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  1. Beeing picky today. Now there's 2 LFMN's under Justsim. Remove the announced 1 and let WIP remain.
  2. UK2000 Updates Birmingham Prestwick Southend 29Palms updated these a while ago, so can change status to updated there as well. Magdeburg Samos TwentyNine Palms And LFMN is placed incorrectly under ImagineSim.
  3. Pacific Islands Simulation updated sceneries for V4 Attols of Tuvalu Puerto Vallarta PNG Bushpilot & Extreme Bush Trekker Combo Nauru Marshall Islands Kosrae Jeju Fua’amotu Taiwan Taoyuan Rarotonga Manila Nagasaki & Omura Chubu Centrair \o/ added to list thank you smurf_john
  4. forgot ImagineSim ZSPD And Nice also has V4 installer. They are working on SODE Jetways i think
  5. Thx. Well 5$ doesn't ruin my budget, so i don't have any strong feelings against it. And as Andrei Bakanov from JustSim said their FB page: "I ask our customers when they see to what we cannot provide at the moment a free upgrade to P3D V4. We will be able to do it in the near future, when will begin our store. You have to understand that simmarket, is a commercial organization. Service, support, build new installers, server equipment, Internet traffic - all of which should be paid."
  6. ImagineSim Atlanta, Austin, La Guardia, New Dehli, Shanghai & San Jose. JustSim Barcelona, Düsseldorf & Hamburg. LatinVFR Roatan & Santa Cruz. Taxi2Gate CDG. Vidan Design Bornholm & Sonderborg. All got V4 installers.