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    I fly for a living. I love flight sim stuff, bicycles (especially Italian), and music. I love flying the CRJ, and my favorite planes, that I have not flown, are the Lockheed L-1011, Douglas DC-8, Convair 880, and the Lockheed C-130.
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  1. prepar3d / fsx PFPX Navigraph Question

    Hey Caderly, If you are using PMDG aircraft, Navigraph will update the databases at the same time as it updates PFPX. Just make sure you map to the correct PMDG navigation folder. I am away from my rig, or I would give you the path. Also Radar Contact does a better job, than the default ATC, on letting you fly more of the STAR.
  2. I am looking forward to this! This is one of my favorite airports to fly to, in the real world. A nighttime arrival that requires a circle to land, with a 9000 foot high mountain range, 4 miles to the east, is just epic!
  3. Outstanding! What a time saver. Thanks SimBrief!
  4. This plane is such fun to fly, and the TSL paint looks fantastic! It is a great platform for TSL’ers to connect on joinFS, tool around, have fun, and strengthen the TSL community. Thanks for the paint.
  5. xplane ORBX outlines plans for XP11 in 2018

    I love seeing the big developers creating for different platforms. As Sparks is fond of saying, “Choice is good.” Orbx in x-plane will no doubt encourage more simmers to dip their toes in the rapidly improving x-plane platform.
  6. I own the P3D v3 version. It is fantastic, and the updates to add airways... I already bought the update, and can’t wait to get this bird in the air. An update: There are some wildly fluctuating FPS rates, with the moving map on. The issue is being investigated. Might want to wait till after the first update is released.
  7. It was a great way to end the stream! Especially since you said it is really for people with memories of flying a 152. What a surprise that the memories are of that tail number.
  8. Que the Sinatra! My kind of airport...Chicago is...