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  1. Props to REX for offering me 1-on-1 support and fixing my issue with disappearing clouds and over-contrast. Turns out Active Sky was messing up with my shaders. Flushed them and it fixed the issue! I no longer have issues with the 3D cloud models but the Wx Engine is still unusable for me.
  2. Few issues with it.... REX is looking into it
  3. A quick tutorial on how to use Name Assignments in ChasePlaneSOURCE
  4. When the freeware is better than the Payware... http://secure.simmarket.com/fsimstudios-quebec-city-airport-cyqb-fsx-p3d-(de_11028).phtml
  5. I’l following this post on AVSIM very closely! This would be one of the greatest news in the P3D world! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/524797-turbine-duke-native-p3d-v4/
  6. A quick tutorial on how to use ChasePlane with TrackIRSOURCE
  7. There is also Pos Con and the network I believe Matt Davies was starting to build as well. The lack of advances in past decades really is pushing the community to come up with new offers in this realm!
  8. That's it, I'm done with P3D... http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/128174-preview-hd-mesh-scenery-v4/ https://flightdeckx.com/alpilotx-hd-mesh-v4-announced/
  9. real-world FlightSimCon 2018

    Update: https://flightsimcon.com/
  10. https://fsfxpackages.com/ History of FSFX Packages, Hidden features of ChasePlane, TFDi Design TrueGlass announcement (https://www.tfdidesign.com/TrueGlass.php ), 717 Immersion, 747 Immersion, Hot Corners in ChasePlane, Replay system in ChasePlane Make thunderstorm great again, 30% Discount. Thank you Superthrive for the live camera switching!SOURCE
  11. So I guess we'll have 2 events next year! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/flightsimcon/photos/a.487087998064172.1073741826.346618665444440/1309523335820630/?type=3&theater
  12. I suspect it runs on Outerra. If it does, that's going to be the perfect bush flying sim!! Outerra is an environmental engine that covers the entire planet as well as insane water and weather Look at the grass from the teaser! Outerra: Deadstick: