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  1. Thats going to be an inherit problem as the days clip by. Major developers coming into the XP arena as you say are learning how the XP system does its magic. There will be missteps and setbacks however give these great teams abit of leeway and the results im certain will be outstanding. The problem right now is that there are so many naysayers and haters on the XP platform that little things like this incite the haha the XP platform isnt good enough and their thoughts get carried on to those who may be considering another platform and jump on the bashing bandwagon. Sadly and finally alot of the bashers/naysayers in my opinion have not even given XP a try and or if they have claim its "difficult" but go and spend over $100 for a PMDG aircraft that has loads of documentation and spend the time to learn that particular aircraft but cannot do the same to learn a new simulator type. That in itself is really upsetting to me and then same people who claim are fans of aviation and simulation bashing on a different platform and then sitting outside the gates of said platform doing a proverbial protest telling potentials dont do it.
  2. Really excited to see this come to fruition and add this to my hangar. The amount of detail and its overall scope is truly exciting
  3. Would it be cool, sure, am i overly excited...no. The production time on this has been extremely slow along with everything else they have been doing. Its like they announce we are doing all of these aircraft and my god its like where is the progress. Their B200, where is that, the Avanti...where is that, the C-130...where is that. I really enjoy my MIlviz products i really really do but its just abit hard for me to get even a small smile on my face for this one. But when it does happen ill be happy if I can have an E model and paint from the F-15 units I have been assigned to. But just feel to admire me as I peel away from you and leave you crying wishing for another engine...damn '16s..
  4. I really do like this bird, hopefully things can turn around and they can get the sales it deserves. That and its just sexy looking
  5. Noodle

    xplane ftx central update -XPLANE- OMG!!!!

    Do you have what they call Fastlane access? I have opened up mine and no updates or anything
  6. Noodle

    xplane ftx central update -XPLANE- OMG!!!!

    Where did you come across that? I see nothing in the FTX program right now. Actually just found this on the Forum and also I'm not providing a link as you need to login to the Forum: Hi all, (Ben McClintok - Developer) We have just released FTX Central v3.2.5.3 to Fastlane users. This version of FTX Central has support for the newly released Prepar3D v4.2. If you have not already opted-in to our Fastlane program, you can do so here: https://orbxdirect.com/account/fastlane Other changes: Backend changes to support X-Plane. Support for Aerofly FS 2 DVD edition. Fix case sensitivity issue with the ObjectFlow 2 add-on.xml. Fix errors when uninstalling products. Fix incorrect "FTX" entry placement in scenery.cfg in certain conditions. Button to toggle local mirror scanning. Added a confirmation dialog before uninstalling a product. Made category switching faster. If only one category is visible, automatically select that category. Don't force a product category to be selected if the user has already navigated to the another page. If you experience any issues related to ObjectFlow with this version of Prepar3D (missing buildings at Orbx airports etc), please post them in the ObjectFlow 2 forum: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/236-objectflow-2-open-beta/
  7. I see what you mean but with all things military keeping secrecy on what is being done is always paramount. If overtime military air operations are being say tracked it begins to paint a clear picture as to where aircraft and possible types are coming and going to. Its almost like saying hey, we are going this way with this amount of aircraft and frequency. Then an opportunist can develop a picture of what may or may not be happening. Now sure when flying over national space its not almost always a huge issue BUT if there is a buildup and mobilization of forces that kind of information is ALWAYS briefed hard on to keep your mouth shut. Additionally keep in mind that the F22 being what it is, the military absolutely does not want its stealth birds to openly transmit itself. For it being one of 3 (known to the public that is) but 1 of 2 stealth aircraft that will not ever be exported the reduction of anything that can paint it will and must be kept to an absolute minimum
  8. Well damn! Why is the RAF trying to destroy my beloved Avro.
  9. Um, first things first. I would love to be with anyone one of these ladies shown in this photo. Now your telling me that its such an outrage that your national team sadly gets defeated and in an unconventional manner are greeted by a group of ladies dressed "nicely" to say welcome home despite the loss. I dunno bout you guys, but if I were to lose a game and I get that kind of show and or more then that would help my spirits "perk" up...dontcha think? Is it really that wrong, the world is really taking aim at some of the dumbest shit
  10. So in short I see this as a risk. Stealth technologies rely on just that stealth and if your going to open up and let stealth aircraft be tracked that defeats the purpose if they have to turn on specific systems to allow themselves to be tracked AND the risk of some asshole with dubious intentions do more with that kind of information Military aircraft pretty much fly in specific corridors as it is but I really dont see the need for this EXCEPT when departing/arriving at military installations that also have civil strips in the area. When that is the issue then turn on a specific system that allows normal tracking of aircraft so to mitigate any potential air incident. Anything more, sorry but as we say in the military OPSEC...Operational Security
  11. Very interesting product, not sure if I would want another product plugged into my system. But I do like the racing/aviation pit he has
  12. Interesting as every so often there is a release stating "largest ever exercise," but it has been ever increasing for a long time. I think the biggest point is the GPS blackout during it. It shall be very interesting to see how that piece goes. But I welcome the increased noise during the day and night. Bonus of growing up in the military world, the roar of military aircraft coming and going is just outstanding. However watching the different aircraft types come into the pattern is nice as I get to see who and what will be flying
  13. Double post on the same subject?? Lets calm down shall we
  14. I absolutely love this plane. Primarily common in the European and South American airways. Formerly known as BAe then RJ this plane was the first payware aircraft I purchased back in FSX. I'm happy that QualityWings is FINALLY doing an update so itll be V4 capable because this plane will always be on my flying rotation above just about any other. Farewell Jumbolino! LINK TO SOURCE: