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  1. http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/default.asp?C=5&SID=11181-ba5b8b1fd795d35za1z25235532407&title=ultimate-traffic-live
  2. Considering most people do not look at Headings, legends or keys...... I still say you shouldn't post a 3rd party software as 'working" until you have the official ok. Why? People will download or try to make modifications to get it to work because they see it here and then when their stuff is all messed up they will go to the 3rd party forum and tell them their software is all messed up. Sorry, its just wrong. As I mentioned before, what you are trying to do is fine. I'm all for it. But as it is presented? Thats wrong. Sorry.
  3. I understand your reply. And you are most certainly correct. However, when you put out a document that lists that Orbx FTX NA Airports is "working," that is wrong. ORbix has NOT come out with the updated package and when they do they will post it. Your post reflects, whether you mean it to or not, what the author or originator has posted. I know you are tying to provide a list for everyone to see that will tell them something about what is compatable for P3Dv4. But you should perfectly state that these items are not information given to you from the author, manufacturer or originator. Delete this post. Rewrite it and tell everyone that this is only speculation from other users.
  4. Sorry to pop your bubble but Orbx FTX Global NA Airport pack is not working and has not been updated for P3Dv4 as of today July 3, 2017.