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  1. I just finished painting my iRacing Pro Late Model in the colors of Fry's Electronics. Maybe my experience painting stuff like this can carry over to planes... I don't know Anyway, just though I'd post this for the eye candy!
  2. Holy hell this would melt my PC but It's incredible... my home Intern. Airport
  3. Just a quickie: my KMKT Mankato, MN scenery is now in the downloads section! Have a look if that tickles your fancy...
  4. Version 4.0.0


    This is my first real scenery project for FSX. Mankato Regional Airport is located in Mankato, MN, south of Minneapolis. I've visited Mankato several times and gathered real data and images to help make this scenery. Features: -4-Season photoreal -Hand placed taxisigns, lines, objects, and foliage -Realistic Elevation Enjoy! My next project will be 8Y6 - Leaders Clear Lake Airport. ~Frost
  5. TropicalSim made a scenery for it too, that's a pretty good idea!
  6. Hey folks, That Mankato airport scenery I was talkin' about is done! Download link on my new website: http://fsfrostglider.cf/index.html Please don't redistribute this without my permission, and if someone else wants it, please direct them to my site. Thanks, and enjoy!
  7. Mankato. I already have scenery made, read more here:
  8. Last year's MNAS was June 27-28, so I was thinking of having it somewhere in that timeframe because there isn't going to be another MNAS until 2018 IRL.
  9. EDIT: The scenery is done and ready to download and enjoy! Get it here: http://fsfrostglider.cf/index.html Hey, folks! I've been laboring over an FSX scenery for the Mankato Regional Airport (KMKT), where a triennial airshow is held in June. I'd love to bring this airshow to the virtual skies, (possibly maybe) partnered with TSL. This show is still in the early workings, no date is set yet, I'd just like to see what everyone would think of a show here. I will attach pictures of the airport and where the showline and other markings would be. Feel free to post opinions in the comments and input your feelings in the poll. Thanks!