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  1. Sim Skunk Works http://www.simskunkworks.com/store/index.php SSW PA200 "TORNADO" for Prepar3D v4 (x64) is available at SOFTWARE SHOP
  2. They are looking into the Citation X 2.0. Not confirmed, but not decided either. I can check the other planes, and get back with more info.
  3. Addition to the list; Eaglesoft Development Group Homepage; http://eaglesoftdg.com Not working; Citation X Extreme 2.0 Unknown Cirrus SR20 G2 Cirrus SR22 G2 Cirrus SR22 GTSX Turbo Columbia 400 Turbo Diamond DA42 TwinStar Liberty Aerospace XL2 Piper Twin Comanche They also have FSX only aircraft, but not listed here.
  4. Addition to the list; SIM SKUNK WORKS Homepage; http://www.simskunkworks.com v4 Ready; SSW AERITALIA-LOCKHEED F-104S SSW AV-8B II Harrier SSW F84F IN progress; SSW LOCKHEED FRF-104G for SSW PA200 TORNADO
  5. Good sale, have anyone checked out the Epic Victory?
  6. dcs DCS Summer sale. 50% off

    Time to pick up your favorite DCS module! We are delighted to announce the DCS World e-Shop Summer Sale that starts today at 1500 GMT and will last until 24 July at 0900 GMT. Except for the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map, DCS: World War II Assets Pack and DCS M-2000 save 50% on all e-Shop purchases! Visit our e-Shop here: Vehicle Modules Maps
  7. Windshield rain effects are close, and sloped runways are on the table. https://pcflight.net/prepar3d-developer-interview/
  8. This one was not on the list, but now it is v4 ready. JustFlight: One-Eleven 300/400/500 - Service Pack 1.3 & P3D v4 compatibility
  9. tour Introducing Cub Club, EAST!

    Hello fellow patrons! What about if we heat up the Cub Club East Fever? I feel that I'm missing out on some really fun flying!!! But for me, and probably many in my boat, I feel that Sunday morning london time is way to early... Love my sleep to much So who are up for some Cub Clubbing this saturday at 9pm London Time? I will be ready! Cub Fever time!
  10. Head over to flightdeck2sim and check out his tutorial videos. From his channel; Welcome to FlightDeck2Sim! An avid flight simmer in my youth I'm now a Senior First Officer for an established airline. I'm also a full-time TRI working in a Level D sim for my operator. I have logged 4000 hours on the 737 (the real one) and operate from a Major European airport. As a Type Rating Instructor for my operator I instruct type ratings, direct entry pilots and conduct recurrent training for line crew. I still use the PMDG NGX for my six monthly recurrent training and annual LPC and to practice scenarios I teach in the sim. It's a fantastic training tool and an overall good representation of the real aircraft. With this channel I plan to replicate real word procedures for the Flight Simulation community to follow, any questions please feel free to ask!
  11. prepar3d / fsx BBS Cessna L-19 "Bird Dog" Updated

    FSElite got a review; https://fselite.net/reviews/blackbox-simulation-cessna-l19-bird-dog-fselite-review/ Summary For a development team that often come under fire for their products, to see a completed project like the Bird Dog L19, it reminds me that BlackBox Simulations can be good developers. I feel the aeroplane flies well, is easy to install and boasts some features I’ve not seen in many aircraft before. There is a good amount of attention to detail, so it’s frustrating when other elements lack basic texture skills and modelling. If BlackBox Simulations turn their attention to GA aircraft, perhaps their perception as a development team will change for the better.
  12. Came across this site today with a preset for SimTweaks. Nice looking web page with plenty of images showcasing their preset. https://www.sass-projects.info/thopat/ Our intention is to make P3D as real as possible. The Prepar3D Tweak Assistant is the perfect tool to get what we want. We spent many days testing, configuring, optimizing – with hundreds of restarts of P3D. We think that finally it was worth it. In our opinion we created the most realistic preset for P3D – at sunrise, day, sunset and night. And now we want to share it with you all – grab it – test it – love it! Going to grab it and see if it as good as they say! Lighting settings from the ini-file; Brightness: 1.30, Bloom: 0.55, Saturation: 0.90
  13. Hi, and welcome to The Sky Lounge @HJMX! When it comes to the Turbine Duke, it got no dll's and everything works in v4. The Legacy on the other hand has a dll, and some of the sounds are missing in v4. I heard a rumor that the devs might update it for v4, but that is not certain. The plane is fully flyable even without the sound dll in question. My problem is that I was to late grabbing this plane