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  1. sales iBlueYonder one day sales december 7th

    @Dreadmetis , i think the link to source is wrong, right? too many sales going on, i know........
  2. Can anyone confirm if the available C172RG CUTLASS II by Carenado works on V4.1? Just checked their website and this aircraft does not show on their latest V4 compatibility list of aircraft. Thank you.
  3. Thank you Steve , much appreciated. Just to make sure i have everything that is required!
  4. Hello @ssimmons1958 , quick question, which OrbX Region should be installed to have the Tour airports available?
  5. Flying Twin Otters in the Maldives , can it get any better than that? LINK TO SOURCE:
  6. how get liveries needed ?

    we need some liveries!!!
  7. Throttle Quadrant Setup

    Thank you @smurf_john , i have the Warthog quadrant and was looking to get ideas to use it in order to start the engines separately , i was able to do that using both Hat switches on one of the throttle levers. Can you start your engines separately with the setup you mentioned?
  8. Hello guys, it's me again, i would like to ask you for the following examples you have and use in your setups. How do you setup your throttle quadrants when flying twin props , cases like Dash8 or the Twin Otter, since they have separate controls for each Throttle/Prop/Mix(Fuel)? I have the Hotas Warthog and if i just go with the option ready to fly it does not make that much of a difference, but when using C&D mode how to start each engine separately using quadrant controls? Thank you for any input you may have.
  9. Can someone who already has Milviz aircraft shed some light on their quality/performance and compared them, let's say with Carenado/A2A/Justflight etc? Just to have some more feedback from people who already own aircraft made by this company. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello @Simbol , thank you for this product and for keeping us updated on its developments! Do you have any idea or plan of when the Pro version will be available and what it will cost? I got it installed, and so far so good, nice and seamless integration with UT Live. Thank you and keep it up!
  11. sales 45% off all orbx

    So so much stuff, can't wait until i get my moneys back!
  12. DA40 Engine Mod

    Trying it! LOL , now not only the plane rotates, but the entire scenery/world rotates as well! Thanks for the efforts Edson, i will revert back to the original setup and keep flying slow!
  13. Hello guys, i would like to share with you the below video from the delivery flight of CS-PHH from USA to Portugal, it's special to me because i worked nearly 4 years at Netjets Europe as a Maintenance Controller. The video is narrated by Mike Rowe and i think it's a great insight as to what goes behind the scenes of the operation. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did. LINK TO SOURCE:
  14. DA40 Engine Mod

    very very cool Edson, when you can and no hurry at all! thank you