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  1. I'm not sure, but I think both Edson and Buc were flying this in P3D v3. It's another fantastic plane. Will be sorely missed in v4 if not ever updated.
  2. Yeah! I loved flying the C310R from Alabeo. Didn't like the handling in the MilViz version. Glad to know I get to fly it some more.
  3. I just double checked and the Carenado V35 Bonanza is not on the list. I don't know if it's been updated yet either.
  4. http://promotions.newegg.ca/intel/17-4272/index.html?utm_medium=Email&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL071417CA&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL071417CA-_-EMC-071417-Index-_-MECH-_-Intel-EB1A INTRODUCING INTEL'S MOST ADVANCED DESKTOP PROCESSOR EVER THE INTEL® CORE™ X-SERIES PROCESSOR FAMILY VIRTUAL REALITY VR is intense—stretching the capabilities of even the most robust PC. Enter the new Intel® Core™ X-series processor. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding virtual reality experiences, Intel's groundbreaking CPU supports high framerates for super immersive, highly engaging VR experiences. STREAMING Enjoy your favorite game in 4K while recording, encoding and broadcasting HD live streams on Twitch* or YouTube*. It's all possible thanks to advanced features like Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which intelligently puts your best cores to work—delivering added performance exactly where it's needed. OVERCLOCKING Gain freedom to push the limits exactly how and where you want with this highly overclockable processor.1 Precisely tune voltage per core, and make exact adjustments with enhanced memory overclocking. It's another way to custom-fit your processor to your exact specifications. VIDEO EDITING When working with the latest high-resolution videos, you need big compute horsepower to avoid system lag and slowdown. When productivity counts, choose the ultimate platform for editing and rendering high-resolution 4K video with fast video transcode, image stabilization, 3D effects rendering and animation. 3D MODELLING & VISUAL EFFECTS Today, several 3D and visual effects applications take advantage of multi-core processors. More cores means faster rendering and streamlined production with less slowdown and waiting. Add on support for multiple 4K monitors and you have a bigger window into your blazing-fast creative world. PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHIC DESIGN Maintaining your creative flow means avoiding slowdown. Today's most popular photo editing and graphic design applications have been optimized to take advantage of high-end Intel® Core™ processors." And when it comes to transferring large production files in less time, you'll appreciate Thunderbolt™ 3 technology built right in. THE INTEL® CORE™ X-SERIES PROCESSOR FAMILY
  5. HappyForthofJuly!

  6. Smurf_John, You have done a tremendous job here and all of us truly appreciate the effort you put in to making this list what it is. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but it is pretty damned good. And anyone who thinks otherwise should go and make their own list. IMHO
  7. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/home2/restored-spitfire-takes-flight/ Restored Spitfire takes flight By Dave O’Malley Vintage Wings of Canada Arnold Roseland was just 28-years old when he died in an aerial gunfight over Normandy in the summer of 1944. He had fought both the Japanese in the Aleutians and the Nazis before and after D-Day. If anyone deserved to return home to his family, it was the well-liked “Rosey.” But it was not to be. Instead he died when his parachute caught on the tail of his burning Spitfire and he was thrown to his death when the aircraft struck the ground. Since that day, Rosey’s remains have lain in a well-tended grave site at the Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery in Calvados, France. The memory of Arnold Roseland lived on in his wife Audrey’s heart until her death, and since then his story has been carried like a torch by his son Ron and his children and grandchildren. Though Ron would never meet his father, he had some artifacts to help him construct a bridge to him—his eyes have scanned the words that Rosey’s hands penned in his logbook, his hands have caressed his pilot’s brevet, his story has coursed through his bloodstream like a ghost. But there was no actual living memory he could attach his love to. Until last week. Last week, Rosey’s spirit rose into the air over his native Canada, casting a physical shadow across a country he gave his life to protect and to preserve its freedoms. Last week, after many years and millions of dollars, Spitfire Mk IX TE294, known as the Roseland Spitfire, took to the skies for the very first time. The Roseland Spitfire is the very embodiment of that brave, fatigued young man from so long ago. It is in fact the embodiment of every young Spitfire pilot who went to war and never came home. That is why we took on this project—to honour these courageous Canadians by building the first Spitfire ever built in Canada and flying it in Canadian markings. Comox shares in success It was a happy day for the entire Comox/Gatineau team, but all of Canada should be proud of their accomplishment. When the volunteers at the Comox Air Force Museum began work on TE294, they went forward under the hopeful banner “She will fly again.” Vintech Aero and Vintage Wings of Canada have always respected this vision of the project’s founders and we are proud to have helped fulfill that promise they made. Since this first flight, the Roseland Spitfire has now completed six test flights, each one carefully and gradually expanding the flight envelope of the aircraft. Vintage Wings of Canada will now take TE294 through a lengthy, meticulous and methodical test process for the rest of the year to ensure she is in perfect order before she attends any distant air show or other events. She will, however, be debuting for all of Canada when she makes a triumphant flypast over Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Canada Day to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. How’s that for a homecoming for long lost but not forgotten Arnold Roseland! Modest beginnings Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX, RAF serial number TE294 – Twenty years ago, nothing more than a pile of rotting metal and loose components, TE294 had almost been subsumed by the earth from which she came—her aluminum and steel structure corroding and breaking down in a scrapyard in South Africa, her wings long gone, component parts stolen or vandalized. Only to someone who could recognize her broken, twisted and rusted bones was she still a Spitfire. In the 1990s, TE294 was rescued, the decline to dust arrested, and the long, long journey to living warbird commenced. From South Africa, her boxed bones travelled to British Columbia, Canada, where a group of passionate volunteers at the Comox Air Force Museum took on her daunting rebuild as a millennium project and as an homage to the wartime pilots of 442 Squadron, a Search and Rescue squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force still residing on the flight line at 19 Wing, Comox. Funding a problem For a number of years, the Comox team made steady progress, but continued funding of the extremely expensive enterprise became problematic. Mike Potter and Vintage Wings of Canada were approached to offer assistance in terms of expertise, facilities and above all funding. The transition of control to Vintage Wings was not without controversy and detractors, but the Comox Air Force Museum website explains it best: “In 2000, the Comox Air Force Museum, with a grant from the Y2K Millennium Fund, purchased TE 294 and embarked on the Y2K Spitfire Project. The project was funded entirely by donations and grants from the general public and the restoration proceeded slowly. By 2007 only the fuselage and tail section had been completed and it was becoming obvious that a massive infusion of cash would be needed if the project was to continue. “In 2008, the Museum presented a decision paper to the Wing Commander of 19 Wing, Comox. It concluded that unless a new owner could be found the Museum would be compelled to shut the project down and dispose of the unfinished aircraft. The Wing Commander accepted the findings, and the plane was offered to other museums and agencies who might be interested in completing the restoration. “Vintage Wings of Canada, a Heritage Foundation based in Gatineau, Québec, was willing to take over responsibility for the project in situ and provide the estimated $1.6 million required to finish it to flying status.” There are many people who have been critical to the rebuilding of this remarkable aircraft, the first of which were the original Y2-K team members from Comox. Their creative and audacious idea now seems close to reality. In addition, the Comox Vintech Aero team—Ken Hazell, Dean Sept, Kaven Tremblay, Henry Bukach and Terry Chester—built the main fuselage, cockpit and tail assembly. The quality of their work took our collective breath away when the fuselage was unveiled at a special hangar dinner in October of 2014.
  8. I never purchased P3Dv3. The screenshot you see of KAVX is in v4. As I had stated. I did not manually install the airport. And, I agree when I open FTX Central my screen looks identical. However, KAVX is there and is perfect. I run no migration software or anything. I will endeavor to find the file location as that may offer a clue. I'll let you know.
  9. So, once FTX Central upgraded to v3.2.1.1 (automatically, I had no choice in the matter), my ORBX airports loaded into P3Dv4. I did not manually install them. I have not flown to all of my airports, but this one is all there. I will update as I have time to check out each one.
  10. OMGEDSON, need to add Tropical Sim to the scenery list. I don't know, yet, if any of their stuff is updated for v4, but I do have Rio for FSX and will check later today.
  11. ORBX Catalina KAVX loads beautifully in P3Dv4. The regular round of ga aircraft continually take off and land just as they do in previous versions. The Catalina Flying Boats DC3 is on the ground as well. The entire island is modeled. From cruise ships to the gravel pit. Very nice.
  12. http://secure.simmarket.com/virtualcol-crj-series-pack-fsx-p3d.phtml Have you been looking for a regional jet to fly in P3Dv4? This might be a good starter! Here at Virtualcol we have been busy behind the scenes putting all our work and effort into our New Product for 2017. After hard work and some sleepless nights, we present to you the CRJ SERIES PACK. Featuring all Variants 200, 700, 900 and 1000 Series. A whole range of Airlines are included for you to use or create your own with the added Painkit. Our Frame Rate Friendly model allows for fluid flight with Original Jet Sounds and contains a functional virtual cockpit that represents the REAL CRJ. (Not available for use in real training or real flight) Features: 4 Different Models with Virtual Cockpit 2D Panel Ground Service animation Panels and original gauges Several Repaints Original Jet Soundset Fully compatible with FSX SP2, FSX STEAM EDITION, PREPAR3D v1, v2 and v3 and now with a compatible version for PREPAR3D v4!
  13. Yes, I did have to pay a small fee (under $5 US) to upgrade from FSX to P3Dv4.
  14. I don't think you will find anything disponib in Aerosoft store. But then, I have no idea what that means.
  15. That is quite informative. My case, is a bit different. I am not even sure how I was able to get them into P3Dv4, but all of my Real Air planes exist in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes. I never ran an installer nor did I copy my existing FSX files and paste them in (if that had happened, my TSL livery would have been included). As well, my Super Cub Ultra planes are also magically inside the Airplanes folder. I did install the MilVis RedBull P38 Lightening (working fine). I've also noticed most of the rest of my FSX Simobjects have moved into the P3D Simobjects folder. They are not accessible through the scenario menu but I see them flying around as AI aircraft. When I open the aircraft.cfg files I find "ui_createdby=" line either reads "Lockheed Martin" or "LM" or "Prepar3D" - not the original creator. I don't know if it was just part of the v4 software to pull the files or look for existing planes for AI, but I'm happy it did. If one of you knows what pulled the files in, let me know. Though it doesn't really matter, I am interested in knowing.