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  1. xplane X-PLANE Geniuses

    Thank you @weejohnj & @Isabella_P3D Your answers are surely appreciated!
  2. xplane X-PLANE Geniuses

    Hi, I am considering X-Plane (since it is now ok to say it) . My question is this.... I was reading about Dovetails new sim and the minimum requirements. It states that you need a video card with a bare minimum of a 970 and I just upgraded to a 960 recently and can no longer spend money on this hobby so forget Dovetail and FSX SE which I am currently running fully open. Does 64 bit take double the usage of 32 or are the developers just going to keep raising the minimums out of my dollar range. Is x-plane 11 a hog or can I work with it? I don't want a sim that I have to power back on and lose the graphics, what's the use?
  3. real-world 1/3 size B-17

    http://worldwarwings.com/first-ever-13-replica-of-b17-you-can-fly-inside-of/ Now this I would try!
  4. real-world Flightsimcon 2017

    This is the first year I will be attending Lewis
  5. hardware External Capture Cards

    Thanks T, I will take you up on that brother!
  6. hardware External Capture Cards

    Thank you my Brother!
  7. hardware External Capture Cards

    Hello, I am considering streaming in the near future with my ASUS Laptop. I am NOT computer savy but I do know that it is possible to stream with a laptop just not sure which card would be best for my rig. I'm currently running an i7 4660 @2.5g with 16g ram. It runs wide open graphics with a fully loaded steam setup (FSX SE). Running all ORBX products with several add-ons wide open with no problems including no overheating. I am wanting to stream with that setup but not a huge fan of OBS. I want a capture card..Thank you for any help and suggestions......GG
  8. Excellent clip Edson, very captivating! Thank you!
  9. dovetail Steam Edition Bug Fix

    Thanks Destin. Been looking for this for a long time now!
  10. real-world The Prototype

    I want one! Cub Club!!
  11. Somewhere Near Ranger Creek I

    Great shots man!!
  12. prepar3d / fsx Quick Question about REX Soft clouds

    Yes it does Cozzy, Thank you
  13. I caught SoftClouds on sale for $5 so I picked it up. The manual states very strongly the it should NOT be installed in the x86 folder but the installer points right to the x86 folder for installation. I'm just a bit confused so where should I install it? A path would be greatly appreciated. Also is it a one time install and should all 4 parts be installed at once? Thank you in advance!