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  1. I really would wish this whole con vs con thing would just go away. People as a whole need to just accept and appreciate the SIMPLE fact that there are OPTIONS to enjoy a few days of flightsim discussion, fun etc. People can sit and be pissy behind their keyboards all day long saying this or that. Just pick one, go and flippin enjoy it. Let the asshats who are causing the issues fight amongst themselves because why??? In the end WE pay them them they need to just get their collective shit together and do right by the community. This petty bickering and backstabbing I mean come on, have we devolved back to being freaking teenagers over flippin locations? And I'll be clear, for me I was going to plan to hit Cosford this year seeing as it appeared to me to be the better of what was even available to go to despite the absorbant cost it would be for me. But thankfully, I get to drive all of 20 minutes to the strip and hit the valet and enjoy the con here in Vegas come June. I wont do Texas as that event puts me nowhere close to family I have there to make it more of a trip AND...its Texas, the landscape is no different than Vegas. Connecticut...why? So in the end, just pick one if its close or within your means and just go and enjoy it.
  2. Hmmmm, may be time for a fast mover GA in my hangar now
  3. Dont get me wrong, it could be damn good. Its just hard to want to buy it HOWEVER, once its released and see someone post up or stream it i could go...hmmmm whooa, ok ill pony up for it
  4. Oh no you didnt do that at all. Just that this plane has been in development for so dang long now and I just cant believe that they are adding pretty effects in now. The last that I recall they were trying to tidy up the proline system and now its this stuff. Hell its the only reason why i purchased carenados c90 because the 350 has been taking so long
  5. Wanted to share this bit of video on the Flying Tigers Airline. Great company for its time and the first of its kind. I had the chance to fly the Tigers as a kid via military charter when my Dad was active duty. The Tigers really did ALOT of different missions and I cant think of anyone today who do the same as they did. LINK TO SOURCE:
  6. This is too much of a personal preference debate than what is a normal and reality based discussion so to speak. I have said the following COUNTLESS times... "We all see the same thing but dont see the same thing" - Noodle Now there are a few people that have frequented here that I have had this discussion with and its always interesting. For instance, I personally find Edson's settings at times way to bright for my tastes. Is it bad..no, its just for my eyeballs I dont feel it should be the way he has it depicted. To which as he said, seeing as he does photography there are reasons for him to choose a brighter look. I have tried over the months and months to capture what I feel is realistic to what I see here on different weather conditions here in KLAS. But even then sometimes I can get close other times not. Finding a baseline will be incredibly difficult to find as again, (see my quote above). I too would very much like to see some good discussion on this and see what others have set their sims to and hell give them a shot.
  7. I personally do not see this being as feature rich as I want it to be compared to the LES 340 that is available in X-plane. The XP version is absolutely gorgeous and I enjoy the hell out of it when flying. I have never had an issue nor can I really find fault. From the avionics, sounds, handling its just great. Carenado being Carenado just wont capture what I have in XP as much as I would not mind purchasing this for Prepar3d. The problem I have is that yes yes yes its going to look good but thats it. Carenado for all they do just make pretty birds period and only a handful go beyond that. If anyone feels that the avionics are going to be worth a piss well good luck and if i'm proven wrong then so much the better. This for me right now is going to be a shadow of what it could actually be and the same goes for the Fokker.
  8. I dont know as much as I would like better soundsets for aircraft I purchase. This one doesnt sound right to me. Its like the recording or however it was done was inside of a hangar inside of a box.
  9. As much as I do like the F-14 I cant buy it as I know that the F-14 that is in development for DCS will stick this one in both its tailpipes.
  10. Personally I think they should release the A318 first. FSLabs has the 320 right now and it has already gained alot of traction and love. Throwing out another A320 just doesnt make much sense to me unless Aerosoft shows the community that theirs will absolutely crush the current offering. The baby buses should be released since we do not have that as it stands and may as well have the most feature rich baby bus on the market. Finally lets be honest, do we need to keep seeing dueling versions of the same aircraft from different developers?
  11. Wait i'm confused on that. Your saying that you dont like it because buildings and other structures are taller than the trees? I mean I read that as trees are supposed to be bigger than everything.
  12. dcs DCS F/A-18C preview trailer

    DCS has alot of action when you look at the multiplay servers. There are a couple that are normally very active and i have flown on them. Good missions and such and yea doing the formation flying and all is great to which i have to get used to doing that with the birds i have. I fly the F-5, Mirage, Harrier, A-10 and the KA-52 attack chopper but have mainly done the Harrier which I love. We should be seeing the next map which is covering the Straits of Hormuz so when that releases, the Harrier and F-18 along with the Soviet carrier birds are going to be awesome to conduct carrier based missions. Also the F-14 is in development right now as well and the cool thing is that and a couple birds have/will have the ability to fly with a pilot/backseater. I look forward to seeing that in action.
  13. dcs DCS F/A-18C preview trailer

    Well this isnt going to be available for us to use until apparently the end of Spring. My guess is that it will coincide with the upcoming 2.5 release for the DCS world base. I too am really curious on this one and I do want to purchase it HOWEVER in the interim if you havent taken the plunge into it its really worth it. There are great aircraft (modules) to pickup and the flying is really nice. Of course combat is great as well. I have purchased 5 aircraft well 3 aircraft and 2 helos and its good fun and a solid learning curve as well. Not difficult though some of the aircraft are more difficult to learn than others but overall solid