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  1. MJC8 Q400 COCKPIT SOUND IMMERSION v1.1 is ONLINE ------------------------------------------- What's new? - Included new alternative less bassy prop sound, alternative switches and flap lever sounds. - Added "Alternative Sounds" section in the Quick User Guide - Added "External Sounds" section with step by step explanation how to reduce the volume of external engine sounds. ------------------------------------------ Go to your SimMarket account and re-download the product. Happy flights!
  2. prepar3d / fsx He always wanted to do this!

    Our beloved pilot always wanted to do this! Why? Ask him, he is a huge fan of MJ! Enjoy the weekend guys.
  3. orbx Around LOWI in Aerofly FS

    oh my gawd
  4. prepar3d / fsx P3D v4 Tip: TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP

    Quick tip for v4 users:Add TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 under [TERRAIN] in prepar3d.cfg for much better terrain texture LOD radius. I've tested the tweak with default scenery, it should work also with FTX Global and photo sceneries.You can try with 10, but 9 will already use a gig or two or VRAM more already. With default scenery it is using 2.5gb of VRAM here, but with FTX Global + Vector + OpenLC + photoreal airport ground = who bloody knows, maybe it would jump to 5-6 gigs.
  5. ...:\Prepar3D v4\Scripts\PrecipWindshieldEffect.lua I really hope so this is some kind of voodoo magic we need to be able to see that most needed windshield rain effect. View the file, it has a pretty detailed code related to precipitation, makes me wonder is this truly the much needed recipe for devs to include the effect? Also, .lua script files are used by FSUIPC, so I wonder... NOTE: I don't have any addons installed in v4 yet, this file is found in completely vanilla v4!
  6. prepar3d / fsx URP v1.1 for P3D v4 released

    ------------------------------------------------- URP v1.1 for P3D v4 RELEASED ------------------------------------------------- So under the shadow of new (and maybe "fake") PTA Tool for v4, we are releasing URP v1.1 for v4. Prithvisagar Shivaraman did 90% of the job, converted the shaders and developed the tool, so you should thank him with a round of applause. I just tested the tool and visuals, and did some advising, honestly I had the time only for that, due to known reasons. https://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com ------------- IMPORTANT --------------- - The urp-p3dv4.exe should be used to configure URP, located in "Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\URP v1.1 for P3D v4" - urp-p3dv4.exe can also be accessed from Start Menu as URP v1.1 for P3D v4.0, or via the desktop icon. - URP is now located in Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\URP v1.1 for P3D v4, and it will act as P3D ADDON, no files will be overwritten whatsoever! - Install ReShade separately! URP ReShade presets and custom files are included in this pack! -------------------------------------------- The pack includes: - A Configurator tool, which allows you to properly install and apply URP. - URP sky textures, completely reworked for v1.1 - Three variants of URP Sun glow mods from URP v0.9 - Two ReShade presets (Cold and Warm) -------------------------------------------- *** IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES, VISIT TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION ON THE WEBSITE WITH MAJORITY OF ISSUES COVERED! ***
  7. bradleyfriesen Better late than never!!

    What's all about Phillip Bloom in aviation forum/community? Just curious.
  8. prepar3d / fsx URP v1.1 test shots in v4

    Some shots of URP v1.1 tests in v4. So far so good. Expected release in the next 48h, on URP website. It will come with a config tool (courtesy of Prithvisagar Shivaraman), and will act as an ADDON, so NONE of the v4 files will be overwritten.All shots are with URP sky and sun, DEFAULT v4 scenery, and REX4 cumulus set02.
  9. Paul Allen's Enormous Stratolaunch Carrier Aircraft Rolls Out of Hangar for First Time On a football field, the wingtips would extend beyond the goalposts by more than 12 feet on each side.
  10. prepar3d / fsx Milviz Beaver Released

    Anyone tried it?
  11. It could be, but it's DTG so I will stay reserved. I truly hope they can deliver it without hurting the performance.
  12. pics or it didn't happen But seriously I can't see any point treating FSW with new textures, when P3D has it all. Maybe I will think differently in few months time, but I doubt. Also I think when DTG introduces TrueSky, the hit on FPS will be quite huge simply because DTG is struggling with optimization with every sim they released, especially with new tech. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. dovetail Flight Sim World available!

    Yep, it's out on Steam as Early Access. I've tried it, and I don't have any positive things to say, except for good rain effects on the windshield lol. At the current state, it looks bad, FPS is very VERY bad (50% worse FPS than in P3D), scenery doesn't look like FTX Global at all, and believe me I know how FTX Global looks. I'm pretty aware that FSW is Early Access and that is full of bugs, pretty unfinished, bla bla, you know the drill, but DTG made it available for purchase WAAAAAY to early, current version is in a pretty bad state. MAny negative reviews already all around the web, and I'm afraid that can affect future development simply because negative reviews could slow down the sales and automatically cut the number of users that could test the sim (or game lol) and throw the feedback to DTG. Also, the FSW folder looks exactly the same as FSX, I even edited FSW.cfg to possibly gain some FPS, and saw some lines that are courtesy of FSX.cfg only. Oh the (ugly) memories. DTG must step up the game BIG TIME, if they want to succeed with this, without mentioning Steam vs Addon developers crap.

    The specs are incredible.