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  1. Great group of people

    What can i say about this family i just found? It is really great when you have that feeling that you know the guys here since a long time when you just recently joined, so for me it means it was the right call to make when i decided to become a Patron of this community! 

    I truly hope to be able to continue to contribute, to help, to be a part of this family and get more people with us.

    Thank you for all the events, activities and being so human. Cheers to all!

    Bruno Guerra MX Controller 05-10-2017

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  2. Loving the great community here.

    I'm just trying to give some praise and want to tell how I have been enjoying this group chat veer the last year or so now and wanted to say I love the logo  and the idea behind it, that it's a lounge not just a club or a VA. 

    Keep up the good work and do what you love  it shows!!!

    Darren Elliott (or darrenvox) 24-09-2017

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