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  1. oh. yeh... time to crack the piggy bank again...
  2. Another 'hack' you might find useful re: cabin lighting. In the aircraft.cfg file. (eg. C:\P3DV4\SimObjects\Airplanes\IRIS Battlefield Airlifter\aircraft.cfg) search for this line: light.2 = 7, 22.00, 0.00, 2.50, fx_iris_c27j_vclight, //-- VC Green Flood (Recognition) and replace it with: light.2 = 7, 22.00, 0.00, 2.50, fx_vclight, //-- VC Green Flood (Recognition) Now... when you use the knob on the copilots side to turn on overhead flood, the cockpit will be lit enough to see in the dark. Good luck finding that knob in the dark though Something else I noticed. I can only turn those knobs using my mousewheel. They don't seem to react to left or right mouse clicks.
  3. There's a 'fix'' for the Airlifter's sounds missing in P3D v4. A lot of the sounds are controlled by a dll made by a guy called Doug Dawson. Fortunately for us he's still active at FSDeveloper and as made a 64bit version of his dll. you can get the dll from FSdeveloper or it's been reposted at ORBX ORBX: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/137509-doug-dawson-64-bit-sound-gauge/?_fromLogin=1 FSDEV: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/lvar-gauge-for-p3d-v4.198/ It may solve some other issues for other aircraft also. Read the ORBX post. In short for the Airlifter, I just did this on my sim: Find C:\P3DV4\SimObjects\Airplanes\IRIS Battlefield Airlifter\panel\dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau (yeh... that's a .gau file) and get rid of it ... back it up somewhere, just in case ) and replace it with C:\P3DV4\SimObjects\Airplanes\IRIS Battlefield Airlifter\panel\dsd_fsx_xml_sound.dll (note: the actual file that you download will be in a zip and called something like p3d_xml_vars_x64.dll , you'll need to rename it to dsd_fsx_xml_sound.dll for the airlifter) Of course the path on your system is going to be different but you get the idea. If that's as clear as mud... read the ORBX post L
  4. prepar3d / fsx AS16 for P3D

    The first warning can be fixed by setting Cloud Coverage Density to Max. Note: this is for P3D v4.
  5. Has anyone got a working solution for OZx scenery for p3d V4? I read that it's 95% compatible but they didn't explain how and with the new file structure and scenery.cfg I'm hesitant to jump in blind.
  6. I downloaded fresh and it asked me to check the box for fsx, p3dv3 or v4.. super easy.. 200mb download
  7. Looks like Flightbeam is good to go. http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2213 And I can personally vouch for KSFO HD.. !