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  1. AviatorMoser

    dovetail Flight Sim World Closing Down

    Oh well. There just isn't much of a market for another flight sim in a space already occupied with the XP, FSX, and P3D.
  2. Oh so you don't hit the APP button in the 737 like you would in the A320. Gotcha. That explains why it never worked for me.
  3. http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=63509 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  4. Uncovered footage of Lefteris discussing installing malware on everyone's computer with his top advisor.
  5. AviatorMoser

    Introducing our New Tour Coordinator!

    Not a better man for the job!
  6. I say it with a heavy heart, as I would looking forward to this release, but this plane is a bit of a mess, and I can't recommend it's purchase as of today. Problems I have found: no functional interior lighting -- the rheostat knobs are there but they don't do anything the warning lights are always on -- stall, engine fire, marker beacon, gear light are always illuminated Engine 1 would never start under the described procedure in the manual while Engine 2 starts first try civilian VC has a panel that floats one foot away from the wall it's supposed to be attached the manual is very bare bones -- it does not even provide a recommended power setting for cruise after finding the recommend cruise power settings in the actual manual, the plane cruises about 30 knots too fast -- at speeds comparable to the L-049 the landing light would extend but not illuminate sometimes the vertical speed indicator in the military VC would not measure the actual rate of descent correctly -- 500 FPM was actually 1000 FPM overstressing the engines is inconsequential -- CHT temperatures barely budge above 100 deg C when going 55" MP, 2500 RPM, and 240 KIAS
  7. AviatorMoser

    prepar3d / fsx Help me decide 737 or 767

    Boeing 767 because everyone and their mom flies 737s. Although I would say fuck it and get the L-049 or DC-6B.
  8. I knew a girl from Norwich once. Her name was....... I forgot.
  9. Hot Fix 1 (809 MB) Fixes the error in the N40W085.bgl file where some terrain was mistakenly set to sea level. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cmub7ndrc6ygcnw/FreeMeshX%20-%20USA%20HotFix%201.7z
  10. Another reason not to use Facebook...
  11. FreeMeshX - USA torrent now available http://www.mediafire.com/file/2pcecgcd4s4i9n4/FreeMeshX_-_USA.torrent
  12. AviatorMoser

    prepar3d / fsx Time Zone Issues

    Only if you do care about the division of time zones being accurate....
  13. All-in-one torrent (except USA) now available (46 GB). http://www.mediafire.com/file/j9gyf1u8brsv5zu/FreeMeshX_Global_2.0.torrent
  14. INTRODUCTION: FreeMeshX is a global terrain mesh replacement for the stock terrain mesh and features LOD10 (38-m) coverage for almost the entire world. LOD10 is equal to the same terrain level of detail used for the USA in the stock scenery. The rest of the world varies from LOD6 to LOD9. FreeMeshX was created to bring the rest of the world up to the LOD10 standard as much as possible, although some regions of the world in the higher latitudes are still limited to LOD9 (76-m). Compiling the source data into LOD11 yields neglibible improvements and is mostly a waste of precious hard drive space. FreeMeshX features LOD10 (38-m resolution) coverage for: North America (LOD10 Canada is released in this mesh - default USA is already LOD10, so USA is not included for the base release. A separate LOD12 USA mesh is available for beta testing) Europe Asia Africa Australia and Oceania A few regions are limited to LOD9 (76-m resolution): Antarctica Greenland Russian territories north of 60 N latitude FreeMeshX was compiled using over 400 GB of raw terrain data. The final size of the product is 46 GB, making it one of the largest freeware projects ever for FS. It wouldn't be in everyone's best interests to download all 46 GB at once, so we are releasing the product the product into continental regions for a total of 7 regions total. Each continent contains a number of 10 deg x 10 deg titles, mosaiced from 1 deg x 1 deg tiles into a 2.5 GB file, and then compressed into a BGL file. Defragmentation is highly recommended for mechanical hard drives to ensure smooth and quick loading. Largest improvements are found in regions that contained mainly the default LOD6 and LOD7 meshes. These included remote regions of Africa, South America, Antarctica, and Asia. Europe and Canada sees some improvement, but it's LOD9 mesh is just a one level upgrade to LOD10. Subtle improvements for these previously LOD9 regions will be found mainly in the accuracy of the mesh and level of detail in mountain ranges. DOWNLOADER: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wf4m97ck0v15w2n/fmx_global_2.0_downloader.zip Unzip the above file, and follow the instructions (below or in the README) to begin downloading. NEW INSTALLATION METHOD: FreeMeshX Global 2.0 is an update to introduce the new installation and download method that should alleviate the difficulty of installing FreeMeshX for some users. Included is a command-line based download system that uses the free and open-source wget tool to retrieve each installer and its associated parts. The entire download process is contained with a batch file that will commence automatically by simply double-clicking on it. Note, do not run the installer as administrator -- the downloader will fail. The download process is fully resumable, so those with slower download bandwidth can stop the download, and resume it at a later point. The installer will automatically detect where it left off and resume. The installers for each region are comprised by an .exe file and several .bin files if necessary. All of these files for each region must be downloaded completely into one folder before the installer .exe can be run. A downloader batch file is included for each region, and an all-in-one batch file is included for those who want to download the entire set in one go. A raw list of download links is also available who prefer to download the files through their own methods. Interior view of the extracted download folder: Example of the download tool working: A list of MD5SUMs is also included for those who want to directly verify the integrity of any or all files. A map is also included to illustrate how the world is divided up into regions. FreeMeshX Global 2.0 is cumulative. It includes all patches to each region, and an updated "FreeMeshX - Patches" folder where miscellaneous fixes belong. There is no need to download the old 7-ZIP parts from 1.0 - 1.07. They are fully incorporated into version 2.0. INSTALLATION: These installers will install each FreeMeshX Global region into a directory of your choosing. We highly recommend installing FreeMeshX Global OUTSIDE of your C:\Program Files directory. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD THIS FOLDER TO YOUR SIMULATOR'S SCENERY LIBRARY. This installer will not automatically add a Scenery Library entry (we don't want to accidentally corrupt your scenery.cfg). There are many tutorials online on how to add a Scenery Library entry for your simulator. We try to modify your system as little as possible. Therefore, no registries and no uninstaller are created. To uninstall FreeMeshX Global, simply delete the installed folder. We designed the installer this way so that you will have the full flexibility to do with FreeMeshX as you please e.g. such as moving it to another drive. ADDITIONAL NOTES: FreeMeshX does not update any vectors in the simulator. Vectors control the elevations of water bodies such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, and the elevations of airports. The mesh cannot alter these. Using FreeMeshX without a 3rd-party package to update the vectors within the simulator will result in the topography of the updated terrain to lie at different elevations while the vectors still remain at their inaccurate elevations. This mismatch will lead to artifcacts such as raised or sunken airports and waterbodies that will break immersion. Therefore, it is HIGHLY CRITICAL that the simulator's vectors are updated as well, such as through FTX Vectors or UTX, or the topography system of the simulator will be INCOMPLETE. We officially recommend the use of FTX Vectors because all of our testing incorporates it, and it uses elevations derived from the SRTM dataset, the same dataset we use for FreeMeshX Global. To conclude, it does not make any sense to use a global mesh without using any updated vectors. Likewise it does not make sense to use updated vectors without using an updated mesh. FreeMeshX is officially supported for FSX, FSX:SE, and all versions of P3D (including 64-bit P3D). FreeMeshX should be placed above the default terrain entries in the Scenery Library, and below any airports or FTX Regions or landclasses. Updated torrents should be released in the upcoming week (as of 07/29/2017). FreeMeshX USA: FreeMeshX USA entered open beta. See our announcement for details. CHANGELOG ADDITIONS: 07/29/2017 2.0 - Incorporated new installers and an automatic downloader to easily fetch installers over HTTP - New installers are up to date with all previous patches (1.01 - 1.07) - High-resolution 50 GB USA mesh now available through sign-up beta process Hypothetical scenery library order: 1 FreeMeshX - Patches 2 FreeMeshX - Africa 3 FreeMeshX - Antarctica 4 FreeMeshX - Asia 5 FreeMeshX - Australia and oceania 6 FreeMeshX - Europe 7 FreeMeshX - North America 8 FreeMeshX - South and Central America Of course, your real load order will be different, but you must keep FreeMeshX - Patches always above the FreeMeshX regions. -- Nine-Two Productions More screenshots....