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  1. Friend of mine got to go airside with Rich at Yeovilton on Saturday for some photos!
  2. prepar3d / fsx GG Milviz, retracts $5 v4 Upgrade Fee !

    I'm very glad, the amount of Milviz aircraft I own would make it rather expensive!
  3. Straight from Gary of UK2000, there is a quick way to get UK2k sceneries working in Prepar3D Version 4. It is as follows: You need to do DELETE all BGL file in the UK2000 Products scenery folder that have file names with this text: *FS9CODE*.bgl *sockradars*.bgl *Animate*.bgl *timer*.bgl Other Specific files: "EGLL_Specials.BGL" Heathrow Xtreme This is stricly a temporary fix, the UK2000 guys will be working backwards through their catalog to add P3Dv4 compatability out of the box. In doing so, they will be working backwards, I.e. Norwich Extreme first. Hope this is helpful, Rob
  4. From The Flight Deck

  5. Close Enough

    G-CVIX - G-CIVX, get it?
  6. CLX847 Departure

  7. Woo! Fairford gets some more firepower to go alongside the B-1s and B-52s that are already there!
  8. IndiaFoxtEcho Typhoon in P3Dv4

  9. prepar3d / fsx Make P3Dv4's rain great again

    Big thanks for the heads-up on this, looks much better now! Rob
  10. Note - This still appears to be a controversial topic, and this is purely MY INITIAL OPINION, if you disagree, be polite. So, Flight Sim World. The start of a 'new age' in flight simulation no doubt, with some new and exciting features that are very interesting, even at the current point of development. From the initial trailer, it could be seen that it was going to be something to keep an eye on. But now, time has passed, and the game has been released onto Steam Early Access... It is finally available for us consumers to get our hands on it. My thoughts are as follows. PROS - A simple UI and interface system - Good graphics in most areas - Integrated Accufeel adds to the immersion - The included aircraft feel realistic (From RW experience in both PA28 and DA42 aircraft) - Better looking scnenery due to the addition of Orbx Global textures - Awesome default smoke effect on the RV-7 - Less than half the price of P3D CONS - Although it runs better than my FSX or P3D in most situations, optimisation could be improved - Landing lights do not illuminate the ground - Very narrow selection of aircraft - Small amount of backwards compatability (Got REX WWA working fine, no aircraft) - Trim needs to be rebound to work at all - Menu system could be more straightforward, with a more detailed selection of settings - No real feeling of movement or speed Overall, even in this early state, I would wholeheartedly recommend Flight Sim World to a friend. 90% of the features present in this release are fully working, I must commend DTG for that. As a final note, I'm sure you've read all of what I stated above in other reviews, but this is just another perspective to take into account. At the end of the day, I'm just another consumer, just like most of us around here. Rob
  11. I've heard things both good and bad, getting a copy would be a good way to get past the shit-storm of poor Steam reviews.
  12. prepar3d / fsx Just Flight announces Javelin FAW 8/9

    Psst.. Aeroplane Heaven have had this on their FB for a while (like 4 months)! It's JustFlight who are late!

    And another point, It'll be out by the end of the month! They've kept it remarkably quiet for Dovetail! Rob
  14. Fingers-crossed for this one, looks decent from the video!
  15. aerosoft T5 lightning preview

    I've known about this one for a while, can't wait! Love the Lightning. Oh and it's Tacpacked too!