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  1. Patrons, Since its been a search for me personally, I thought Id do this to save anyone else who either already has, or wants to get the GTN750 GPS module from Flight1 from the minor headache ive dealt with. This is for anyone who is looking at Carenado aircraft for your respective hangers that can integrate the GTN750 in the virtual cockpit. P3D version subject to availability. Check the aircraft description for P3D compatibility. Carenado ⦁ C310R ⦁ PA31T Cheyenne II ⦁ C441 CONQUEST II ⦁ DO228 100 HD SERIES ⦁ PA44 SEMINOLE ⦁ 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER HD SERIES ⦁ PA31 CHIEFTAIN 350 ⦁ PA23 AZTEC F 250 ⦁ F406 CARAVAN II HD SERIES ⦁ PA31 NAVAJO HD SERIES ⦁ C404 TITAN ⦁ PC12 HD SERIES ⦁ PA32 SARATOGA II TC
  2. so are those of us that are already using it now unable to use it till we pay up? or is this a thing for new users?
  3. Thanks. You've been really helpful working with me for solutions to troublesome items.
  4. how do I connect with VRC? Im able to provide ATC anywhere in KC Center airspace for the time being if I can get it connected.
  5. I dont have Euroscope, but I do have VRC. Its just another ATC client that is used currently.
  6. Definitely keep us up to speed on the ATC capability. if i cant fly id enjoy being your atc
  7. Thanks guys. I'll be in touch once I get home.
  8. Hey all. Was wondering if any of the aircraft artists in here would be willing to help with a few repaints on different aircraft for FSX-SE since i have virtually no experience with any current modification programs. If asked of me, I'd be willing to throw a few bucks somehow for the effort. I know at least a few here are talented in repainting planes. Hope to hear soon. I'm planning on getting the Aerosoft Airbus TSL repaint once I'm able, and was hoping to have a few changes made there, among others. Thanks in advance. Flyboy3ck
  9. Flyboy3ck

    prepar3d 24hr Stream Winners Flight

    I'm with Tinman on this one @Noodle. Weekends would be best for me too since I'm able to be up later, and afternoons/evenings on those weekends would be preferable. Flyboy