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  1. real-world Chaseplane IRL tho...

    Anything is possible in Brazil.
  2. It beats the Harrier for sure
  3. It has to do with the water detail, I have turned off just like clouds reflections it looks wrong, the waves move way too fast and disappear too quickly.
  4. That's because he is a VIP here.
  5. My Jack Russel would love to do a number on that carpet
  6. No I haven't CP won't save my preset with the 690B because I use 3 displays I have to reset every time I use it, no other craft has this issue. I will post back if this new version works. cheers Rick
  7. Thank you, hopefully chaseplane will work with this version.
  8. he has updated to v4 Mega Sao Paulo just email him and he will send the update. it is in his blog here http://pauloricardofs.blogspot.com/.
  9. So here is the reply from the developer didn't quite understand but a think it has to do with being photo real addon. "HiHow are you?No procedures need. because the word LC means LandClass, and all fotorealhas priority over LC, always stays on top (hide) of landclass, so you don'tneed to uninstall any scenery unless you find some problem, I think you willnot find. We never know when we talking about flightsimulator.Best RegardsPaulo R"
  10. Thanks smurf J the entries are all above in the library I will ask him if it is possible.