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  1. Friday the. 6th sir ..
  2. I meant the 6th haha sorry lol Gatwick sir!!
  3. 11:00 on the 5th !!!
  4. Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love... cant wait to check it out later on !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yooo if anyone willing to give up their copy I'd love it ... SkyFive!!!!!!!
  6. hey, anyone into VR flying? I was wondering which system works best for FSX=SE, Vive versus Occulus ?!!
  7. orbx KBID My First Look.

    Yes sir! Looks exactly like the real airport !!!!
  8. prepar3d / fsx KLAS secnery issues

    Thanks @OMGEDSON!!! will give this a shot!! SkyFive!!, Alex
  9. I have the justflight KLAS version, does the same fix apply ?
  10. having problems with KLAS scenery ... on approach from Lake Mead the runways looked like mountain tops. I found payware scenery and installed it. Same issue, no changes. I went to the scenery library and unchecked the default Las Vegas box. Still having the same problem ... Was wondering if anyone had any similar issues in the past ... SkyFive, Alex