time? ;-)
  10. SirGr3mlin

    prepar3d / fsx Milviz Annouced ATR-72!!!!

    HAHAHA, yes in use its nice! :-) and i so want it too! theres something about this one aye! OMGOSH we should totally hit them up and see if they need Alpha testers! ;-) ... you know whats strange.. theres no mention on there website about it...
  11. SirGr3mlin

    prepar3d / fsx Milviz Annouced ATR-72!!!!

    I want i want i want!!!! I have the MilViz wx radar, which works rather well.. after being told it was a hunk of post digested food. ok i admit, when i first got it, it caused FSX:SE to loose its marbles. but the next day they released and update. or i applied. the update... and it worked fine! anyhow. i cant wait to see wait for this birdy! it is one of my all time faves. along with the Dash8-Q300, the lear. and the 737-800. anyhow thats my 2 cents worth! have a good one all!
  12. SirGr3mlin

    tour TOUR: New Zealand - South Island

    I hope i can join in some time! Still havent got ORBX SI
  13. SirGr3mlin

    tour Live Stream Flight & Tour Requests

    NZTG to NZTH to NZKE