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  1. prepar3d / fsx Help me decide 737 or 767

    i might me reading the room wrong, but i think everyone is saying go with the Abacus 787? ;-)
  2. I need help guys, i want to get something new for the hanger. ive been flying the freeware 757, and find myself missing the technical side of flying. So im want to really feel like i am in the cockpit, having to follow procedures and stuff. and program the FMC. I hear the Level-D 767 is still an amazing addition even though it is getting old now. But the PMDG 737 also looks like a nice. I find i tend to like the Boeing's over the Airbus' as well. What do ya'll think? LINK TO SOURCE:
  3. Need your help guys!

    Thanks Smurf_john, ive decided to just get some saitek ones.
  4. Need your help guys!

    hahahah like i said the Crosswinds are nice looking and i hope one day i will be able to buy them. but they work out to about 600$ landed for me. which is a bit to rich for me atm. although, i now feel like making my own.. lol Im rocking FSX, so no P3D for me
  5. Need your help guys!

    Hey guys, i wanna get me some rudder pedals, I've tried my friends Saitek pedals, they where ok. but i want something else. What would you guys recommend? CH Products? ive had a look at a review on the thrustmaster, ive heard that the peddles are a little close together. What would you guys recommend? the mfg crosswind are nice, but a wee bit to expensive for me atm. Also, would you guys recommend ORBX FTX Global Vectors and Base pack? or get them for specific areas?
  6. thats awesome that they are willing to say.. oops. sorry. our bad. respect +1, caution also +1. lol.
  7. gidday boss! just wondered if you had any updates to share with youe minions. ive been off on a project job for a month or so now so havent been watching the streams not discord to closely so havent really been in the loop. hope all is well anyhow!
  8. sweet, thank you! :-)
  9. Is this why my flights says 1 even though there 3 there, and my total hours dont reflect the three flights?? i thought i was doing something wrong! ::EDIT:: I also completed another flight today, which didn't count. just in case this would help you with bug finding. ;-) hahahha you know why its doing it dont you @OMGEDSON its because Theres a Gr3mlin... i'll stop now. Ive continued logging flights currently managed to get from YSSY to NGTA in 1 hour 39, thats Mach 2.23 if i can do maths. Go Lear35a ;-) Hey Edson, is it coincidence that all flights after the 24th of May are the ones not being counted? i just checked a few different pilots logs and saw that.
  10. announcement Patron News

    Very good Sir! totally agree! As for the follow button... is grey until you follow. :-) are you going to start a new topic for us to report or report in here?
  11. Sweet as, @CaptainDixos can have my copy! happy flying!
  12. nah mate give it to someone! ;-) i have it already and ive used it more than 2 hours. thanks though! :-)
  13. when you get that email that says "sirgr3mlin you have been tagged in a post by OMGEDSON"... i must have missed something! what did i do wrong this time? ;-)
  14. prepar3d / fsx Milviz Annouced ATR-72!!!!

    HAHAHA, yes in use its nice! :-) and i so want it too! theres something about this one aye! OMGOSH we should totally hit them up and see if they need Alpha testers! ;-) ... you know whats strange.. theres no mention on there website about it...
  15. prepar3d / fsx Milviz Annouced ATR-72!!!!

    I want i want i want!!!! I have the MilViz wx radar, which works rather well.. after being told it was a hunk of post digested food. ok i admit, when i first got it, it caused FSX:SE to loose its marbles. but the next day they released and update. or i applied. the update... and it worked fine! anyhow. i cant wait to see wait for this birdy! it is one of my all time faves. along with the Dash8-Q300, the lear. and the 737-800. anyhow thats my 2 cents worth! have a good one all!