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  1. I think the concept is plausible.
  2. Is the following topic attributed to Froogle worth a discussion. Dovetail has the entertainment rights to FSX. Lockheed Martin had the rights for the FSX platform for use in training, etc. Lockheed Martin has two copies of Prepar3d for sale, the Professional version and the Academic version of Prepar3d at a much reduced price. When purchasing Prepared Lockheed Martin did not attempt to determine if the Sim was to be used in training or in the case of the Academic version, there no attempt by Lockheed Martin to determine the “Academic” status of the purchaser. Could Dovetail legally make a claim that Lockheed Martin made no attempt to determine how each copy of Prepar3d was to be used and therefore many copies were used for entertainment purposes, contributing to the demise of Flight Sim World. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. Some of you might want to plan on this while your attending Flightsim Expo 2018. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://airlinecaptainforaday.com/
  4. PapaG

    dcs DCS 2.5 OUT NOW!

    DCS World 2.5 Open Beta is out. LINK TO SOURCE:
  5. Just signed up for Flightsim Expo 2018. Look forward to meeting fellow Skyloungetv followers. How many people think that Skyloungetv should maintain a list of attendees for both conferences to facilitate meeting. LINK TO SOURCE:
  6. DCS World 2.5 update is near LINK TO SOURCE:
  7. You are so right. Once they completely work out the controls for VR, Aerofly FS 2 should be awesome.
  8. I have Prepar3d, X-plane 11 including the VR add-on, Flight Simulator World, Aerofly FS 2 and DCS. I have the current Flyinside VR add-on for Prepar3d. I am interested in being a part of the best, whichever it turns out to be.
  9. We are developing a next-generation flight simulator, and we'll be sharing our progress regularly via this website. We're looking forward to sharing our progress with the community, and we'll be paying close attention to your feedback. We aren't just building the right simulator for us, we want to build the best simulator for you! LINK TO SOURCE: http://flyinside-flightsim.com/
  10. FlightSimCon is doing themselves no favors with there current websight which does not show any vendors attending. Flightsim Expo’s websight vendor list is a who’s who of flight Sim vendors.
  11. Flightsimcon is in Dallas Texas this year. Flightsim Expo as you stated is in Las Vegas.
  12. Edson, On Approach is one of my favorite, must watch events on YouTube each week, along with Frooglesim’s weekly video. You and your cohosts are an important source for me each week. I hold you and your cohosts in high regard. Your response to my post increased the regard I have for you. I agree with much of what you said and your reasons for not expanding on the topic. Thanks for your response. I am undecided at this time which conference I will attend. Flightsim Expo, at this time, seems like it has more to offer, with an opportunity to meet you guys, but I have family in Fort Worth Texas just 30 minutes from Dallas. P.S. Thanks for the heads up on Screen Bloom, great program.
  13. I know if you look at the individual websites for the two conferences, Flightsim Expo seems to be the one to attend. They have a list vendors attending that is most impressive. Papa G
  14. Two points: i think you would be doing a great service to those that follow you if you maintained some sort of list of who is going to which of the two flight Sim conferences. Secondly, I was shocked that you did not discuss the controversy surrounding the two conference that was discussed on Facebook by Calum at FsElite and amplified by the folks at FlightSimCon. LINK TO SOURCE:
  15. Saw your discussion on gaming TVs. I have the TCL 55P607, ought it on Amazon for around $675. There are numerous articles on the web that state this is a great gaming TV. As for TVs in general there are numerous article like this one from CNET. TCL, at CES, introduced the TCL 6 Series which will include a 65” model and numerous articles state that this model will be the one to get, value wise, for 65” TVs. The Bottom Line With excellent picture quality and all the latest features for a rock-bottom price, the TCL P series is the TV to get at 55 inches. LINK TO SOURCE: http://televisions.reviewed.com/best-right-now/best-gaming-tvssaw