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  1. You will be able to hear our thoughts on that very thing soon...personally I feel it would be a bad idea to bounce it around
  2. Noodle

    real-world Any news from FS Expo?!

    There will be alot of discussion for sure on what we saw and all that, however there were things we were told that we cannot mention. We should have our show up once Sparks returns home and settled then the four of us can sit down, get our thoughts out and then get to recording.
  3. Have to keep an eye on this one
  4. Noodle

    dcs DCS F/A-18C preview trailer

    Really well done rollout thus far from reading, havent had the chance to fly as of yet having had family in for the past week. Looking forward to getting some air time now
  5. Noodle

    xplane XP11 - tips on using the sim?

    Whenever it happens, absolutely no rush at all we all have the darn thing called real life happening
  6. Need a sucker to well I mean need a willing soul to buy this and show how it is
  7. Noodle

    xplane XP11 - tips on using the sim?

    Yes, weather does matter for sure more in XP. You cant just slam on the throttle like you can in P3D and barrel down the runway straight as an arrow
  8. Noodle

    xplane XP11 - tips on using the sim?

    Ill answer and say what I can on each. 1. Taxing and weaving, well keep in mind your now using a well real flight model, your no longer flying on rails. I was feeling the same like WTF but after I realized this is normal as engines are modeled well and you will feel that pull to one side or the other compared to P3D/FSX. Now you can of course adjust your control settings and all in the menus however I wouldnt say that there is a be all end all settings. I have done minor adjustments but mainly kept to the defaults as far as keeping close. For me I had to unlearn P3D flying to XP flying. 2. Keyboard assignments admittedly is more hands-on learning than the other two. Once in the menu and select keyboard is where everything lies and yes its abit more daunting but it as least to me is easy enough to follow after a couple years of use. Click on say the Engines drop down and boom everything is there. 3. Changing views is definitely not like P3D/FSX. You will have to set manual views by setting a view and then hitting Ctrl and one of the numpad keys. Of course there are a few freeware camera systems as well plus just about every aircraft you purchase for XP there are already predefined camera views as well. I'm willing to answer all that I can bit by bit if you want and or we can link up on Discord and voice chat through things as well. Yes XP has a metric ton more when it comes to keybinds and such but I personally only have a few and those are strictly for camera views which I only use a couple and for plugins. Yes it can be frustrating at first but do not expect your flying in P3D to be anything close to what XP provides. Your going to "feel" a complete difference. I have been using XP for 4-5 years now and at first I was like WHOA WTF did I get myself in to. But I feel that if you give it time, patience you will discover that its not all that confusing.
  9. Well i mean i GUESS i could drive the 15 minutes from my house down to the hotel for it. I mean i guess
  10. Noodle

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    Tailhook, that is also something i'm considering is joining a virtual team. I have created a rudimentary training map for myself to learn all of the aircraft specifically weapon employment that works well for what i need. Its just the down the road once i feel pretty proficient that i'd like a solid server. Been on a couple of the more popular ones aside from the blue/red server and there were times i was like really. being cutoff on taxi, people landing while others are trying to takeoff its just a mess at times
  11. Noodle

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    That would have been my method to use for sure and then go from there. If anything I would guess Fri-Sun would be ideal and maybe for most Sunday would be even better as I think most people just kick back and relax on Sundays anyways
  12. Noodle

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    Well gents, lets hope we can get a few more pilots onboard and then we can look to work something out. Of course timing is everything since we are shotgunned around the world
  13. That is something I cannot stand specifically in this corner of "gaming." Developers get bent out of shape over negative reviews or posts and delete them and or remove people with a ban. Its why I am more and more hesitant to purchase much more for the P3D platform. When I started to use XP back in 2013 I was blown away with how much there is available, the community being more helpful and open than the FSX/P3D corner as well. Sure I was surprised that there was/isnt alot of top developers doing things with XP right now but I wasnt deterred. People need to give the established developers some leeway when it comes to designing for XP as well. Now I'll admit that horrible decision by PMDG to do the DC-6 first and then leave us in the wind was crap and then no updates gives ample reasoning for the XP users to raise the BS flag. Scenery/Airport designers need abit of leeway as well as they step in and like I said previously will make mistakes but once they have it down it should be tops. But I dont get why people are "scared" to say anything about the established top level designers, to me that is just the worst thing. We need to get on our bullhorns when things are undeniably wrong or incorrect..etc. Get off the bandwagons and put down the fanboy flags and callout these people and let them know that if your not going to do it right and or not listen to the community you get no more money!
  14. Noodle

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    Alright desktop warriors. I wanted to put this out there to see if anyone would be up for doing some DCS flying. Specifically once we have a few pilots and decent skills with your chosen aircraft to run missions and such. Now i'll say that I do not have my own server and there are servers out there but of course your at the whim of whomever runs the server and its rules and such. If you happen to have a server that has some good rules in place, abit of moderation to keep the trolling off and such please let us know. I'd like to be able to fly and fight on a server without having to deal with asshattery and in the end of course have fun and blowing things up!! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  15. Correct me if i'm wrong, is this the same one that once released was going to give existing owners of a different package abit of a discount when the KSEA is released?