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  1. prepar3d / fsx P3D V4 CPU Help?

    Hey thanks Willie got to do a quick test after changing the AM to the suggested by the calculator seems much better cores were all between 20-25% with core 5 about 40% this should ease the load on my CPU cheers.
  2. DLA 1550

    So good to have her back 1st flight in V4 Delta 1550 from KSLC-KSFO
  3. 2017-6-20_14-42-25-987.jpg

    Ok got a bit bored in cruse today so took this shot of my 1st AH2 job in the 500,if any1 fancys a guess at the state I'm flying over be my guest its just a bit of fun I honestly don't expect any1 to know but u mite or ur guess could be correct so have at it any1 that wants to try :)
  4. 2017-6-19_11-3-8-266.jpg

    She is a beaut flys like a dream recommended.
  5. prepar3d / fsx OrbX America OLC

    Cheers Noodle yh I have a lot of their European stuff and global and I really do enjoy their stuff esp low and slow it is always nice to look out at.
  6. Hi all just wanted to ask any1 who has OLC North America is it worth it?My family have kindly offered to get me an addon for Fathers day which is tomorrow the 18th of June here in Europe anyway.For years now I have wanted to do a VFR tour of the states but every sim I had was not up to the job except maybe xplane10 which I could never get use to so I didn't do any tour with that sim,because it would be a present I wanted to find out a bit more about it b4 my family spend their money on it cheers all.
  7. Just wondering if any1 has any suggestions for this I have a I74790k clocked @4.3ghz when it runs vanilla CPU0 is pegged at 100% I did mess with affinity and affinity mask in the cnfg but now CPU7 is the one suffering at around 90-100% all the rest are between 10 and 20 % I am not getting bad performance really just would like to spread the load a bit more as don't want my CPU dieing on me cheers guys.
  8. v4 3D lighting - Guess Where?

    yep but where is the question?
  9. v4 3D lighting - Guess Where?

    Would any1 like to guess this airfield?2 clues its in Europe and it is OrbX