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  1. Did they change anything with the underlying database (Navigraph support etc.) or is Garmin's Trainer software still needed? The new product page is not very clear.
  2. Confirmed: SIMstarter is available since yesterday (v1.5, Aerosoft download portal still sais it is version, filename is AS_SIMSTARTER-NG_V15.exe) Airbus 320 no changes
  3. Hi, they did this before with the 777. Treat it as an anouncement that the release will come soon.
  4. For those of you interested in a P3D native solution to be able to hear sound when P3D is not focused in windowmode read last paragraph here or just: Open %AppData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg Navigate to section [USERINTERFACE] Add/Edit MUTE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 (with 0 enabling sound when not focused)
  5. Hi, current available version in the store seems to be 1.02, which was not updated for v4. This version has an installer for FSX/P3D v2+3. I applied the v3 configuration of the dll.xml in AppData to my v4 installation, without success. P3D starts but Soundstream is not visible in the menu.
  6. Hi, nice list. Can you add following products: Aerosoft Scenery Mega Airport Duesseldorf X Mega Airport Amsterdam Approaching Innsbruck Nice Côte d'Azur X Mega Airport Athens x Mega Airport Paris Orly X Utilities Flight1 Soundstream