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  1. I just came across this video moments ago. ORBX IS beginning its hostile takeover of Xplane 11 scenery with Meigs Field. Check it out! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  3. Early 2017, WF Scenery Studio had released their ZSSS scenery for FSX/P3D. Now, they've released an updated version of ZSSS specifically for P3Dv4. The only difference between this and the one released in May of 2017 seems to be the inclusion of dynamic lights. See if you can spot anything else that's different. If you're an existing customer of this scenery, you're entitled to a free upgrade. Price: EUR 25.50 From SimMarket: Features: Custom ground poly for the apron and taxiway including realistic detail texture. Realistic Ground Markings Manually placed plants. Dynamic Lights Manually planed of animated Trains(CHR).And animated viecles in airport. Animated Jetways.(Sode Jetways) Rebuilted A building of T1 terminal Volumetric Grass Terminal Interior Buildings and airterminal are absolutely accurate and represent the current real world airport status. Like always, smash that SkyFive button and click on the source link below for more information plus screenshots. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com/wf-scenery-studio-shanghai-hongqiao-international-airport-zsss-p3d4.phtml
  4. With the announcement of Grand Island Sim’s new upcoming scenery, Banjul Airport, being a resounding success, the team has decided to share some more information on the project! The airport itself is feature complete and the team is now fully committed to bug testing the airport and polishing things up. They have stated that a few more things still need to happen before they are ready for a release but said that we can expect a release sometime within the next 2-4 weeks. To hold us over, they have put together a short preview video showing off the airport in all of its glory, which can be found below! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/new-information-grand-island-sims-upcoming-banjul-airport-scenery/
  5. Just recently released as a freeware add-on for X-Plane 11. Made by Vertical809 on the X-Plane forums heres a list of just a few of the features that can be seen on this amazing freeware scenery Accurate and up-to-date (early 2017) model of the real Tampa Intl. Airport. Custom models for most airport buildings Hand placed Orthophotos (100+ tiles to be exact). All jetways are usable with autogate. Animated vehicles (GroundTraffic) This scenery is truly a masterpiece and if you don’t mind donate to this gentleman who spent a lot of his free time to bring us all this beautiful scenery SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/42587-ktpa-tampa-international/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.airdailyx.net/article/new-freeware-scenery-x-plane-11-tampa-international/
  6. iBlueYonder Announces Pearson Field Scenery Today iBlueYonder announces their next project which is Fort Vancouver, Pearson Field (KVUO). It’s the first project they make that is across the border of two states – Washington and Oregon. SOURCE INFO https://iblueyonder.com/our-next-project-pearson-field/ https://fselite.net/news/iblueyonder-announces-pearson-field-scenery/
  7. BeLux Scenery has just released a freeware scenery of Brussels National to download for both FSX and P3D v4. It is packed with features and even fully compatible with GSX. Navaids are updated to match the official AIP as well as night lighting. Also closed taxiways and gates will match the NOTAM’s for this airport. More than 170 gates placed where they are in real life including ‘Abelag’ apron, R and L gates etc as well as buildings and the connector. Even the signs match the real location of the real airport. And to give it that extra level of realism it aligns correctly with all photoreal sceneries in this area. For more information and download visit BeLux’s website. Full feature list Taxiways placed according to background images Aligns with all photoreal sceneries 100% compatible with GSX Navaids updated according to the official AIP Better circumference of the default airport background 260+ taxi signs are placed according to real life position New buildings placed according to real life position, including the connector 170+ gates placed on real life position, including ‘Abelag’ apron, R and L gates etc. Night lighting according to the official AIP Closed taxiways and gates will be kept up to date with NOTAM’s as much as possible SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://beluxscenery.wordpress.com/sceneries/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/belux-scenery-brussels-freeware-released/
  8. I've been considering switching over to Xplane as my primary sim (I know, this is a discussion for another time, sorry P3D) and I was wondering about the availble scenery. Well there is a map that contains avaliable payware and payware worthy freeware all on one convenient map. Totally community driven. Just wanted to share this if it hasnt been shared already for xplane users. LINK TO SOURCE: https://flightdeckx.com/introducing-the-flightdeckx-scenery-map/
  9. WF Scenery Releases Beijing Capital International Airport for P3D WF Scenery Deisgn has today released Air China’s biggest base, Beijing Capital International Airport. The Chinese airport boosts hundreds of routes and allows simmers to have the opportunity to fly to many new destinations with these airlines. The team has worked hard on ensuring this is the most realistic experience to date for flying to and from the airport. https://fselite.net/news/wf-scenery-releases-beijing-capital-international-airport-p3d/
  10. For those of you who love to fly over the real ground, Now you can bring your scenery up to the next level. No longer do you have to fly over a barren flat photo of the ground, this new scenery add-ons create a 3D environment on top of the photo real, by adding vegetation/trees, buildings and 3D lighting to the entire scenery, exactly where they go in the realworld, making this as "Realworld" as it can get! -Over 10 million buildings and houses!!! -A full assortment of vegitation covering all types of foliage and seasons LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/realworld-scenery-the-netherlands-3d-environment_fsx-p3d.phtml
  11. If you like flying over photoscenery and already have it installed for California, this will add the buildings and houses on top of it! Also includes reworked night lighting. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/realworld-scenery-california-3d-environment-2017-fsx-p3d.phtml
  12. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/PropStrike-Studio-138398576852232/?hc_ref=ARQ66PYETxBEySuPK60LREWRd02BNe_yoYWoNqQc663_xJm4v2h4V4wjp4oj4xrPyy4&fref=nf
  13. SimMarket-UPDATE: REALWORLD SCENERY - ISRAEL 3D 2017 FSX P3D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear simMarket Customer,at simMarket you can now find a new version of your product:REALWORLD SCENERY - ISRAEL 3D 2017 FSX P3DYou will find the link to download this update from your user account -> orders listing -> respective detailed order page on the bottom.RWS-ISRAEL 3D 2017.7z.001-005, RWS-ISRAEL 3D 2017.exeThe installer is a complete replacement for previous versions,existing customers just need to remove the old version and install the new one.Should you have any questions please contact us via http://support.simmarket.comFor technical support please contact the support addresses listed in the documentation for the respective product.The support addresses are also listed in the respective product description pages in our shop.Best Regards,The simMarket Team------simFlight GmbHWerner-von-Siemens-Str. 2824568 KaltenkirchenGermanyDo not reply to this email as it will not be received. For any questions please see our support site at http://support.simmarket.com LINK TO SOURCE: https://secure.simmarket.com
  14. I paid full price for their Skiathos about a week ago, worth every Euro though; The lighting effects are intense! Enjoy the 30 percent discounts LINK TO SOURCE: https://29palms-store.de/5-sceneries
  15. Hi all! New scenery from AirFoilLabs... I mean, just look at it! It feels like P3D with that little bit of X-Plane, it's ORBX quality in X-Plane, unbelievable! LINK TO SOURCE: https://flightdeckx.com/airfoillabs-kawo-arlington-area-uhd-released/
  16. Hi all! Not sure if that was released today, not sure who made it either - with X-Plane products sometimes nothing is clear! However, it sure looks interesting! X-Plane keeps on attracting me more everyday... More pictures here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNsSdw3yotKLI_plFE7ZP2wzQcrJz-qbOA97NY-qC1-KOQBwHcfEchxzQWhNcPTUg?key=UkcyVzcxNlJjVTdyU2hrd0o1ZWpLVm85S3ZkYWpn LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/CYYZ--Toronto-Pearson-International_p_707.html
  17. I don’t remember seeing this in previous On Approach episodes.... New Ayers Rock (YAYE) scenery has been released by Rim & Co. Check out the video by Thomas Rasmussen below. @sparks_smudge will like the helipad at 0m41s. Stunning place to fly. LINK TO SOURCE:
  18. X-Plane: New Scenery - The Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer from X-Aviation LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/
  19. X-Plane: Announcing Scenery Like You've Never Seen Before! Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes LINK TO SOURCE: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/13766-announcing-the-gate-to-the-great-lakes/?utm_source=X-Aviation+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c5d7fb711b-KTTF_ANNOUNCEMENT&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12a9783f11-c5d7fb711b-435420657&mc_cid=c5d7fb711b&mc_eid=eac1fd9fc6
  20. I am just wondering if these guys are still operating as I went to their website to find out how they were going with the NZCH Christchurch scenery only to find their is no website there now. Last time I checked a few months ago they were still operating. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.newscenerystudio.com/
  21. That's it, I'm done with P3D... http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/128174-preview-hd-mesh-scenery-v4/ https://flightdeckx.com/alpilotx-hd-mesh-v4-announced/
  22. REALWORLD SCENERY - ISRAEL 3D 2017 FSX P3D SimMarket EUR 29.99 US $39.99 AVAILABLE SINCE: . 01/26/201710718 PUBLISHER realworldscenery UPDATE OFFER If you previously purchased REALWORLD SCENERY - ISRAEL - ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION PHOTO REAL GROUND SCENERY FSX FSXSE P3D at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 5.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version! If in doubt contact simMarket support first! NO REFUNDS GIVEN! New for 2017, Realworld Scenery Israel 3D Full HD photoreal Scenery for the Country of Israel. Full Night Lighting with a variety of light styles for realism and diversity Various Buildings based on GIS data, situated in the footprint of actual buildings (Over 1.5 million buildings created) Various Vegitation based on area of the world and placed according to GIS data sources Framerates optimized scenery for immaculate performance Realism that beats any Landclass Based scenery Experience the Scenery, Fly the Realworld! RWS-ISRAEL-3D-2017 courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. ********************************************************************************************** Email comm with Author REALWORLD SCENERY - ISRAEL 3D 2017 FSX P3D Inbox x ------------------------------------------ Steve Simmons 5:08 PM (19 hours ago) I bought and used in p3dv3 will it work in p3dv4? if not any plans to upgrade. ----------------------------------------- tim kikly 8:53 PM (15 hours ago) all you need to do is add area from p3dv4 scenery library and point it to where you already have it installed. it already works perfectly, mabey some tweeks in your scenery adjustments, but other than that, youre good to go. Regards, Tim ----------------------------------------- Steve Simmons 9:13 PM (15 hours ago) when went ti v4 I removed v3 can I reinstall it and just point it to v4? ----------------------------------------- tim kikly absolutely. just stick it in the flightsim drive for better performance, ideally. Regards, Tim ---------------------------------------- ok, thanks man for help great scenery, great support. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/realworld-scenery-israel-3d-2017-fsx-p3d.phtml
  23. Hello guys, thought i'd share this website i saw on a FlightDeck2Sim Youtube video explaining an NDB approach procedure. The scenery looks nice and it's available for free on the link below. Enjoy. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/68/702