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  1. Great savings on Cera Sim, enjoy 25% off on all our incredible products. From May 1st to the 31st. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.cerasimaircraft.com/shop/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. FS2Crew: Maddog X Reboot Version 1.4 now Available! You asked and we delivered! V1.4 includes "Button Control"! V1.4 (April 27, 2018) 'Button Control' is now built in! It uses the same system and key assignments as FS2Crew's other Button Control products. If the VOICE button on the FS2Crew Main Panel is OFF, then Button Control is active. Conversely, if you want to use Voice control, press the VOICE button. To use Button Control, simply create the key assignments for the MAIN and SECONDARY button as shown in the manual (they're unchanged from other FS2Crew's), and follow the Captain's Flow in the manual. Button Control is very easy since it follows a linear order of events and the cues are displayed in text on the Main Panel! A lot of you lobbied hard for us to create a Button Control version for the Maddog, and we listened. This is a good test for us to see how much real demand there is for Button Control compared to Voice Control, since we can see actual sales numbers. So if you want to see Button Control last into the future, please support FS2Crew Maddog! Tell your friends about it! FO will now correctly stow DIAL A FLAP during his climb flow. New voice command: "SWAP COMM ONE / TWO". Minor audio fixes. More nuanced PA Volume Control. Remember: If you don't want to hear the Cabin PA announcements (or you want a lower volume for them), set the PA knob on the Captain's Audio panel to OFF at the start of each flight. As per user request, you can now set the flood lights to come on/off at 10,000 feet instead of 20,000 feet. Please see the Support Forum for detailed info. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. sparks_smudge

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    A server is easy to set up. but i dont have it on 24/7. only when im going to fly.
  4. The Bulldog Spirit. Around 15 years ago, we produced a simulation of the Bristol Bulldog Mk2A. It became one of our most successful productions and is still in high demand as freeware, though no longer available. 15 years later we now bring you an all-new High Definition model which includes a huge amount of authentic features. All the valve gear, stitch-lacing, metal,fabric and rubber parts have been modeled from careful research and much attention to detail. Many RAF pilots who trained on and flew this machine in the 1930's went on to fly and fight in the Battle of Britain. Once such pilot Douglas Bader, the legless ace, lost both legs as a result of a ground-loop crash in a Bulldog whilst attempting low-level aerobatics on December 14, 1931. The Bulldog was one of the RAF's last front-line biplanes and incorporated many systems and devices that made possible the transition from biplane to monoplane fighter. Highly aerobatic, strong and fast, Pilots of the day loved this aircraft. Sadly no flying example remains although there are quite a few on display in museums around the world. Using the latest tech and techniques we have created what we believe to be the definitive tribute to this iconic and important aeroplane. Let's hope it will be as popular as our first one! https://www.facebook.com/Aeroplaneheaven/?hc_ref=ARQYA8olns5NNxxoaKBOTLW8elS7hcyPQbmdxh2hDJmr8oAm8nFu9DDzR8O0mXHv_cQ
  5. sparks_smudge

    Weekly Chopper Club Flight Information

    Flight Info for Sunday 6pm London Time Starting airport: RKNW Sim time: 10:00 10/02/18
  6. sparks_smudge

    xplane IXEG 737 Classic v1.21 Update!

    Changes: Added reflective glass surfaces in cockpit for XP11 Added datarefs for autopilot modules Several bugs fixed to enhance stability of FMS Adjusted flight model for new downwash effect in XP11 (expect a mild nose-down effect when close to ground, as in reality) Enabled stick shaker sound again when near or below stall AOA Improvement to automatic go-around speed commands Improved cargo holds (lit at night, affect pressurization) Fixed standby-power logic Enabled Captain´s altimeter to work when powered by standby bus Stopped LNAV tracking when route is deleted Updates Gizmo to v18.01.02, tuned for consistent frame rates roughly 10% faster. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=2aedeae776baeac15effd994b4010973 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  7. sparks_smudge

    Weekly Chopper Club Flight Information

    Flight Info for Sunday 6pm London Time Starting airport: CYXX Sim time: 30/06/2017
  8. sparks_smudge

    Weekly Chopper Club Flight Information

    Flight Info for Sunday 6pm London Time Starting airport: 61B (Boulder city) Sim time: 10am 28/01/2018
  9. sparks_smudge

    Weekly Chopper Club Flight Information

    Flight Info for Sunday 6pm London Time Starting airport: KDAB Sim time: 10am 20/01/2018
  10. sparks_smudge

    Weekly Chopper Club Flight Information

    First chopper club meet up... Flight Info for Sunday 6pm London Time Starting airport: LOWI Sim time: 10am 13/01/18
  11. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PropStrike-Studio-138398576852232/?hc_ref=ARQ66PYETxBEySuPK60LREWRd02BNe_yoYWoNqQc663_xJm4v2h4V4wjp4oj4xrPyy4&fref=nf
  12. sparks_smudge

    Chopper Club 101 (How to)

    FREEWARE SAR HELICOPTER TO GET YOU STARTED: https://www.helisimmer.com/downloads/downloads-p3d/p3d-aircraft/icaruscarlos-palacio-aw139-sar-v2-beta/ You will also need to download: p3d_xml_vars_x64 v1.1.0, August 7, 2017 From: https://www.douglassdawson.ca/ and add it to your gauges folder. For repaints: https://www.helisimmer.com/downloads/
  13. sparks_smudge

    Chopper Club 101 (How to)

    Below are some simple steps to get you started down the wonderfully addicting path of the Whirlybirds! 0: You'll want to start off by joining the voice channel on Discord. DOWNLOAD: https://discordapp.com/ CONNECT: https://discord.gg/0YbQspCG2YjFwmO7 1: Sonday Nights at 6p GMT, meet in the FLIGHT DECK voice channel on Discord. 2: Prepare your beverage of choice and put on your party pants. (optional) 3: Spawn at the selected airport for the week. 4. Download JoinFS & Log into the dedicated TSL JoinFS server: DOWNLOAD: http://pmem.uk/joinfs/install.html JOIN: http://www.theskylounge.tv/topic/5121-a-dedicated-multiplayer-server-goodbye-fsbutt-hello-joinfs 5: Prepare to have a kick ass time! 6: Follow the this channel for weekly updates, the starting location gets posted there weekly: FOLLOW: http://www.theskylounge.tv/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=forum&follow_id=83 If you have any suggestions on cool places you want to fly, PLEASE post them in the comments below. Remember, this is a community event. It is not host or leader driven. It is an opportunity to get to know many of the wonderful people we share the skies with. Get to know your fellow patrons!