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  1. Simstarter NG has been updated for Prepar3D v4.2 with version 1.6.9 Cheers
  2. Received an email from flightsimstore.com announcing :- Various Aerosoft products have now been updated to P3DV4 and these are the file names to look for in your account These include: * SIMSTARTER NG * DANISH AIRFIELDS X SINDAL * SVALBARD LONGYEAR X * DANISH AIRFIELDS X TUNO * DANISH AIRFIELDS X RANDERS * FSDG_SEYCHELLES * MALLORCA X EVOLUTION * MILAN MALPENSA X * MADEIRA X EVOLUTION * FSDG_PAROX * HERAKLION X * FSDG_GRAZ * AIRPORT FRANKFURT EGELSBACH_XPLANE * AYERS ROCK X * SONDERBORG X * MENORCA X EVOLUTION * AIRBUS-A320-A321 Unfortunately I bought the 320 from Aerosoft and don't see an updated version there as of yet in either my downloads or the store. I have Simstarter NG, Madeira and Heraklion and can confirm that they work.
  3. I'm running Windows 10 Pro (Version 1703 Build 15063.332). Setting language to either English US or English Australian makes no difference. The encoding is set to Unicode so, who knows?
  4. I second that - backup your scenery.cfg file before any scenery installations or you might find your scenery.cfg file full of Chinese characters that P3Dv4 (or you) just does not understand. Here's a shot of mine after installing Drzewiecki Design's UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo-X. (Restored scenery.cfg from Backup after and added scenery manually.) Not quite showing the 257 entries that it should.
  5. The Iris Pilatus PC-24 Installs in P3Dv4 just fine and flies beautifully. Just select P3Dv3 from the install options and then select the path to your P3Dv4 Installation.