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  1. I wrote to the dev and he replied: "RFSB will not do animated jetways". Another guy also asked a while ago and got the reply: "This is a flight simulator, not a jetway simulator." LOL But i have some italian sceneries of them, not too bad but still a bit a lazy dev...
  2. Unfortunately still no animated Jetways and the older sceneries of this Developer arent still not v4 ready. I`ll pass....
  3. Thanks earthdog! Just to clarify, my new Preset is found on www.aviationlads.com / https://www.facebook.com/AviationLads/ My "PilotPete" FB page isnt updated regularly as for now the focus is on our new project "AviationLads" but i will upload new videos and stuff to the channel soon. Feel free to share my site to avsim, thats nice of you! But i would really recommend to use my preset here called "VisualMod 1.2" as this is v4.1 ready. Just let me know if you need help or something... cheers!
  4. Hi dog! I have done a completely new and, in my opinion, better PTA and ReShade preset for v4. Its available on the website of our new Project: http://www.aviationlads.com/ Just head over to the downloads page and if you dont mind you can leave a like on our FB-Page too: https://www.facebook.com/AviationLads/
  5. Thanks for sharing! This guy has many excellent vids on his channel since years! Definitely worth to follow if you are into SWISS aviation...
  6. I try to get the 8:38 train from I try hope i can grt the 8:38a train at Birmingham Intl. then i am at New Street at 8:48a. The train to Cosford leaves there at 9:05 and arrives at 9:41 at Cosford. If this fits your plan ill be happy to travel with you otherwise we'll see us there
  7. In what Hotel do you guys stay in Birmingham?
  8. Okey then, thanks for this info. I will check the train connections tonight, hope to see you guys @ Cosford then. EDIT: Or maybe at Birmingham New Street, will check and report back!
  9. Landing 8am at Birmingham Airport from Zurich
  10. Hi guys! I will also be there and as a big fan i would like to join the MeetUp together with my friend Mateusz from "MK Studios". Even if MK Studios is not exhibiting and he is coming just as a visitor we have some great news and giveaways in our pocket I will stay in a Hotel in Birmingham from Saturday till Sunday. So it would be great to meet you there. Arrival: Sat. 07. Oct. 8am in Birmingham Departure: Sun. 08. Oct 18pm Birmingham As i am travelling alone from Birmingham to Cosford, i would like to join you guys to move from Birmingham to Cosford if possible. EDIT: As i havent booked a Hotel in Birmingham, where do you guys stay? Any recommendation? Skyfive, Sandro
  11. Yeah i can totally understand that. I was also on this point. We all just have a waaay too expensive hobby... I woul recommend that you get P3D when possible and slightly change over. There are always some sales and discounts going on and also you can still use many of your FSX AddOns in P3D. Cheers and happy flying!
  12. Only P3D v3/v4 and the devs are thinkin about going for Xplane also. No offense but its time to left FSX behind and go with the future
  13. MKStudios - Fuerteventura 2017 released! BUY HERE: www.mkstudios.pl 16 days during a year with precipitaion, average temparatures between 20°C and 27°C. Exposed to the northeast trade winds with very low tops 600-700m that are too low to cause a significant increase in precipitation in the slopes exposed to the wind. That's Fuerteventura Island. The airport inself carry near 7 milons passangers per year with 45 000 operations. Now it's time to experience all of this in Prepar 3D V3 and V4! With newest technology used to develop this scenery we achieved stunning level of details keeping great performance and high FPS. Features: Fully detailed rendition of Fuerteventura airport and island, Many monuments and custom objects around the island, High resolution ground textures (2048×2048 pixels), Photo real terrain coverage with custom mesh and 3D night lightning, Very realistic night lighting, based on real pilot’s point of view, Dynamic Lightning (P3D V4), Rendered night lighting with shadows, Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and on the ground, Optimized to take advantages of new P3D V4 features, Compatible to all major traffic add-ons, SODE jetways and double jetways supported! System requirements: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3/V4 Windows 7 / 8 / 10 x64 Dual Core CPU with 3 GHz 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended) 3D graphics card with 1 GB Video RAM Download-Size: 366 MB LINK TO SOURCE: www.mkstudios.pl
  14. Promo Video for MKStudios Fuerteventura 2017! I had the pleasure to be in the beta testing team for this scenery and could do the official Promo Video. The scenery comes along very very nice with high resolution quality texturing on the airport Buildings and Taxiway/Runways. Many Landmark Objects are included like the shipwreck of the "American Star", the harbor and City area, Aeroclub, lighttower and more... The whole island is covered with mesh and phototextures. Available soon on: www.mkstudios.pl LINK TO SOURCE: www.mkstudios.pl www.facebook.com/mkstudiosfanpage/
  15. Cheers Guys! I created a new PTA and ReShade preset that, i think, looks very neutral and realistic overall and i would like to share them with you and hear your opinions! Down below you`ll find a short video that gives you some impressions. Download links are in the video description. Also there is a link to my Tutorial video on how to install ReShade the way i use it, with an additional effect from Mr. Predrag Drobac's URP1.1. (Lightroom.fx) I implemented as much of the ReShade shaders directly into the PTA preset. So ReShade isnt really needed, but recommended to get the exact same result as me. ReShade effects in use: "Ambient light", "Lightroom" (From URP1.1) It is REALLY, REALLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use my PTA preset together with the Sky Textures that are linked in the video description! Credits go to Mamedov Gennadiy. If you have any questions or inputs feel free to ask, i will try to help... SkyFive!