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  1. Yes he's definitely been tinkering, looks beautiful all the same. I thought you'd like the crispy cones though?
  2. Not sure how he's got it to look this good but it's impressive.
  3. Xplane 11.10b2 performance issues at 4K res- 15 FPS?
  4. Converted from p3d to x-plane, if it's half as good as the Manfred version then it's well worth a grab, especially for free. There's also an xplane 10 version lower down the page, enjoy. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40334-awxdc3beta2_2xp11zip/
  5. Very useful tutorial on how to update p3d without the massive headache of a fresh install.
  6. real-world RAF Duxford

    No problem, it's a fascinating place with lots of history attached to it, we owe so much to those pilots who fort for us. Also thank you guys for making it over to our country for the show, it was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you all and get to know you a little better, hopefully it wont be to long until our paths cross again.
  7. Here's a short video on RAF Duxford and it's famous warbirds airshow. This is where the SkyLounge guys will be spending the day tomorrow visiting their amazing aircraft museum. @sparks_smudge @OMGEDSON
  8. Ultimate 757 QWPAS Safety Demo: United Airlines 2012
  9. For all you guys that missed it from this weekend. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180373195
  10. Driving from Manchester to Cosford in the morning, hope to be with you around 10:30 ish.
  11. Sorry I cant help it, I'm in love with the Vulcan.
  12. A friend on our Discord sent me this today, she's looking good. You can see the different shape of the the B2's delta wing. I wonder if they will also include the original B1variant as well, no one has ever modelled that for in the sim before? B1's less efficient straight leading edge.
  13. Oh my it really is and with one of the best dev teams of the moment, will be fantastic, i'm a happy man.