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  1. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in Entertaining ATC at KJFK   
    Not sure if any of you have listened to "Kennedy Steve", but this is very entertaining listening.
  2. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear video   
    Just a teaser video of the magnificent scenery around the upcoming Big Bear Airport, the airport is the star but it's definitely worth exploring the area as well.
    *Note:  I've reduced the 20 minute flight by 50% by speeding up the video in places, it's a bit annoying but less tedious to watch I believe.
  3. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Big Bear My Final Shots.   
    Taken in P3DV4.1.













  4. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in L35 Big Bear a few more.   
    Taken in P3DV4.1.
    Rex SkyForce.














  5. flightsim productions liked a post in a topic by David White in Welcome to Big Bear!   
    Bear Valley (Big Bear Lake and surrounding area) is my second home. My daughter was a member of the ski team at the local ski resort for many years. I have flown into and out of L35 several times. Not as a pilot, but as a passenger. When Tubulent Designs released Big Bear airport (L35), I had to check it out. I was not disappointed. They have recreated the airport in great detail, including signs telling pilots who depart from rwy 26 to turn left 10 degrees for noise abatement reasons. There is an elementary school that sits below the flight path. This has become one of my all-time favorite scenery packages for FSX and P3D. If you are into flying into small airports, I would highly suggest you look at this for a couple of reasons. Not only is it a beautiful airport, as is the surrounding area but,  it is a challenging airport for flying. The airport elevation sits over 6000 feet, and the mountains, as high as 11,000 feet make for some very interesting flying.
  6. David White liked a post in a topic by Ivana Fly in Welcome to Big Bear!   
    Good morning!
    Turbulent Designs is incredibly excited to announce FTX Big Bear City Airport for FTX Southern California.
    Big Bear airport is one of our favourite and most popular airport projects. This all-new version for Orbx has been a joy to re-visit.
    Turbulent’s Big Bear airport has been completely re-worked to provide an even better experience with all new, 2017 imagery plus the addition of Orbx’s flow technologies. We’ve also added a bunch of new custom buildings and objects.
    The primary airport buildings, groundpoly and surrounds were built by the legendary Russ White and his texturing skills really shine here! Combined with new static aircraft, PeopleFlow and CreatureFlow, the airport is an exciting place to visit!
    Big Bear City Airport is situated at the eastern end of Big Bear Lake. At an altitude of 6752ft (2058m), surrounded by hills on both sides and in a mountainous area of over 11,000 feet, Big Bear provides a challenge to any pilot. It has a 6750ft runway and is frequented by small GA aircraft, private jets and military/emergency service aircraft.
    FTX Big Bear City Airport includes a massive 1405km2 coverage area from the desert foothills in the east stretching all the way to Lake Arrowhead in the west and including huge mountains and deep valleys in between. As a bonus, the coverage area seamlessly links up with Jarrad’s phenomenal Palm Springs airport which is just 30NM southeast (not to mention 6500ft lower!).
    Included in the package is Lake Arrowhead airport, a private airstrip and associated homestead, located just north of Lake Arrowhead itself. Here you’ll find a 3170ft, gravel airstrip carved into the landscape. The airport is currently closed in the real world, but we’ve reopened it here for your enjoyment!
    The imagery for the whole coverage area is entirely new and now reflects the current drought conditions of Big Bear lake and surrounding areas. The huge expanses of newly exposed shoreline, while not great for boat-owners, make for a strangely beautiful departure or approach to the airport itself. We’ve also added hundreds of jetties, docks and boats on the lake to really bring the area to life.
    Although designed from the ground up with FTX Southern California in mind, Big Bear will blend quite happily with the all the FTX Global range.
    ·         Incredibly detailed high-resolution rendition of the airport by Russ White
    ·         Huge 1405km2 coverage area
    ·         Ground textures at 60cm/1m
    ·         Custom 3D grass and trees
    ·         Bonus Lake Arrowhead airport
    ·         Bonus Bear Valley Hospital and helipad
    ·         Seamless connection with FTX Palm Springs
    ·         All new and up to date 2017 imagery
    ·         Custom POIs
    ·         Hundreds of lake objects
    ·         Detailed static aircraft
    ·         Animated PeopleFlow2 and CreatureFlow technology
    ·         Dynamic airport lighting (P3Dv4 only)











  7. David White liked a post in a topic by FlyBye in Lockheed Martin Release Prepar3D v4.3 & Upgrade Checklist   
    Updated FSUIPC version 5.132  has already been released
  8. OMGEDSON liked a post in a topic by David White in FlightSimExpo 2018   
    Saturday was great. The excitement was awesome, and the atmosphere was electric. But, with lots of people attending, spending time at the booths was difficult. Sunday was far more laid back and I was able to talk more, and learn more from the exhibitors. And, if I had not stuck around on I would not be here, as I  met the guys from The Sky Lounge on Sunday.