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  1. Update from QW today... ”Greetings 787 Drivers! We’ve provided some exterior model texture updates and an update to the paintkit. These are not MODEL changes, but are TEXTURE changes. All fixes are available for download from the QualityWings website. - - To get these fixes, just redownload the livery. You will of course, need to uninstall the livery via the Dispatcher. Speaking of the Dispatcher, we are still investigating some of the issues reported and will provide more information when we can. Thanks for your patience. ***We are aware of an issue with the right side of the -9 model that is causing transparency issues in the forward fuselage plugged window textures. We are working on it. This texture update does NOT address this model issue.” LINK TO SOURCE: https://m.facebook.com/notes/qualitywings-simulations/qualitywings-787-status-update-787-livery-fixes-available/10155081243344639/
  2. Thanks for this @smurf_john I had missed this so at least I will install the patched version with working gauges etc!
  3. real-world Getting in touch?

    @smurf_john, So @OMGEDSON was riding Freddie Mercury last night?!
  4. real-world Getting in touch?

    Yes @OMGEDSON , @smurf_john was very responsive. The timing really sucked for this trip. The only two things that helped me get through this are flying on a real 787 here and back, and catching up with some of your UK antics via YouTube! It seems you are having a blast in the UK? Safe travels home and sky fives to the TSL crew. PS don't forget to change the PIN on your credit card!
  5. Next generation of VR headsets announced to retail at $199. VR for Flight Simmers is now in the reach of the masses? Onstage at Oculus Connect 4 in San Jose, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new mobile headset called “Oculus Go.” According to Zuck, “it’s the most accessible VR headset yet;” it starts at $199 and it’s going to ship early next year. It appears that the mobile headset will be a similar experience to the Gear VR, allowing users to spin around but not move freely. LINK TO SOURCE: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/11/oculus-announces-199-oculus-go-standalone-headset/
  6. real-world Getting in touch?

    I live in Hertfordshire but work in West London. I would have tried to meet up for Cosford or the London shinanigans but my work meant I’m 5,500 miles away.
  7. real-world Getting in touch?

    Thanks smurf_john. i haven’t paid up as a patron .. funds are a bit tight and I’m about to buy the new QualityWings 787 and the FSFX immersion pack. But I will sign up soon to support TSL. fyi - I’m the flashing blob in Southern Africa online (in Mozambique). I’m normally in the UK. A
  8. Chaps.. I am a relatively new member. I’m working overseas and cannot work out how to get in touch on chat / email. Please can you point me in the direction of discord or some other app to get involved? I’m not sure what login info to provide from gamewisp or any other site. Watching the YouTube video from the pub now - next best thing to being with you! LINK TO SOURCE:
  9. cargospotter BOEING 787 vs. AIRBUS 350

    Its too close to call. Externally they look very similar. I am due to fly on a Dreamliner in 2 weeks time but haven't had the opportunity to try the 350 yet.
  10. Thanks for this post. It features several A350s from various airlines including a go around, landing, takeoff and engine start up. It strikes me how similar this bird is to the B787. This reminds me of the vote recently added to TSL to decide between 787 or the 350. This video helps me get to know the 350 better!
  11. Not BA's finest hour! Plane catches fire as man's journey from London to Athens turns into 33-hour odyssey Thankfully the plane in question returned to LHR and all passengers and crew were safe. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/plane-catches-fire-as-mans-journey-from-london-to-athens-turns-into-33hour-odyssey-a3634466.html
  12. That's a shame. The ray of light for me is I'm still on FSX:SE so I don't have to wait quite as long! I've just realised that JF probably pulled their 787 to concentrate on the Arrow III for FSW (and to finally get the CRJ out of the hangar).
  13. Its great to see On Approach is back; and with a double-dose to boot! Another great show chaps!