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  1. This is by far the best 30 upgrade you can make to your sim. The detail level that it brings is amazing and it does not slow your sim down at all. The trees from Orbx are really dated compared to this technology. I love all of ORBX's products, but this is by far a better option if you want a realistic looking sim.
  2. real-world FlightSimExpo 2018 in Las Vegas

    Who plans on attending this? Is it similar to the flightSimCon you guys went to this past summer? I would love to go, just hoping its not the same week that I will be canoeing at Northern Tier in July from the 19th to the 27th. If you guys have any input, lets not make it that time Would love to go and meet you guys in person.
  3. Wow. Good story. Would of been a scary flight up to cruising altitude.
  4. Prepar3D_2017-08-03_22-22-53.jpg

    @Bucnatic60 What plane is this? I need this plane lol
  5. This truck is so awesome! I have a F150 now and was looking to upgrade later to a Raptor and give my truck to my son. Bet I could not afford this one of a kind one
  6. TBD - FTX Global - KSEZ Sedona Airport Sedona looks good. I am not sure what all I need to test but the graphics in the area look great and nothing looks out of place or wrong. TBD - FTX Global - KTEX Telluride Regional Airport Telluride's landing strip is fine however the elevation changes around it mess up the graphics on the sides. It definitely needs some work, however I never saw it in V3, so maybe its just been that way. I can send a screen shot if you would like on both. Caderly aka caderly_one