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  1. Still having one major issue with this plane: after taking off and gear up, it does not lock (no 3 green, also no red lights) again when I put the gear down. Also no nose wheel steering (which did work before taking off). Never mind. Think I solved this issue already. I was loading in the plane from a saved scenario. Just re-loaded the plane and this problem did not occur.
  2. Which text document do you mean? I only had a dll in the zip?
  3. Thanks! So much better with working sound and flood lights! btw: I had to replace all the "VC Green Flood" lines (so light.0 - light.4) before it worked. Time to do some more test flights I guess. :-)
  4. After some extensive test flying I noticed a few issues with this plane (P3Dv4): no internal floodlights that actually work: so when it's dark outside the flight deck stays dark too. Only the buttons can be illuminated. Workaround: use time preview to find the switches to illuminate the buttons. Fixed, see below no ILS: no matter what I tried, it would not give me a glideslope. As a workaround I'm using the "Visual Flight Path" option of P3D. Not too realistic, but at least this allows to land the thing in 0 visibility. As soon as I can see the runway I simply change the nav 1 frequency to get rid of the unrealistic flight path on screen. systems not always turning on/off, even though the buttons/switches indicate they are on/off. So far this happened to the pitot heat and yaw damper. Sometimes it can be fixed by toggling the buttons, but on the last flight nose wheel steering did not came back no matter what I tried. The gear indicator also not always shows 3 green lights. no warning sounds whatsoever. Just a master caution light. Probably a sound DLL that's not 64 bit compatible. Fixed, see below When you can live with these workarounds it's a very nice plane. Especially in games like Air Hauler 2 or FS Economy. If you can't, then you'll be very disappointed even at only $12.
  5. NoPizzaNoGlory

    hardware Steam Link, my first impressions.

    Great review! I have the Link as well (without the controller; I use either a wireless Wii controller or a wired xbox one controller). I have used it quite a few times to play GTA5 which worked really great. Even Euro Truck Simulator 2 worked quite well. When using the wired network the lag is almost non existent, which is amazing when you think of it. The only thing I don't like is that it's an always on device (no power button). So whenever the Link is connected my TV switches to it's HDMI port which is not always what I want when turning on the TV. :-) Apart from that it's an amazing little magic box.
  6. next up: 2 extra handles for toe brakes? I'm really glad the Warthog does not twist. Been a major annoyance for me with other sticks. Unless you can't use your feet for whatever reason I'd pick any set of pedals over a twisting stick all day.