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  1. Alabeo DA-42 TSL Livery

    @Canuckshaw You are very talented at making these liveries. Way to go on another great looking livery. I cannot wait to fly with it tonight.
  2. TOUR: The Deutschland Unity Tour

    @OMGEDSON Recovering from a long flu but looking forward to flying Mon and WED with you guys. May have to fly the rest of it on my own since we will be on vacation for 10 days after that and no plans to bring all the flight sim stuff on the trip Will try to watch the stream though. Just bought up the last of the DLC I needed for this tour. I owned the DA42 and some of the ORBX already. Looking forward to Germany guys!
  3. TOUR: The Aleutian Distribution Cargo Tour

    @OMGEDSON I just installed FSX today and installed it to FSX and copied it to P3D and hacked in the scenery.cfg and it worked. Ready to fly tonight
  4. TOUR: The Aleutian Distribution Cargo Tour

    Just bought it but it says it needs flight simulator X. Wont install for P3D. Did you get and install it?
  5. TOUR: The Aleutian Distribution Cargo Tour

    This is going to be an amazing tour! I can't wait to lose sleep to fly this thing with you guys. Just need to get one of the planes and learn how to fly it ahead of time so I am ready
  6. This is by far the best 30 upgrade you can make to your sim. The detail level that it brings is amazing and it does not slow your sim down at all. The trees from Orbx are really dated compared to this technology. I love all of ORBX's products, but this is by far a better option if you want a realistic looking sim.
  7. real-world FlightSimExpo 2018 in Las Vegas

    Who plans on attending this? Is it similar to the flightSimCon you guys went to this past summer? I would love to go, just hoping its not the same week that I will be canoeing at Northern Tier in July from the 19th to the 27th. If you guys have any input, lets not make it that time Would love to go and meet you guys in person.
  8. Wow. Good story. Would of been a scary flight up to cruising altitude.
  9. Prepar3D_2017-08-03_22-22-53.jpg

    @Bucnatic60 What plane is this? I need this plane lol
  10. TOUR: Land of 10,000 Lakes Ultralight Tour

    I am super pumped for this. Two reasons. 1. I'm headed up there Friday and will be back Monday afternoon. 2. Me and my son are doing the boundary water canoeing high adventure at northern tier in Minn next summer. Excited to explore this place ahead of time! Perfect tour for me. Can't wait.
  11. Introducing our New Tour Coordinator!

    Welcome @StrikeEagle78 Looking forward to joining you guys on your tours.
  12. prepar3d / fsx P3D V4 Simple Addon

    Integration into P3D, XP, and FSW in 4 weeks is impossible, however, that will be a nice to have later. For now lets talk about what you want it to do regardless of what sim you fly. I have to write a SRS(Software Reruirements Spec) tomorrow that will be the bible of what I deliver in 4 weeks. If you want a say in the interaction coming from the SIM into Twitch, I suggest you make your comments now. Its been kinda zzz zzz. Not a big deal if this was not for a grade with a deadline of working code in 4 weeks and an SRS due Monday. For now, without any idea of what ATCBot was before, I can only guess what is needed. Here is what I was thinking. Must have features: !flight <-- Flight plan information. Where you started, where you are going, current altitude, speed, estimated time of arrival, etc... !altitude <-- just that !speed <-- just that !time <-- current flight time in the air and remaining time to destination !weather <-- current weather conditions Nice to have features: !poll <-- pull up current voting poll with choices and counts. !poll [vote] <-- vote for the current poll with your vote -- Support for all flight sims, not just P3D V4. If I am way off, please let me know. I really would like to help deliver this for the skyLounge so as much input as we can get would be great. I will move forward with what I have as of tomorrow morning 9AM CST. We can always adjust it in 4 weeks after my delivery if an idea comes in too late for me to work it in. Thank you, Patrick aka Caderly @OMGEDSON
  13. prepar3d / fsx P3D V4 Simple Addon

    I have the approval to develop this for the class. This is a very quick 5 week class that started yesterday. I have to put together a presentation of what I am going to develop over the weekend so if we could get all requirements listed out in this thread, that would be great. What I would like to see is the must have list of what has to be there, but then I would also like a list of nice to have features. There will be 4 of us working on it for 3-4 weeks, so don't be shy. Lets get it all on paper and defined. I was also thinking about a GUI outside of twitch that users could pull up alongside the stream to see this stuff in another window with the flight map, etc... This is a nice to have feature if you guys would want it. Thanks, Patrick @OMGEDSON
  14. prepar3d / fsx P3D V4 Simple Addon

    Sure. Will have to explain how it worked and what it does.
  15. Quick question to you guys out there that have a few years of experience with P3D and especially the ones developing for it. I am considering doing something simple as an addon for P3D for my project class at Texas State. I will have 3 partners and its a short 5 week course. Is there something simple that would make you lives easier or a nice to have simple feature that is needed in P3D? I am trying to figure out if I can combine my class with this Sim. I just downloaded the instructors PDF's and he is into flight sims... I think he would love it if I did a project that integrated into P3D. I am all ears if you can define something that would be a nice to have for free and maybe we can code it up in the next 5 weeks. If its too complicated, then it would be impossible to do for this class, but maybe at a later time as I am signed up for P3D developer and would like to help out the community. Thanks for any feeback, Caderly