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announcement Introducing Tech Tuesdays on TSL !

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A day where the more experienced simmers in the community are on-hand to assist our you with issues that you may be having with your sim/rig. By consolidating your questions to Tuesdays we hope to avoid general burning out the community's strongest helpers. So how does it work?

1: ASK IN THE SUPPORT FORUM FIRST (REQUIRED), during the week when you have a question or an issue please do not bother your fellow loungers mid flight, mid show, mid conversation in our voice channels or Discord. We're all in there to lounge and have good conversations. Instead please post in our Support Forum first: http://www.theskylounge.tv/forum/71-tech-support By posting in the forum you have a chance of receiving help sooner than Tuesdays and you not only help yourself, but you help anyone else in the future with the same issue thanks to Google.

2: COMMUNITY SUPPORT, On Tuesdays we ask experienced simmers to browse the SUPPORT FORUM and try to help anyone they can, a few minutes of our time can make many people happy: http://www.theskylounge.tv/forum/71-tech-support

3. SAY THANKS, if your question gets answered and issue resolved,  THANK THE HELPER by replying to your own support thread with the fix. By doing so you help everyone else in the future that has the same issue, and you help yourself learn something new.

ARE YOU A PATRON YET? Did your question go unanswered? As a Patron you have the option of LIVE VOICE CHAT on the PATRON FREQ Tuesdays in Discord. We ask that experienced patrons try to be around on Tuesdays to assist your fellow Patrons on voice, we'll have extra 1 on 1 channels.


*** DISCLAIMER *** You are not paying a professional support provider,  any and all community advice should be followed at your own risk. Helpers have the right to refuse help if they feel it's just too advanced to assist with remotely. *** DISCLAIMER ***

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