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  1. JustSim's LFMN SODE Jetways are working for me. I have their updated P3DV4 version of LFMN.
  2. I could not get Aerosoft's LXGB, LPPT and EGCC to work on P3DV4. T2G VHHH does work though for me.
  3. Hang on, I think I know what I did wrong... I am going to try these steps again: I am pretty sure my mistake is having the terrain folder above the airport folder... Gibraltar X \\fsx\aerosoft\Gibraltar X to \\P3d\aerosoft\Gibraltar X Add the 1_GIB_FSX_Airport and 1_GIB_FSX_Terrain folders to the Prepar3D scenery library making sure the _Airport folder is above the _Terrain folder. \\fsx\Effects copy the following files: fx_simwings_apronlight1.fx fx_simwings_apronlight1_control.fx fx_simwings_apronlight2.fx fx_simwings_apronlight2_control.fx fx_simwings_streetlight.fx fx_simwings_streetlight_control.fx to \\P3D\Effects \\fsx\Effects exture copy the following files: fx_simwings_apronlight1.bmp fx_simwings_apronlight1side.bmp fx_simwings_streetlight.bmp to \\P3D\Effects exture \\fsx\Scenery\World\Scenery copy the following file: AFX_LXGB_ALT.bgl to \\P3D\Scenery\World\Scenery \\fsx\Sound\AES copy the following files: AES-City.wav AES-Horn.wav AES-Moewen.wav to \\P3D\Sound\AES
  4. That thing is buggy as h3!l. Any chance installing it with a file called fsx.exe would work?
  5. How did you get it to work? Used the installer, and copied the p3d.exe file to fsx.exe?
  6. 4 REAL??? 4 REAL!!! I am so happy :-) Now I am waiting on David Rosenfeld to get LLBG out!
  7. Doesn't look like Aerosoft's Heathrow is going to be ready by the end of this month...
  8. https://fselite.net/news/taxi2gate-munich-update-p3d-v4/ EDDM from T2G isn't on the list
  9. I don't see Aerosoft's LLBG and EGCC. Can we get them added? Do we know if they are working on a P3D V4 version?
  10. No, just asking that they be added so we can see and update. These are sceneries missing from the initial post.