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  1. Still think it is a 757. Will be nice flying a plane with FMS and no glass cockpit.
  2. Captain Sim also upping their game
  3. True, nothing against them, would really like the v4 777 already
  4. After studying some cabins, I think they have a 757 in the making: 757 767 These are bit rounder; And there are 3 seats at the window.
  5. Not sure what this is, but so far 767 is the favorite guess LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/captainsim/photos/a.168362179846248.46042.115945288421271/1936993242983124/?type=3&theater
  6. LOL dickbutt Great news! Thanks!
  7. real-world WWII Aircraft Nose Art MEGAPOST!

    A few pics I took during Duxford Flying Legends Airshow in 09
  8. Nice! Downloading it now
  9. It is now also available on SimMarket with other storefronts to follow. For FSX, and P3D v4. Haven't heard anything about this one yet, and will be interesting to see some reviews. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.flight-replicas.com
  10. Something else a bit different but extremely cool! Fly the smallest twin-engine manned aircraft ever made in FSX & P3D - the 1970s Colomban Cri-Cri kit plane! Features Accurate exterior and virtual cockpit 3D models done in 3DSMax Ultra-high-resolution textures - specular, reflections and bump maps Ultra-smooth gauges developed in 3D Shadows from needles, dynamic reflections on gauge glass, FPS friendly Unique sound of two stroke JPX PUL 212 engines Five liveries included Layered paint kit (psd format - 358MB) available here Prop spinners, parking shoes and ambient occlusion shadow on parking Pilot hides when aircraft is on parking brakes and engine off Crash landing features (FSX only) - if you touch the runway at an excessive vertical speed, the engines stop and propellers and glass are damaged. Night panel - the Cri-Cri is not for night flying, but now you have a flashlight in your baggage for emergency cases (you also have a small camp tent with you in case all the hotels at your arrival airport are sold out! Available now: https://www.justflight.com/product/ats-cri-cri LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/ats-cri-cri
  11. LINK TO SOURCE: https://hifisimtech.com
  12. Interesting read about the operations and missions of the Blackbird. “Bodø Approach, Belmont 86, six-zero miles west, declaring an in-flight emergency, request straight-in approach to land on runway zero seven.” “Belmont 86, say aircraft type, nature of emergency, souls-on-board, and fuel remaining.” “Bodø Approach, Belmont 86, US Air Force Tactical, engine problem, 2 souls, zero plus four-five fuel-on-board." “Belmont 86, say again aircraft type.” LINK TO SOURCE: https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/that-time-an-sr-71-made-an-emergency-landing-in-norway-1765436508