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    Loving aviation since I was 8. I have many other interests such as playing/watching football, animation, photo/video editing, listening to music..
    Someday I bought FSX thinking it was more like planes on Grand Theft Auto, and as I kept learning about how to use it I was starting to love it.
    One of my hobbies is to spot planes with my video camera, it isn't the best, but it's something!
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  1. B74F QFA550

    woah, great shots you have there!
  2. sas1.jpg

    Thank you!
  3. ewings.jpg

    Flying with the German company Eurowings
  4. ctrail.jpg

    Flying over FL350
  5. cpit.jpg

    Trying Aerosoft Airbus Extended
  6. vlg1.jpg

    Approaching to Palma-Mallorca (LEPA) with Vueling A320
  7. tromso1.jpg

    Departing from Tromsø, Norway..
  8. oslo.jpg

  9. sas1.jpg

    Flying over Norway..
  10. bcn.jpg

    Departing from Barcelona-El Prat with SAS A321..
  11. b787.jpg

    Air Europa Dreamliner 787 departing from Denmark-Kastrup..