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  1. Posted Today, 01:07 AM POPULAR Captains, As promised in my update from 18JAN17, I wanted to swing through tonight and give you some additional information on the upcoming release of the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II. Lets go through WHAT we are giving you: The following aircraft will be included in the initial release: 747-400 -- 3 engine types 747-400BCF -- 3 engine types 747-400D -- 1 engine type 747-400M -- 2 engine types 747-400F -- 3 engine types 747-400ER -- 1 engine type 747-400ERF -- 2 engine types Each aircraft/engine combination has it's own unique, accurate performance data, engine model and flight characteristics where that applies. (The F flies slightly differently than the standard 400, did you know that?) In addition to the Rolls Royce engine, you will be able to choose between two different GE versions (where it applies to the airframe) and two different PW engines where it applies. (4056 and 4062...) Yes... All of that in the base package... As a single purchase. The 747-8/8F will come to you as an expansion for this base package a bit later! In addition- we will include an SDK at release time, similar to the SDK included in the 777 and NGX. This SDK is not for casual users, but is targeted toward hardware and application developers who wish to interface with the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for their product interfaces or extensions. Livery painters will not be forgotten, and we expect to have the paint kits or all of the above body types available to interested painters on release day. WHAT PLATFORMS?: Okay- so next- we will be selling licenses for the PMDG 747 base package across two simulation platforms: FSX/FSX-Steam Edition will both be covered through purchase of an FSX based license. Lockheed Martin Prepar3D will be covered through purchase of a P3D based license. Both platforms will be available on release day. The licenses for FSX/P3D are not interchangeable or exchangeable. For Prepar3D users, we are still planning to protect P3D v3 users if/when Lockheed Martin elects to convert v3 to x64bit. (it is assumed this will be called v4, but nobody really knows and Lockheed Martin has made NO commitments or announcements in this regard. As of today, an x64 P3D is not in development that we are aware of any any conjecture of imminent release of same is largely hyperbole...) COMPATIBILITY WARNING: Currently the PMDG 747-40 Queen of the Skies II is not compatible with versions of Prepar3D earlier than 3.2. We are evaluating if it is possible to make it compatible with v2.x but as of this writing, it does not appear that this will be possible. WHEN WE WILL BE RELEASING?: I'm going to narrow down the release timeline, based on our expectations as they stand right now: We are within two weeks of release. NOTE: If anything comes up late in testing that we feel is a show stopper- we will slide the release date as far as it need to slide in order to cure the problem. Please bear that in mind before you send your wives and kids off to Bolivia for vacation, take that leave of absence from work, or just outright quite your job. WHAT ELSE? II am in the process of compiling a list of "okay, THIS is cool" details to show off some of the really interesting details and features that are packed into the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II. We have a number of simulation experiences ready for you that will be entirely new to simming- and we expect them to add an entirely new level of realism and authenticity to your simming experience! Additionally we have a few things buried in this build that we will unveil at a later date... that will truly blow your mind. Stay tuned for more details on those! GRATUITOUS GLAMOR SHOT: I can't possible leave you without a gratuitous glamor shot of our Queen doing what she does best! Here is a quick screen grab of Jason returning to CYVR from a short visit to CYYZ a bit earlier this week. How beautiful is this model? (CLICK ON IT! Get the full sized image to see just how gorgeous this girl is!) VAS USE: We are putting together a little chart of VAS use to give you some real data on actual VAS use. Overall, my experience has been that the 747-400 has better performance overall than the 777. Frame rates are more fluid, and VAS use is more easily managed. We will put together some real-time comparisons for you so that you can see where she weighs in! PRICING: We are planning a 50% off sale for the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II for 22JAN17. For a mere $125,000,000 you can be an early adopter- and we will even charter a 747-400 to bring your copy to you. Don't wait- inventory is limited! Seriously though: We will release pricing information when we tell you the actual release day... You can expect it to be in line with the 777, roughly- which we think makes this package a pretty darn good value because you get the entire 747-400 product line to work with for a single purchase! Alright- that is the basic information rundown for tonight... It has been a long day of flying today and my brain is mush- so it is time for some sleep so that i can get back to the debugging cycle to wrap up some remaining open items in the morning! We hope you all have a great weekend!
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    Posted 11 hours ago Ok, you guys are getting to me . This is what I wrote to our testers when we started internal testing of 1.1 in October: Hello testers, we have some new things in 1.1 and a lot of bugfixing. Here is a list of what is new in 1.1: TCAS. Just like in the real airplane, it will show various types of traffic (PROX, TA, RA) and the relative altitude, plus voice callouts and visual aid to avoiding RA traffic. The panel should work as the real one, including TA only, ABV/BLW, STBY, etc. EGPWS. This is enhanced over 1.0.7 - the modes (1-5) should work a lot more closely to how the real modes work, including submodes (i.e. 4A, 4B). There is also a terrain-look-ahead feature that will alert when approaching terrain higher than the aircraft. New panel, new switches, new TERRAIN ON light. Opening cargo doors and 3D holds modeled. Eyebrow windows including selectable sunshade panels (select in preferences menu) Opening cockpit door To be implemented before release: Opening passenger and service doors Now showing current active waypoint distance and ETA on EHSI upper corners in MAP and CTR MAP mode added increase/decrease map range datarefs 1.1 also includes a bunch of fixes: A multitude of fixes to FMS stability and LNAV performance Several texture fixes INOP label for the Logo Lights if winglets fitted Autopilot fixes (autothrust gain, logic of MA buttons, GS arm logic, cleanup of FMA modes in some circumstances, FL CHG pitch behaviour in MACH regime with turbulence, dual AP go-around behaviour above 400 feet, second AP engage possible while LOC only armed) Several rare gizmo crashes fixed for switches and levers Fixes to headings and bearings shown on FIX INFO and LEGS page (now show correct magnetic tracks) Ground power not showing anymore when booting in turnaround state fixes to default transition altitude not always showing correctly (still just a crude east/west division) Added realistic way to operate approach speeds on APPROACH page Added failure flag to altimeter when no elec power improved EFIS symbology when IRS units not aligned Fuel guages now show "lbs" when imperial units are selected LNAV tracking accuracy improved (no more offset flying) Fixes for textures turning "the wrong way" on some knobs In the meantime we have also added some more stuff to make our plane work better with XP11 (note that we are still not claiming compatibility, yet): Fix for some cases of hypoxia blackout in XP11 Fix for "airplane rolling away on sloped ramp in cold and dark" in XP11 There are some things that won´t make 1.1, but are not forgotten! Holds (user entered) RTE DATA on EHSI Solid fuel and time prediction for LEGS and PROG page OFFSET feature VNAV reliability I will add some screenshots later to show some of this stuff... Jan SOURCE: link to post:
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    In pictures: London City Airport at 30 11 January 2017 From the sectionIn Pictures Share Images of London City Airport, which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. ANDREW HOLT London City Airport to the east of the UK capital celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. LONDON CITY AIRPORT It was built on the Royal Docks, which opened in 1880 and were the largest in the world at that time, reaching peak traffic in the 1950s, and finally closing in 1981. LONDON CITY AIRPORT That year, the London Docklands Development Corporation was established to regenerate the region. Five years later, construction on the airport had begun. It took 18 months to complete. LONDON CITY AIRPORT In 1982, Capt Harry Ghee landed a Dash 7 on the 1,000m (3,200ft) Heron Quays (now part of the Canary Wharf development) to prove the concept of a short take-off and landing airport in London’s Docklands. LONDON CITY AIRPORT In May 1986, the Prince of Wales laid the foundation stone for the airport. VIC ABBOTT In 1987, the airport (seen here in a picture by air traffic controller Vic Abbott) was ready for its first passengers. LONDON CITY AIRPORT The Queen officially opened the airport on 5 November 1987. LONDON CITY AIRPORT The newly completed passenger terminal saw travellers heading to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. LONDON CITY AIRPORT Passengers could tuck into a meal at the airport’s brasserie. LONDON CITY AIRPORT Operations were overseen from the air traffic control tower, pictured here in 1987. VIC ABBOTT In its first full year of operation, 1988, it handled 133,000 passengers. VIC ABBOTT Vic Abbott continued to document life at the airport, capturing in 1992 a British Aerospace 146 aircraft with a solitary One Canada Square of the Canary Wharf development in the background. LONDON CITY AIRPORT Later that year Princess Diana officially opened an extended runway. BEN WALSH In 2016, the airport handled more than 4.5 million passengers – the largest number in its history. LONDON CITY AIRPORT SOURCE:
  5. What is MMOne MMOne™ is a new simulator that includes a fixed platform with adjustable legs, the base (or “hand”), attached sports seats, and VR glasses or screen. The control system includes a joystick or interactive wheel. The unique software system lets set various applications, be them games (racing, space simulators, rollercoaster, etc.) or educational programs.
  6. Thanks to Steve Simmons for the heads up on a new build of Plan-g, head over to: for the beta.
  7. classic amphibian cub config is slightly wrong. change line: sim=FR_PA-18A_160_FSX to: sim=FR_PA-18_160_amphib_FSX and your good to go.
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    Awesome tour. Must revisit.
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