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  1. Via IFlyforum post from yesterday: Hi All, As promised, we want to inform you of the status of updating the iFly product line for P3D v4 compatibility. The iFly developers have their 64 bit environment in place and things are going quite well. The first 64 bit build is now in internal beta testing by the Team. All systems are working as expected and performance is good. There are a couple of items needing further development and testing: we are expecting some necessary code from another developer in about a week and the new dynamic lighting system is being further "tweaked". There will be one more round of internal beta testing by the Team prior to release. Also, the Cockpit Builders Edition (Pro version) will need testing. Allowing time for the remaining work and testing, we expect release of the iFly 737NG (normal version) update for P3D v4 in about two weeks. The Pro version may be released a little latter. Once testing of the iFly 737NG product line for P3D v4 is complete, we will start testing the update for the iFly 747-400. We'll try our best to keep you informed. Happy iFlying!