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  1. smurf_john, Thanks for the swift reply...I had looked at their site and I guess I had a mental pause, cause I missed the specification tab. Shame about Sethos, he seemed like such a nice guy. Steven Miller
  2. Any information on Aivlasoft EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). I looked through the list and didn't find anything, but I may have missed it If not listed, it would be a nice addition to the list. Thanks in advance, Steven Miller
  3. Canuckshaw, I wish I was special like you...none of the Orbx airports for P3Dv4 show up for me in FTX Central, and I also have
  4. Added to the list, thanks smurf_john smurf_john, Very kind of you...thank you! Steven Miller
  5. Quality Wings - Ultimate 146 Collection: I couldn't find any statement from QW regarding P3D V4 compatibility for this one. EagleSoft --Citation X: Appears version 2 will never be made compatible with P3D V4, and I couldn't find an unequivocal statement regarding the announced version 3 Anybody have more info for either of these aircraft? Steven Miller