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  1. Patrons, Since its been a search for me personally, I thought Id do this to save anyone else who either already has, or wants to get the GTN750 GPS module from Flight1 from the minor headache ive dealt with. This is for anyone who is looking at Carenado aircraft for your respective hangers that can integrate the GTN750 in the virtual cockpit. P3D version subject to availability. Check the aircraft description for P3D compatibility. Carenado ⦁ C310R ⦁ PA31T Cheyenne II ⦁ C441 CONQUEST II ⦁ DO228 100 HD SERIES ⦁ PA44 SEMINOLE ⦁ 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER HD SERIES ⦁ PA31 CHIEFTAIN 350 ⦁ PA23 AZTEC F 250 ⦁ F406 CARAVAN II HD SERIES ⦁ PA31 NAVAJO HD SERIES ⦁ C404 TITAN ⦁ PC12 HD SERIES ⦁ PA32 SARATOGA II TC
  2. hey again..... Im now having issues with my Mindstar GNS 430/530 that I purchased. when I try to register the program I get the error code pictured below. I dont understand what Im doing wrong. am I putting it in the wrong place? Im not even trying to get it into FSX. Its for P3D, and the website lists this as compatable with any version of P3D, as you can see in the screenshot. Am I supposed to be putting it in the P3D folder or what im I screwing up?
  3. hardware Thrustmaster pedal calibration

    Nevermind on all. Got it figured out. Thanks for anyone who read it and was looking for answers. I still appreciate it.
  4. hardware Thrustmaster pedal calibration

    ok. got that first problem figured out. now I have a new problem. Now I cant seem to get it set up right as far as getting the rudder axis and brakes set.
  5. hardware Thrustmaster pedal calibration

    Morning all. Just got my adapter to hook up my ThrustMaster pedals this morning, and I cant seem to get them to calibrate correctly. if I dont calibrate them its like its pulling to one side constantly unless I slightly press one of the pedals. the screenshots im including are before I move the pedals and after Ive moved them full left and full right, then back to center. I cant figure this out, and I really want to be able to use my pedals now... Any help?
  6. prepar3d / fsx AI traffic with real world airlines for P3D

    is world of ai still a valid working option for ai traffic? or does it seem that UTL is better? I saw that UTL is, or at least was, in beta still at this point. Im looking around, but havent seen anything about it being a full release at this point in time.
  7. so are those of us that are already using it now unable to use it till we pay up? or is this a thing for new users?
  8. Was wondering if there were any good AI traffic add ons with real traffic for P3D. I think I remember Edson mentioning Ultimate Traffic a while back, but when I looked at it I didnt directly see anything saying it works for P3D. Can anyone verify it works outside of FSX? Id really enjoy getting it for the added realism. Also, with that, if it does indeed turn out to be the best choice, does it tie into live air traffic feeds that would then allow me to listen to a live airport and "plane spot" in my sim? I think this would be really cool to make happen. Especially somewhere like LAX or MEM. Thanks in advance.
  9. 594717e40add7_FlyboyEdson.png

    Flyboy3ck parked next to Edson on JoinFS
  10. Thanks. You've been really helpful working with me for solutions to troublesome items.
  11. how do I connect with VRC? Im able to provide ATC anywhere in KC Center airspace for the time being if I can get it connected.
  12. prepar3d / fsx Planes for P3D V3

    Hey again. Question for anyone who has (had) P3D V3. I was looking at getting a few new birds for the hanger, among them the Carenado B1900. It says in the description that its fully FSX and P3D V2 compatible (wasnt able to get a screenshot). Does that mean its not going to work with any other P3D version? Ive heard mixed reviews on if/when Carenado ever updates any of their products, so I thought Id ask if anyone had the B1900. It looks like a really nice aircraft, and I would love to add it to my fleet if I could. Was anyone else able to try and make it work?
  13. I dont have Euroscope, but I do have VRC. Its just another ATC client that is used currently.
  14. Definitely keep us up to speed on the ATC capability. if i cant fly id enjoy being your atc
  15. prepar3d / fsx AS16 for P3D

    ok, so running as admin works. but now I cant seem to access my downloaded flight plans. I cant find them in the file browser, and I know where they should be.