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  1. prepar3d / fsx FS Labs 320 Released for V4

    i am reading the forum right now, it's not mentioned any cost, so maybe there is none. Let's hope so.
  2. prepar3d / fsx FS Labs 320 Released for V4

    Don't forget about the Spotlights additional cost.
  3. Just downloading it now. It is available on the FTX Central.
  4. Has anyone been able to download this free upgrade from Orbx ?
  5. my pleasure brother!
  6. Guys, PTA v2.60 is released for P3D v4.1, access is through Simtweaks site and account. LINK TO SOURCE: https://simtweaks.com/
  7. Oh please don't stop flight simming because of updates! I also tried FSW , but it keeps crashing on me. I will definitely wait a bit longer and get all the add ons updated before P3D is updated. Hopefully it will be an easier process this time.
  8. @BrandingIron1900 , thanks for the reply, i have watched it all and the actual folders and files location makes some sense, for the future upgrades. How do you do it when you have to upgrade?
  9. Hello guys, can i get your views/opinions on the XML file add on way of using and managing the add ons on P3D V4? I never used this method, but i am considering starting to use before i update to V4.1 Is it really that simple to keep all your add-ons outside of P3D main folder? Thank you for your feedback.
  10. real-world RAF Duxford

    Thanks for the share @Gibbon
  11. real-world The Human Factor.

    Great article P3Ron , thanks for sharing.
  12. Hello guys, thought i'd share this website i saw on a FlightDeck2Sim Youtube video explaining an NDB approach procedure. The scenery looks nice and it's available for free on the link below. Enjoy. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/68/702
  13. Yes, i have now UT Live and so far it is still in Beta stage and i know it causes some stability and performance issues , this one is a finished product, correct? No more testing, right?
  14. oh well, might as well start early while I don't have a gazillion stuff to pin!